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  1. Would you be interested in Conversation Class? I would rather learn to converse, than all the grammar. I speak Spanish, but not enough for a comfortable conversation with people. You can contact me at pattya119@aol.com Thanks!
  2. Omar Who? And what does he have to do with this conversation? And Johanson, what reputation?
  3. Oh wow. The criticism here is incredible. I gave been to this restaurant a few times, and loved it. Ya know, I feel sorry for the new people here that read these comments. Give Giovanni a break...he's a very nice guy that's trying to make a living...just like we all did NOB.
  4. Alma Gutierrez...Seamstress on Lloyd Drive, around the corner from Cafe Negro. She took one of my favorite dresses, and made 3 new ones!! I do suggest that you bring your own material. Her choice of material was great, but I maybe would have picked a lighter weight.
  5. pattya119


    El Fogon de Charlotte is verrrrrry good! I have eaten just about every menu item, and I have no complaints. The Pulpo salad is great, the dressing is wonderful. The Pork Shank-Chamorro- falls off the bone, delicious sauce. If you haven't tried it, GO!
  6. I had 2 caregivers for my Mom, who passed a year ago. At first I paid them 50 pesos an hour. As we became "Family", I paid them more of a weekly pay than hourly. They are Red Cross trained and very knowledgeable . If you would like a phone number, please PM me. They are both Angels.
  7. My U.S. drivers license is about to expire. What happens if your license is expired when you go for the drivers test?
  8. If you need help with Immigration, Temporal or Permanente, I suggest you go straight to immigration in Chapala. There are 2 young women that speak perfect English, are very kind, and can help you. In July, my Temporal expired, I still do not have the renewal, mostly due to a facilitator that didn't know what they were doing. Be very careful, the process does not have to be as complicated as some people make it. Good luck!
  9. My Mom needed a wheelchair, and I found the most areas here are not very wheelchair friendly. As far as I know, there really is no Disability Act or codes here. Having said that, I do agree with RVGringo, Chapala is probably more accessible than Ajijic. The sidewalks are wide, and flat. Many places have added ramps, but I found that many of the ramps inclines are way steep, and not easy to use. I was very happy to find that no matter where I took her, the local people were incredibly kind, lifting her in the wheelchair, up stairs and curbs. Right after she got here, we went to the Chapala Malecon. I tried wheeling her up the ramp at the fountain, and had to stop halfway, couldn't go up or back down. A young man on a bicycle stopped, threw his bike down, came running to help me. In the US, I was lucky if someone held the door open for us. Its definitely a challenge...I hope she loves it here!
  10. Hi Earl, I have gone to Optima Vision a few times. I find that the owner, Rueben, does a great job and is very reasonable. Optima Vision is in Chapala, on the Main Street, just down the block from the Bus Station, towards the lake.
  11. There are others, but I would be very careful. I find that going directly to Immigration in Chapala has worked best for me, after being screwed around for 4 months by a facilitator. In the Immigration office is an English speaking, nice young woman named Amanda. She can answer your questions. I started the process of renewing my Temporal with Amanda, and if it wasn't for the Holiday, I would have been done in less than 6 weeks.
  12. Wow! Those videos are very cool...I don't know what they are, but UFO sure sounds good to me! If there is a group that gets together to discuss these sightings, please count me in!
  13. I buy Atorvastin 20 mg at Costco, 90 tablets for $290 pesos. They usually have it.
  14. Personally, the ribs at Adelitas have never impressed me, but I do like other items on their menu. The ribs I had at Charlottes were much better, more flavor, more meat, and better sauce. And I do wish Lori and Carlos the best! As far as the steak prices, I think that before we complain about prices, lets see if they are worth the price! I hope to try the ribeye this week, and I will let ya know.
  15. We had a fabulous dinner at Fogon Charlotte ( I think that is the correct name?) this evening. We both had the BBQ Ribs, and LOVED THEM. Beautiful meat, great sauce, corn on the cob, very fresh tasting. Try the ribs, I think they are the best around. Yes, the steak prices are what they are. Next time, rib eye steak for me! Lets give this place a try before we criticize, ok?
  16. After working in the Ophthalmic field for more than 20 years...GO TO A REPUTABLE OPHTHALMOLOGIST. Personally I see Dr. Rios at Plaza Montana. His equipment is very up to date, he is an amazing diagnostician. Drops are not going to " heal cataracts." Look cataracts up, see how and why they form. See why some people have no problem and why some do. But go see an Ophthalmologist, and make sure he/she is one with a great reputation. And don't always listen to your friend's problems after surgery. We are all unique and have different issues. What happened to that person, will probably not happen to you.
  17. And that is why restaurants come and go so quickly here. California Alfredo restaurant is very good, and I agree with Yo1. Please give them another chance.
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