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  1. It has come to my attention that the blasphemous and pinko film "Thriller in Ajijic" is going to be shown on March 28th. I was waiting to find out when they would put the film on again. Remember folks, those of you who believe in the RIGHT politics and those who will not countenance blasphemy, we are going to protest this movie with wheel-barrows. If anyone knows where it is being held, please let us know.
  2. Tom Steele is a Muslim and only pretending to be a Christian. I am NOT a Muslim! My God is the God of Abraham... well, actually so is theirs, but God is much stronger than Allah, greater, smarter, more powerful, taller, everything! I dress conservatively, because I choose to, but I have never worn a Burkha. I have on occasion worn scuba gear, but I was fully clothed underneath that. Also Johanson, I am probably more Christian than you. Do you have a shrine to Christ in your home, with candles and incense? Probably not. I could forgive anything, but challenging my Christianosity (why is there a red line under that now?) will not stand as the former Bush said! George Herbert Walker Bush, not the burning bush of Moses. You really have to watch what you say to a Christian! Now - back on point. If you are a good, God-fearing, Republican, conservative member of the United States of AMERICA, you will avoid this movie at all costs, except to protest it. Protesting is fine, but avert your eyes in case they show some of it against whatever building they are using, in order to corrupt you. By the way Johanson, there is a red line under your name so it is spelled incorrectly.
  3. I think we are straying off the topic here. Does it matter if Azul means Blue or red? No! Does it matter if Bennie got her X-ray at Cruz azul or Cruz roja? No! Maybe they have x-ray machines at both, did you ever think of that? If Bennie was at the Cruz azul, so what, they got a picture of her insides anyway. Maybe they have a photocopier that is strong enough to see through her meat to her bones. Why do you think they are called X-eroX copiers? OK - back on track people - with this slight diversion - NO MORE ZOMBIES FOR THEVARELIE! Zombies smack of Satan - the undead... they are to be avoided at all costs. What if a bunch of real zombies are passing and they see our fake zombies and decide this is a nice place to live, just like you put fake geese in water to attract the real geese? We could have an inundation of zombies! That would be thevarelie's fault. Seriously folks, stay away from the Zombie thing. If you have seen The Walking Dead, you know how dangerous they can be - it's worse than e-bola - and they are in Georgia where, I believe thevarelie is from. This film - Thriller in Ajijic encourages Zombies. Stay away from it!!!
  4. I agree with you Gringal... this is tedious, we should stop reading this and writing things. Let's just agree to bring our barrows, protest the film and then never see it again, then we can shut down this tedious thread and spend more time watching FOX NEWS. If everyone on here, especially Xena and Mr. Krause, would write that they agree never to see the movie again, we can quit this thread and put it to bed... not in the sexual sense, you liberal thinkers! Cbviajero, thank you for that blessing. It was a blessing in tongues that the Pastor in the movie issued while speaking, personally, with God during the film. Amalagandashinyandor was only part of the conversation. I don't remember the rest.
  5. Xena, you are right, through HIM all things are possible, even butter. hkrause can laugh all he likes but God has HIS eye on him!!! (I have it on good authority that hkrause is a German man). You are wrong about the "she" thing though. In the Bible it states that God is a man. You might be hearing a woman's voice because you are a woman? See, sometimes he uses your voice to speak to you so you don't get too frightened, so it will sound like you are speaking to yourself. In Abraham's case he used his baritone manly voice because he needed to get Abraham to sacrifice his son, but he was only messing with him... he didn't really want the boy back in heaven, he just wanted to see if Abraham had his priorities in order: Number 1: God, Number 2: Family, not the other way around. By the way, that is a lesson to you all. Johanson, I will be at the film if they ever decide when they are going to show it, but I will be there with my wheelbarrow to protest this evil movie, so that all can see I disagree with having someone give a family blessing from the depths of a wheelbarrow (like they do in the movie!) Tell the Christian Men's and women's lakeside Thursday Morning breakfast club not to come to the film and you too should avoid this travesty, this abomination, this... I am short of negative words right now because I just got up. Anyway, I have to go light some candles and say my morning payers before the flagellation. God bless you Johanson, for being a part of that club and eating breakfast with the Lord. You might come to the protest... we won't go in, but we will protest outside. Amalagandashinyandor.
  6. RVGringo, you think you had me right.? Well the voice of God is a male, it's deep and resonant and he speaks English, but with a Jamesian accent. You know, he uses a lot of thees and thous. So now you know I am sane and have heard the words of God the Father Almighty in heaven! He sounds a bit like James Mason... So know that you know, will you avoid going to this shameful picture show?
  7. I just do not want to refer to that place where you and all the others involved in that film will go - known by the Greeks as Had*s! And it wasn't the church that didn't want to see my legs below my shorts, it was GOD! *sheesh*
  8. You know Heather, if that really is your name, any form of nudity is sinful in the eyes of God and joyous to the eyes of satan! It does not matter if it is frontal, backal, or sidle. God does not want to see your body. I know this because when I was in Barcelona I went to see the church and they would not let me in because I was wearing shorts. They said I had to buy a scarf to put around my legs to enter. Luckily they had scarves on sale at the door or I could have offended God and maybe the whole heavenly host. My quest is to save the good people of this community from serving a long sentence in HE double hockey sticks! Get serious "Heather", if that is your real name!
  9. There is only one ex-pat who flashes, but it's as bad as if they were all naked. DO NOT SEE THIS FILM - it will stain your soul!
  10. No! We must eschew any discussion or participation in nudity, no matter what the apostle James said Christ said. It is obvious from the pictures of Adam and Eve in the Bible that nudity is frowned upon by God, or HE would not have associated it with sin and subsequently inspired the illustrators to illustrate their shame by making them hide their naughty bits. I still cannot figure out why God did not design man ans especially woman, to be wearing clothes from birth to death. And for those of you who don't know, God is omnipotent and he could cause those clothes to be clean at all times, so there would be no need to take them off to wash.... but, I digress. The nudity in this movie is an affront to God and we should have it scrubbed from the film! Then we should scrub out the writer and director's eyes with soap.
  11. I am tired... (please do not refer to my eggs on this board though). I am tired of people not understanding how destructive this sort of permissiveness is to our society and trying to get people to see what I mean, so now I say "Don't go to this movie" it's poison. Yes, come to the protest, but do not go to the movie!
  12. Ps definitely come and protest, but do not go to the film, don't see it.
  13. OK! I have changed my mind! No-One go and see this movie! It's subversive and extremely naughty. There is nudity, there is lack of respect for authority, there is lack of respect for religion, and there are zombies, which seem to me to be the unholy undead! This film is satanic (small s) and no-one should go see it! I'm being very serious now.
  14. Keep the faith ladies and gentlemen, the wheel-barrow brigade is building! Rony, what do you mean your "boyfriend?" And yes, we will shut it down after the next showing because people will see how irreligious it is. I am told, by a member of the inner circle, that they have a picture of a church and it's called the "Church of the obligatory Tithe!" This is typical of the forces against Christ!
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