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  1. Is there someone to call to report a dead dog on the street and have it removed?
  2. Is there somewhere locally, or Guadalajara if necessary, where I can purchase an electrical weed eater? Thanks.
  3. Has someone used a solar system that they can recommend or not recommend. Has anyone used the Sun Quest Energy company located on the libremento?
  4. I recently used this service and recommend them highly. They were courteous, prompt, and professional. We had one large tree removed and a new tree planted and they arrived promptly, checked on the service performed and cleaned up the area afterward. Kudos to a fine service in our area!
  5. Be alert waiting for your change at the larger stores. Occasionally a clerk will hold back a fifty or hundred peso note with the hope that you will not notice you've been short changed. It has happened to me and a couple of friends. Simply count out your change in front of the clerk and politely wait for the rest of your change. Each time the clerk has handed back the correct change trying to make it look as though it was an honest mistake. Most clerks are honest but it's your money - be watchful.
  6. There is new management at Cinco's and well worth the trip to Ixtlahuacan to try it out. My daughter had the skirt steak with mushrooms and onions and the steak was easily cut with a fork and delicious. I tried the chef's mother's recipe for chicken pipian with peanut mole sauce and it was also excellent.
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