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  1. We found these two kittens two stories up on our roof this past Thursday. We suspect that they were dumped, because they are already socialized. I figure they are maybe three months old. They are both brothers. One is .7 kilo and the other is 1 kilo. We took them to Ladron's clinic. They tested negative for Feline leukemia and negative for kitty AIDS, so they were vaccinated for feline leukemia. They were also given liquid to kill all parasites. There were no fleas, but we put flea repellent on their coats anyway. They tested negative for ringworm as well. I brought them home and gave
  2. I have had many packages sent to my house via USPS to Mexican Postal and everything has been delivered to my house with no problems so far. Sometimes it can be slow but everything has arrived and so far I have paid duty on only one package.
  3. Thanks. Yes, I'm looking for a place that I can take the plans on a thumb drive to be printed.
  4. Anyone know where I can get large architectural size plans printed? Thanks.
  5. Anyone have any experience with the security system offered by Smart Home in Laguna Centro?
  6. Twice I have had items that the Amazon US website said could be shipped to Mexico and had them stopped in customs and returned to Amazon. Both times the problem was that it was a liquid which customs told me was not allowed.
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