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  1. Not yet but there was a narco boss killed in Reynosa a couple of months ago and it was reported that he was the "owner" of the plaza in Progresso so I have warned friends that if you do go over, do your business and return. Wouldn't be surprising if some shooting happened right there.
  2. Vaxed or Unvaxed makes no difference in being able to transmit the virus. Lots of breakthrough infections and asymptomatic people so if you REALLY don't want to be exposed you must stay away from everybody, not just the unvaxed. We all have choices to make.
  3. These snowbirds, or as they are called here, Winter Texans, flock over there. It costs $2 to park in a nice lot right next to the bridge, $1 to walk over and 25 cents to walk back. There are more farmacias, dentists, pedicurists, restaurants, junk stores within 3 blocks of the bridge than you would think possible. Throw in cheap chiropractors, a few actual doctors and liquor dealers and you probably get the picture. During high season you see long lines to get waited on in the farmacias. Parking on the Mexican side is bad so most people walk over. It's the border zone so if you do want to drive it's no problem. To top it off, you don't even need a passport. There are 2 lines for Immigration coming back, one for passports and one for driver's licenses. BP has discretion as to what is acceptable proof of citizenship and in Progresso a DL is acceptable. That line is always much longer. The Cartel is firmly in control there and most violence takes place not near the tourist zone. Oh, they don't like Pesos there, they post all prices in dollars and really don't care to accept pesos and they all speak English. The tourists just love the idea of seeing "Mexico" much like the tourists in Lakeside. It is what it is and both Gringolandias appeal to a group that appreciates what they have to offer. Capitalism at its' best.
  4. Here in the RGV we can walk over the bridge to Progresso and it is very similar to what Ajijic has become, as you say, Gringolandia.
  5. 25 minutes wheels up to wheels down on a plane and you avoid those pesky drivers who just have to pass the car in front of them regardless if it's safe to do so. That's why God invented planes. Feliz Navidad!
  6. This is probably more towards the truth...
  7. Thanks for the great service you provided us at Casa Flores B&B. You made a lot of our guests very happy.
  8. I certainly remember a couple of similar visits. Rod did it all and Pete was usually there assisting.
  9. Speaking of Bruno's...RIP Vicky, Bruno's daughter.
  10. "In Controversial New Netflix Special, Dave Chappelle Just Reads From A Biology Textbook."
  11. To me...uninformed and ignorant are two very different concepts. But then again I'm a white male so who cares, eh?
  12. All depends on how certain you want to be of not missing a flight. It's all about your tolerance for risk. Any answer you get will be based on that person's risk tolerance. Good luck.
  13. Yes and you get what you pay for. Except for the hill it is one of the best places to stay. Typical worrying about "economical", sheesh.
  14. Why would where the deposit is coming from have anything to do with if the bank is a good bank? I'm confused.
  15. We can at least agree on something...progress and have a great day.
  16. Electric companies have been moving to wind and solar for one main reason: Subsidies. Otherwise it is not cheaper. Wind turbines kill hundreds of thousands of birds every year and if you live anywhere close to a turbine the noise and vibrations make your life hell. The cost of making solar cells is very high, it uses a bunch of carbon fuel to do and is not yet cost effective unless subsidized. You cannot decide to implement such transformation by an arbitrary date when the technology is not yet there. Instead of vilifying coal. oil and gas people should be so thankful for the billions of people those fuels have lifted out of stone age existence.
  17. You will find lots of up to date info about Starlink on YouTube. It has not, as erroneously reported, come out of Beta yet. There is a sign up site and lots of people ahead of you. Your location should make your chances of good service excellent as it is not trying to compete in large clusters of people ie. Guadalajara, etc.
  18. "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference."
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