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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a source for earthworms. Red wigglers are fine too. I'd like to acquire a pound of two. thanks
  2. Thank you to all who replied. Doesn't seem like there is too much to be concerned about for the near future. Fingers X'd for a speedy draught of all the control legislation in a fair and thoughtful manor.
  3. Hello everyone, this is an interesting topic that I can't seem to get a straight answer on. Has marijuana been legalized in Mexico? What are the possession limits? Number of plants if growing? Can anyone answer this with any degree of certainty? I have several friends here with cancer who are looking for medicine. I'd like to help them but not at the risk of ending up in a Mexican jail. tnx
  4. Where can a person buy baled hay between Chapala and Ajijic?
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can buy kerosene here at lakeside? I believe the name in spanish is petrolio. tnx
  6. The above are the questions, and I'm still looking for the answers. Thanks
  7. Hello Everyone, can anyone tell me if there is an astronomy club here at lakeside? Or even a small group of people that get together informally? I did a search but there is nothing current. The International tech school or whatever it is called on the Libramiento at one time was starting a club. It appears it is no more according to the school. Even if there is just one or two people who like to stargaze that would help. I'm as brand new to astronomy as a baby's first breath. thanks
  8. I'm looking to buy electric fencing for livestock........not the high voltage type used to keep the bad guys out. I'd prefer non solar but if thats all I can find so be it. I'd also like to find it lakeside without having to go to Guad but will go there if I have to. Thanks Teach
  9. Tried his cell number and it shows as no existe. Does anyone have a current number for Andres now? Thanks
  10. Just a little addition to the other comment about this. You can and should save yourself a lot of grief with using your Canadian credit cards Visa, Mastarcard etc. if you simply call them ahead of time and register with them an alternate shipping address anytime you ship to somewhere different than normal. Once the CC company receives the billing it checks the ship to address and sees that YOU the CC holder has already registered it with them and they authorise the payment without problems. Back on topic; I'd say Blue Jeans are an item to bring with you. Especially if you are like me and maybe can only find one brand of jeans that don't ride up the crack of ur butt then you should stock up with enough pairs to tide you through till you can get back NOB and find replacements. You won't be finding GWG, Wrangler, or other NOB brand name jeans here......at least I havn't found any. Oh.......a good garden hose nozzle if you plan on having a yard. Quality ones here seem non existant.
  11. Not to split hairs here but lets call it what it really is and that is a penetrant and carrying agent. But what barbower says with regards to the dangers of it's use cannot be understated. DMSO is extremely dangerous if used incorrectly. It will carry poisons in minute amounts directly into the blood stream that could be fatal from far far smaller amounts than if ingested. Not even gloves will protect you from being affected when working with DMSO. When you read how affectively this stuff can go through materials almost instantly you soon realise the skin is no barrier at all for this stuff. And if you are thinking well I will just wash my hands with soap and water first before using it think again. Soap residues and any other chemicals from the soap will also be carried directly into the blood stream. This stuff is mega scary!! I was once told or read somewhere that here are more accidental poisonings from this stuff every year than from any other source. Stay away!!!!
  12. Yeah I highly doubt there being any illegality but perhaps in a frac where the rules state they cannot have them but even that is doubtful. Even places like Vista Del Lago allows hens. Practically every second one of my neighbours all have at least two hens in the back yard. Good luck trying to tell a Mexican he doesn't have the right to keep a chicken in his own yard.
  13. I'm not familiar with Hope House or what they do. For me personally I prefer the meat of any dual purpose bird over a meat bird. Meat birds tend to just sit around and get fat for six to eight weeks until they are killed providing they don't die of a heart attack first which is very common with them.....the body grows so fast that the heart can not keep up with the rapid growth. Where as dual purpose birds love to forage for live food like worms and insects of all kinds and other things like mycelium from mushrooms and therefor are more active giving their meat much better muscle tone. The texture and flavour are superior with dual purpose birds under one year of age. But they earn their keep when fed all the yard waste and quickly scratch it up, mixing in dirt and fecal matter for a quickly decomposing natural fertiliser. Goes in garbage, comes out gold.
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