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  1. Francisco Maramontes +52 33 1303 4298 he took me everyday to chemo and radiation. And also to surgeries. He speaks perfect English. He was my everything, he literally picked me up when I fell down. My savior.
  2. VT-CHRYVESCAM-2200, with Audio video input and output. I am desperately looking for this backup camera part for my 2012 wrangler jeep. My machanics and I cannot find one anywhere.
  3. Thank you, manny spayed yesterday in my kitchen. He will do the rest on sat. He seems very knowledgeable, He said I had German and American cockroaches. Ugg i woke up to many dead ones this morning. Thanks Manny!
  4. I have a problem inside in my kitchen with ants and small cockroach’s. I think they are underneath my cupboards. I need an exterminator for the inside and out. Any recommendations much needed.
  5. I just got the spray at dr.Justina’s office next to Yves and dental express. I also got the placenta implant for my immune system.
  6. Check the garden apts. next to the plaza. Little casitas
  7. Same thing happened to us. They are using aerial view to get the meters of your property. They changed the meters in my home and I showed them on there computer that they were on the wrong complex. They changed it back right then. They were real nice. A lot of people did the same as we did and had to go in the back and talk to the tech. You just need to wait. And the home taxes went up 15%.
  8. I read that they could be working out of another building near where they are building the new office?
  9. Does anyone know if I can renew my Mexican drivers license in chapala this month?
  10. Hola, a parking lot guy lost our car keys. We need another chipped key. I was told by locksmiths here I had to go to Nissan dealership. The closest to us is in Santa Anita but I can’t find the phone number to call and ask. Anyone know? The address I found was NISSAN SANTA Av. López Mateos No.4115, Los Gavilanes. Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco. México, 45603 But no number or email. I believe this is the one I see on the way to Puerta Herrio de Sur hospital. Thank you
  11. Call Paco +52 1 (33) 1303 4298 or his father Francisco (376) 766 1142 ask them. They are good people
  12. This is from Paco There is already a lot of service from drivers and some want to hang up on the Miramontes surname or some relatives but there are others who are more unpunctual and unkind. Of the direct family are only Francisco my father his nickname Pancho then Paulo then Francisco son "Paco" I mean Luis and Miguel to the last Pedro Zamora my brother-in-law only us. i hope this helps!
  13. I have been using the Miramontes taxi’s for years now. Never have they been not reliable. Paco Miramontes would like to know what day,time & drivers name please. I feel very safe with them and they always take care of me. So if you tell them they will make sure it never happens again.
  14. Yes, they are pumping now. Line moving pretty good my husband said
  15. He called me a fat_ _ _. I’m hoping that was why. He called the other person a fruitcake. I think that qualifies for a reason. If it was me the OP. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of getting ripped off and lied to.i will not put beware or say the shops name. But he was getting violent with me at his shop. And he knew I was battleing with cancer. I’m not sure how he knew. But he made fun of me because of it.
  16. Well bless your little heart. I guess all these other people who have had bad results are just like me then. Only one of you. You can have him and the shop all to yourself. Good luck!
  17. we had a horrible experience after a bus hit us on the carretera. The ins. Qualitas told us to take our Jeep to raul owner of jrs. shop. Well after telling us 2 weeks in the beginning. Every time we checked on it it was tucked ln a corner in the back nothing done, lie after lie until we had to forcefully take it back yesterday and move it to nearby shop. It was at jrs. For 3 1/2 months. And after telling us many times he had all the parts, he did not even order some of them. I found out Raul told someone I was going to sell the jeep to him. Then he told another person he wasn’t working on it because insurance was involved. I thought ins. Gave him no money, but then he had to give me back 13,000 pesos that he didn’t use from insurance. I understand he used to be a good person. Now supposedly he is the only one Lakeside that takes insurance. But Raúl put his hands on me in his office. And I moved back and almost fell over his messy bug infected parts all over the place. he said he was going to have me thrown out of the country, that it was on his camera that I called him an asshole.i told him the assault from him was also on his camera! When I was leaving I told him see you soon! He was frantically trying to erase parts of his video. Yes insurance approved our moving our jeep. But with 4 Mexicans guys helping us and collecting all the parts, he finally let us take it. Good riddens Raúl.
  18. just wanted to warn people about the amazon delivery drivers here. Our complex gardener said he was robbed of his blower he just set down on our corner for just a little bit. He knew I had cameras.we looked at the video, we saw the white amazon van, passenger got out, van turned around at corner, guy hid in my neighbors carport, then came out looked to see if I was looking (they just delivered my package). Then ran back to corner, took the blower, got in the van and booked. We (complex) just bought them the new equipment. They looked nervous before, I wanted my package, but really I was a little scared to open my door. 2 Young Mexican guys
  19. Can’t send a pic, I have been trying for awhile now. You have email? Send me an email thegogulskis@yahoo.com
  20. This is like brand new. It’s plastic with 3 drawers. It might look good in a bathroom? I hav
  21. We got ours repaired. It was an outside problem. But I noticed it still goes in and out, I wish they still gave out new modems. And I also used my cell phone as hot spot In home, my Telcel bill doubled, make sure if you do use your cell, that you turn off all your apps that you are not using at the moment. What a mess. I live in Puerta Arroyo west end.
  22. My friend is from Canada. She has real problems with the elevation. It sometimes takes her a couple of weeks to feel better.
  23. They were good. Now I find, to many workers there now. Just seem to be playin around and not getting cars so clean and they raised the price, I totally loved the guy that worked at the place they tore down. the one guy did the best job we found. Now #2 best for us was the guy in parking garage by chopsticks and across from pasta place. We will not use the one next to Telcel anymore. Seem to be a bunch of jokers. My opinion.
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