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  1. Yes, they transfer to the US Company, Estafeta USA.
  2. You would have to be selling some real valuable products to justify the shipping costs you would incur. Estafeta would be your shipping carrier of choice.
  3. Huatulco was almost unheard of when we went there on our honeymoon in 1991, now it too is becoming overrun. I bet there are still some great beaches in the bay that are only accessed by water. Huatulco is an easy 1 hr. flight from CDMX. When we returned in 2007 it was still quite nice but the progress could be seen. Very humid most of the year. Gotta go even further south for fewer people but it's "Indian Country" as in the Old West.
  4. The opposite of love isn't hate. The opposite of love is indifference. When you spew hate, you're not showing how much you don't care about what you hate. You are revealing how very much you do care. Whatever it is, it has you. Detach. Get some perspective. Become objective. Tell yourself the full truth about yourself. Do that enough, and the hate will relax. Then and only then can you become effective.
  5. Thanks for bringing back memories of how we used to get frustrated and lash out...back in the 3rd grade.
  6. Thank you for posting that, that's what I was looking for. OK, so us neighbors have very different feelings on this. So be it, we can still express our opinions in a civil way, well maybe some can't. I also see that the majority think the PM has made it worse. I suspect you're not one of those, lol.
  7. I'll stay in the conversation all I want. Think you can get me bounced? I doubt it.
  8. You and virgo seem to be two peas in a pod, as they say. Reread my post, I'm trying to get happy or anyone to post an actual poll of Canadians on the subject. Do you always get this exasperated when someone disagrees with you? Light one up and chill out.
  9. Here's one poll...not to change any minds but to show that you are not in the super majority you seem to think you are. No, it's not a poll of Canadians, I'm still waiting for you to post that one. A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that 59% of Likely U.S. voters support the Canadian trucker protest, including 42% who Strongly Support the “Freedom Convoy.” Thirty-three percent (33%) of voters oppose the trucker protest against Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions, including 21% who Strongly Oppose the protest
  10. There you go again...when you can't argue facts resort to ad hominems, look it up.
  11. I'm waiting on the facts to prove your statement. Has such an "accurate" poll been taken? And even if you are correct my opinion would not change. I think what they are demanding is just around the corner anyway and any skillful politician could have easily found a solution less extreme than what is being used. My opinion and I'm not trying to change yours. What does "knowing zilch about Canada" have to do with the topic. You have no idea how much or little I know about Canada. It's just a lazy person's way of trying to dismiss an opinion that is counter to yours. I thought you were sharper than that. I'm starting to wonder if virgo and bobby brown are one and the same troll.
  12. As a famous President once said..."There you go again"
  13. Hitler started small also. Freezing bank accounts and fines of up to $100,000 is not exactly "go home now". And using a law against money laundering to accomplish this goal is chilling. Someday the other side may be in power and when it's your ox that gets gored I wonder what your reaction will be. Those truckers saved Canada's a.s before there was any vaccine and now they're being cast as the villains. How ungrateful can a country get?
  14. Depending on the time of year, many Mexicans have beach homes there and use them during school vacations, Progressso on the Yucatan coast north of Merida might fit the bill.
  15. If you want to apply for a MOD job send your resume to the Admin. I didn't say Canada was attacked on 9/11. There was a serious terrorist attack later on in Canada. Many Germans supported Hitler "cracking down" at first on the Jews. You're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. You might want to learn how to attack an idea instead of a person. It's the basis for civilized living.
  16. Little Justin thinks he is showing toughness. What he is showing is that a wonderful country, Canada, has sunk to the level that most Canadians would never have thought possible. The emergency Powers Act was not even used after 9/11 or the terrorist attack in Canada. He knows it's past time to end the mandates but he thinks he's saving face by being a tough guy. History will not be kind to this man.
  17. ...but anything going on with BLM or Abortion Rights is just righteous people standing up to the powerful.
  18. Things must have changed. I did that in 2017 and it wasn't real easy but their chat help got me through it. The fear is bricking the router but with their help it worked perfectly. I would give it another try and suspect you just got a bad tech helper. Good luck, it's a whole new world of available TV streaming.
  19. You say that because you probably have never ventured far from Hwy 200. MC has hit it right on the head.
  20. another wannabe Mod Send your resume to the Admin.
  21. Why do something like 80% live within 50-100 miles of the US border? Just a coincidence?
  22. Remember people, those lights are just a suggestion. Do as you please and don't get in an accident. If you get a ticket just pay what he wants and remind him you've paid your "dues" so you don't want to be stopped by him again and take care of him at Christmas time. Worked for us and many others back in the early 2000's.
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