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  1. Yeah, that looks more like PV terrain than the road to Colima...but it's been a few years for me.
  2. You need to be smoking some better stuff. Open that pocketbook a little wider.
  3. I hear you loud and clear about end of life decisions. I have also heard that from many other people. Observation tells me the actual decision is frequently not what was said while still in good health. Nothing scientific, just my observations.
  4. Doesn't matter what any of us think. The Notario will decide what is and isn't required. No, you can't appeal that decision. They have many of the powers the old Hacienda owners had.
  5. ...and some people need to learn how to civilly express their opinion without denigrating those with whom they disagree.
  6. Got my "Blood Thinner" bracelet on eBay, cheap and perfect.
  7. Let's see: He's Mexican and you're not...case closed, save your money.
  8. Have another sip and light one up you old fart, lol.
  9. Even frozen fries are in short supply here in the RGV. It's been widely reported in the US media.
  10. Because Canada is smarter than the US and won't allow just anyone to squat in their country. They also require an ID to vote. And yet, many Americans are up in arms against fellow Americans who are also for those ideas. So those people are either hypocrites or Canada is racist, one or the other.
  11. Perhaps times have changed but just a few years in the past the US accepted more legal immigrants than any other country on Earth. Is that not still true?
  12. It's newbies that drive up the price of a little mordida. 200 pesos?
  13. Bruno sure knew how to do a decent baked potato. He ate at our BnB for breakfast several times and answered many questions our cook had and she appreciated his advice. My questions about baking potatoes usually went answered sideways, lol. We did convince him to have on hand some crema acida for folks who requested it.
  14. Another big change is the tourist visa, used to give everyone 180 days just for asking. Some YouTube videos are reporting that INM is asking for proof of hotel reservations and then granting the visa for only that number of days. I imagine many folks will then just take a chance and "lose" their visa or just overstay and accept whatever the consequences are if caught.
  15. I just filled up at Costco in Pharr, Tx. and paid $2.55 US.
  16. We miss many things about Mexico...but potatoes aren't one of them.
  17. We used to frequent the old El Sarape restaurant when we had our BnB in Ajijic as it was just a block above us and we liked the owner, Marco, and his food. I once asked him how you can tell if an onion will be strong or mild. He smiled and said the only thing he thought was relevant was the shape. He said the perfectly round onions tended to be stronger than the ones that are more elliptical. I gave it a try and unfortunately it didn't seem to be the case for me. Here in the RGV the yellow, or brown if you prefer, onions are definitely less strong than the whites. I don't use the purple so can't comment on them. YMMV
  18. You have done an excellent job of affirming what many folks believe to be true. Thanks
  19. Yellow onions are generally sweeter than white ones. If your budget does not allow for buying onions at whatever price then you probably shouldn't be buying onions period. Most people wouldn't care if the price was 20 or 60 pesos/kilo since how much can you spend on onions?
  20. For many years, both in Ajijic and in PV, we used Estefeta to have things delivered. They never once said no to anything and to say the least, we had some "unusual" items delivered that supposedly were no go items. We ran everything through Estefeta USA in Houston. Our contact there was Mariana and she provided great response time and cost estimates. They only use ground shipping and send numerous containers through Laredo daily. We got everything to Mariana in Houston, she would consolidate it if necessary and get it on their truck to Laredo. One day per week it was free to Laredo or you could pay extra if in a hurry. Never had a lost shipment nor damage or theft. Never an "extra" charge, whatever she quoted that was it. Don't know how they can do it but of course I have my guess but don't care. I would give them 5 Stars for sure.
  21. How many remember the year the Reporter had a front page story about the cracks discovered in the lakebed that were responsible for huge amounts of water draining from Lake Chapala and the government was going to try and use a concrete solution?
  22. My sincere condolences Harry. We met you the day we arrived in Ajijic and you guys had just arrived the day before. Rest in peace Chris.
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