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  1. One of the Country Music at Lakeside true legends and the nicest person you could ever know. Along with Jerry Mayfield, Ron Baker, Jay Shuffle and many others he cranked out the country favorites for several years at Lakeside. And long before that...going back to the Fifties he was an accomplished song writer. Garth Brooks sure appreciated Friends in Low Places which he co-wrote. "Mr. Blue" was also one and he shared with us that the inspiration for that was the old Alka Seltzer commercial that featured a man who didn't feel well named Mr. Blue. I have a demo copy of one of his last ones called "Boys R Us". He was determined to record it himself but his voice was gone. Garth asked him for permission to record it but Dewayne said no. Rest in Peace my friend you provided many great hours of entertainment. https://www.savingcountrymusic.com/friends-in-low-places-songwriter-dewayne-blackwell-dies/?fbclid=IwAR1_A-hYqwMAWIkDs084j6Zz-iJbQfp-7rOH1-QM7ONAG6psmrKph8ayIMo
  2. You probably drove vehicles all your life. Now in the twilight years you are suddenly "woke".
  3. Yes, the local priest can help you in that regard. Let us know how it went.
  4. You may return to US soil and legally access any of the benefits you are signed up and paying for. That's it, nada mas.
  5. Some people need help using the bathroom and most do not. Part of life is being daring...taking some risks. Try it, failure is not so terrible.
  6. Good advice for Mexico in general...and it does work if you work at it.
  7. Get thee to a vivero and ask your questions to someone who (may) know the real answers. Get your plants and then hire someone to spot them around, check it out and make any corrections you desire, then have them planted. Time's a wasting.
  8. Ask the chofer if he has ever driven 80 to Melaque. Shorter in miles, cheaper as no tolls but very winding and in some spots narrow. I would let the chofer decide...then add a couple of hours to his estimate if you really need to be there at a certain time. Been there, done that.
  9. OK, you lose. The new "Woke" culture says men CAN get pregnant...thus they have invented the term "birthing person". I kid you not. I guess tearing down statues became so yesterday.
  10. I have heard some intelligent arguments in the past as to why abortion should be allowed. This is not one of them.
  11. Saw this and was reminded of happy and mc.
  12. Hahahahaha...you have no idea how I have lived. "White Privilege"...another racist dog whistle. But you didn't answer the question. Are you saying they can't afford birth control? What else can't they afford that society at large should be paying for...since we're on the topic of what people can't afford on their own.
  13. BTW, do you know the origins of the term "Just war"? And sending our sons to Vietnam, the Middle East when our country was not attacked might just be worse than slavery. Afghanistan in the beginning was a just war. Iraq was not.
  14. Hahahaha...and what school did you attend to learn who is a "fool" if they disagree with you? Wait...had to be some government school, yeah.
  15. Hmmm...you mean those people with smart phones, full grocery carts, cigs, drugs, alcohol can't afford to pay for birth control? Hmmm...
  16. ...and therefore anyone in consultation with their doctor should decide to be or not be vaxxed, wear a mask...right? The next argument should be why can't a father murder his daughter for bringing shame upon him? After all, it's just between family members so why does the government have any interest. See where this thinking might lead? If you don't believe a fetus is a person just say that rather than cloud the issue. Blacks were deemed to be not persons by that government and how did that work out? Not in my lifetime but someday abortion will be looked upon as worse than slavery.
  17. I don't recall asking you to "hobnob" with me. Refresh my memory. BTW, do you always have a name for anyone who disagrees, politely, with you? Not the happyjillin I see on this board.
  18. If it really was "My body, my choice" then an abortion would kill the woman, not the baby. That baby is not "your body", it's a separate human being. I've never heard a serious argument that a fetus is not a separate life...just that a woman should have the right to kill that life. Believe what you choose but don't be confused about what is being done. I notice that the pro-choice people have stopped that "My body, my choice" rhetoric. It makes it difficult to rant against anyone who chooses not to vax or wear a mask.
  19. Get a Mexican attorney and ask him to handle it for you. Don't pester him/her as to exactly how it was taken care of or a breakdown of the fee. Say thank you and proceed with your project.
  20. Two of the most butchered words at Lakeside Soriano Ah HEE hick First time visitors might be forgiven...after that...
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