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  1. Manny (Don't Bug Me) Castañeda Arteo Fumigations (331) 341-4628 arteofumigaciones@gmail.com
  2. Greg is on a short vacation. Should be back in a week or so.
  3. They seem to have their act together much better than iLox.
  4. How did you contact them to order their service?
  5. They can always add another traffic light! 😉
  6. Oh no! So sad. He was our favorite driver 😞
  7. Herd mentality. Can also apply to the stock market.
  8. That's what I use. Transfer is complete within an hour or so.
  9. That's what I did the other day when trying to book a flight on AeroMexico to Mazatlan. Worked very well.
  10. Hola. No one is suggesting that truckers should not use downshifting to slow down on steep grades. But can you explain why they feel the need to do the same on a flat caraterra in a hospital zone?
  11. They also do it in front of the San Antonio Hospital, not just the libramento. Sometimes sets off nearby car alarms it's so loud.
  12. The worst offenders are those dirt haulers. They seem to make as much noise as possible to disturb the peace.
  13. Just paid $9.2 pesos this morning.
  14. The website will NOT accept US credit cards. I use OXXO when I don't feel like going into Chapala. They only charge a few pesos for the transaction. Pretty easy.
  15. Went to Sabor Restaurant in Riberas this afternoon for lunch. Surprise, surprise No mas! Does anyone know if he plans to relocate?
  16. It would be nice to have street signal lights that actually work. There have been so many times I go thru an intersection saying a prayer!
  17. Limit the noise motorcycles make? ... Wouldn't that be lovely? 🙂
  18. I too, have noticed a drop in service from his employees. I wonder if he is paying them a decent wage. Salvador was great, but he must be working elsewhere.
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