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  1. We are about to sign a contract with Juan Pablo Giovannini of JP Homeservice to have him complete the shell of a house we bought locally. I've seen good reviews of his work on here. I've met with JP many times now, have seen his work which I'm happy with but I haven't spoken to any of his clients personally about time-frames and budgets. I've seen Ferret recommend him many times Anyone else have opinions, good or less good about his work, completing on time and on budget? Anything else I should be aware of? ~ thanks
  2. I've done research on building a custom home, somewhat upscale and I've received from 6,000 to 9,000 Pesos per m2. A good average would be around 8,000 Pesos m2. These do not include appliances, solar panels, pool or anything very fancy. Another issue is cost of land. It's NOT cheap. Price will depend on view, which town, which development, etc. If you have a nice view, you'll pay between 2,000 to 3,500 Pesos m2.
  3. Anyone here live in Chapala Haciendas 3? What is it like there? How's the internet speed? Is there only Telmex and not Telecable too? Is the water delivery consistent? How often do you get water delivery from the street to your house? Is the water pretty clean? Anything else of interest to know? ~ thanks
  4. Agua Escondida is on the right of the exit to go to Ixtlahuacan, before you go underground to get to the other side of the highway.
  5. I'd also like to know info about living in Agua Escondida. We're looking at buying a lot and building a custom home. We've looked at different areas Lakeside and in the Ixtlahuacan area and Agua Escondida could be an option. We've hit roadblock after roadblock on finding a good lot at a decent price. It needs to be at least 700 m2. ~ thanks
  6. Has anyone had a complete house construction done by Home Services?
  7. Any firsthand experience today? I fly out tomorrow. Did those who flew out yesterday and today have to walk from the highway?
  8. Does anyone have a link to the laws for getting a Jalisco driver's licence?
  9. I'm also interested in this "advocate". Why is it that everyone else has to do at least the written test and with your advocate, you didn't have to.
  10. I get sciatica on occasion and I fix it within a day. Now this may not work for everyone but for me, it does. I put a tennis ball under my butt, between spine and hip bone and lay on it and roll on it side by side on the floor. Mind you it hurts like a bugger.
  11. Ok for VACATION PAY: I did this calculation ... =(500/7*6*1.25)*(29.5/52) = 500 pesos (weekly salary which comprises of 250 twice a week) divided by 7 days multiply by 6 (first year) multiply by 1.25 THEN ... I multiplied by 29.5 weeks and divided by 52 weeks since employee only started mid-June. I get a figure of 304 pesos which ends up to be exactly half of Aguinaldo. In general, should the vacation pay be about half of Aguinaldo? Also, since the worker hasn't worked a full year, do you pay at year end or at yearly anniversary when employee began work? I've always paid at year
  12. If I use this calculation for Aguinaldo only, please confirm if I'm correct. I'm doing this for friends who hired their gardener on June 10, 2016. Gardener worked 59 times. They pay gardener 500 pesos per week (works twice a week at 250 pesos per time). He worked 30 weeks (actually 29.5 since the first week he only worked 1 time instead of twice). No. Weeks Worked x No. Days Worked per Week x Rate per Day (Pesos) x 15 Days (Aguinaldo) / 365 Days example: 29.5 weeks - gardener worked 2 days a week @ $250 MXN per day 29.5 x 2 x $250 x 15 / 365 = $606
  13. A friend of mine has one for sale. Please message me for more details. This is for today, Dec 7.
  14. Thanks so much for your information. All 3 local electricians/contractor told me to buy it NOB since the cost will be lower.
  15. I've been advised by 2 local electricians and 1 local contractor to buy NOB the voltage regulator and have it installed on our electrical panel but they don't know what brand to suggest or know pricing but they say it would be cheaper to buy it up north. We have already had to replace our security camera PVR, have 1 motherboard fixed on wine cooler and now the dishwasher is on the blink. I thought we had a voltage regulator on the security camera PVR but I guess hubby forgot about that one but there is one now. We don't have voltage regulators on the other 2 units. We do have some on the TVs a
  16. So Gualberto would also be recommended for dishwashers?
  17. I sell hand-painted glassware if that would interest you. PM for more info.
  18. So you've used Miguel's services and were pleased with his work? He has no correlation with Electroventa right?
  19. Carlos Raminez fixed our gas fireplace insert (needed a new part) and installed another gas fireplace insert where there was none. We are satisfied with the results. Now, our dishwasher is on the blink and our wine cooler no longer cools properly. Is Carlos also good with appliance repair? I'm not a fan of Electroventa so looking for different options. Thanks
  20. I checked old threads and found one from 2012 but it didn't include any law. I'm looking for a law on calculation of severance to pay an employee to reduce his/her hours. Should this be done via a notary? I'd like to know the amount before making a decision on reducing hours. Thanks
  21. Where is Chopo lab and what do they test for in water?
  22. I tried Chopsticks and didn't like it but I'm in the minority. I haven't been to Pien Thai. Where is it? What about Ricki's? Is this still open? Is it good? Where is it located?
  23. I went to Simply Thai's yesterday to find it closed. I think I also saw a for sale (or rent) sign but wasn't sure if it was there or next door. There was a guy in front in a truck which had a fridge cooler in it. I asked him if the restaurant was closed. Yes he told me. I asked him if it was closed for good. Si, was his answer. Anyone have info on this? It was my place for Thai.
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