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  1. Hi,  My nomad is Gordon,  I am still looking for help

     live. in La Floresta   766 1880   

    Please call 

    Thank you 

  2. We are about to sign a contract with Juan Pablo Giovannini of JP Homeservice to have him complete the shell of a house we bought locally. I've seen good reviews of his work on here. I've met with JP many times now, have seen his work which I'm happy with but I haven't spoken to any of his clients personally about time-frames and budgets. I've seen Ferret recommend him many times Anyone else have opinions, good or less good about his work, completing on time and on budget? Anything else I should be aware of? ~ thanks
  3. I've done research on building a custom home, somewhat upscale and I've received from 6,000 to 9,000 Pesos per m2. A good average would be around 8,000 Pesos m2. These do not include appliances, solar panels, pool or anything very fancy. Another issue is cost of land. It's NOT cheap. Price will depend on view, which town, which development, etc. If you have a nice view, you'll pay between 2,000 to 3,500 Pesos m2.
  4. Anyone here live in Chapala Haciendas 3? What is it like there? How's the internet speed? Is there only Telmex and not Telecable too? Is the water delivery consistent? How often do you get water delivery from the street to your house? Is the water pretty clean? Anything else of interest to know? ~ thanks
  5. Agua Escondida is on the right of the exit to go to Ixtlahuacan, before you go underground to get to the other side of the highway.
  6. I'd also like to know info about living in Agua Escondida. We're looking at buying a lot and building a custom home. We've looked at different areas Lakeside and in the Ixtlahuacan area and Agua Escondida could be an option. We've hit roadblock after roadblock on finding a good lot at a decent price. It needs to be at least 700 m2. ~ thanks
  7. Has anyone had a complete house construction done by Home Services?
  8. Any firsthand experience today? I fly out tomorrow. Did those who flew out yesterday and today have to walk from the highway?
  9. My husband went to pay the SIMAPA bill today; I wasn't there. He's Permanente; I'm not. They gave him the 15% for paying early but not the 50% discount like they did last year so upon him arriving home, we went back to the SIMAPA office, with my insistence. I explained to the attendant that last year we got the 50% discount because hubby is Permanente. She quickly explained that the law concerning this was changed in March 2014 and now only Mexicans over 60 years of age can get this discount, there are other options as well but not for foreigners. I asked to see the law and she made me a photocopy. Here is the text in Spanish: Aquellos usuarios de nacionalidad mexicana y con servicio bajo el regimen de uso domestico que al inicio del ejercicio fiscal acrediten ante el Sistema Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Chapala, mediante la documentacion oficial correspondiente, tener la calidad de viudos, viudas, jubilados, pensionados, discapacitados, o tenor 60 anos o mas, así como haber pagado los servicios de agua potable y alcantarillado hasta el mes de Diciembre del ejercicio fiscal inmediato anterior, serán beneficiados con une reducción del 50% de las cuotas y tarifas que en esta sección se señalan, de acuerdo a las siguientes. ... and it goes on from there I only read/understand some Spanish so I'm not quite sure if this can ONLY apply to Mexicans.
  10. Ok so what was this discount for then? Desc. 50% - $720.59 (this isn't actually 50% of the total bill - not sure on what amount they calculate it)
  11. Oops the discount percentage I had quoted was for 2013. On our 2014 Simapa bill, these are the discounts: Desc. 50% - $720.59 (this isn't actually 50% of the total bill - not sure on what amount they calculate it) Bonificationes: $408.64 I'm figuring the 50% was for being Permanente.
  12. I was of the understanding part of the discount was because he's Permanente and part was for paying early. He got a total of 15% discount; I checked last year's bill and did the calculation. How much discount do you get for paying early? 10% ?
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