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  1. Do they have a DVR? For us that is the biggest advantage of USTVNOW. I like to watch when I want to except live sports.
  2. If you have a VPN on your computer your can probably keep your Sling to send it to your TV with an HDMI cable. Spoofing a router seems to be a bit tougher. If you buy a dedicated VPN router the major players have an easy time of catching you.
  3. Yeah I would never pay that much. Their basic plan is fine for us.
  4. Good luck. Just remember for ustvnow you want your modem to show you are in Mexico or any country other than the US.
  5. Interesting they don't accept a Hotmail address. My Gmail address works perfectly and ustvnow works well on my Roku now that Telmex has my speed up to 10. We all have to decide who gets our primary email address.
  6. Go to the Roku store on your computer and follow instructions and add ustvnow to your account. You will not be able to watch on your Roku unless you subscribe to a paid subscription but you can try it out on your computer. Then if you try it for a month you can watch on your Roku and you will not need a VPN as it only works OUTSIDE the US. It was originally designed for overseas military folks but now available to anyone with a US address and CC.
  7. I have no idea if any of the channels are HD. My poor eyes can't tell the difference. In the Roku channel store you will find the link. You have to go online and sign up for the service at ustvnow dot com. You can get a few basic channels for free but can only watch on a computer. Try it out and see what you think.
  8. USTV Now on Roku has been working great for us. $40 US per month gets us all the channels we want with a cloud DVR that keeps everything you record for 30 days. No brainier for us.
  9. There are gardeners and there are waterers. The waterers outnumber the gardeners in Mexico by about 50-1. If you find a gardener keep him/her any way you can.
  10. Remember the important word KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Sit down with the nice maid and ask her what she thinks is a fair amount for the work you are asking her to do. Unless it's some crazy amount just agree to it. No more wondering or asking other opinions. You and she have a deal and she named the price.
  11. Wow, your experiences there are incredibly similar to ours, complete with giving them another try. It should be good but never is.
  12. Thanks, I'll be ordering that router after the holidays. Sounds like better encryption so harder for them to hack the password. Not amazed Slim is using such cheap routers. Post your comments after you get all set up.
  13. Maybe not but they do return to the parking lot quite often and hang out. When we notice them we take it down they are gone within 10 minutes. Had Telmex switch routers and the jovens seemed to have the new password a week or so later.
  14. Our building handyman tells me the jovens around here have apps that crack your password. Sounded fishy to me but when I take the wifi down they disappear within a short time. Quien sabe.
  15. Is anyone using the Ooma system? Today only Amazon has it for a little over $57 US so I jumped on it. You only pay any taxes and fees the US Telcom provider in your area code levies. Should be under $5 anywhere per month and is the top rated VOIP system on Amazon. You can port your existing number but they charge you $40 for that or just pick a new number for free. We are paying just over $15/mo. including taxes and fees now with ITP which is less than the Vonage but this should have a quick payback even with the $40 charge.
  16. As we all get older the Good Old Days are remembered more fondly than they were at the time. Just human nature.
  17. No worries about parking if you are invited to one of those A List parties. They send a car for you. We were able to walk to the one and only we were ever invited to. Rick threw a big bash for Cathy's 60th. The only time in my life when security checked to see if we were on the list, LOL. The main gift was a Bustamante sculpture valued somewhere in the six figures. I'm sure we were only invited because of how close we lived to them. I won't speak for my wife but I was definitely out of my league! Great party though.
  18. If you want to be invited to an "A List" party better to live in Ajijic. If you want to host one you BETTER live there.
  19. When visiting PV you will find them on the breakfast menu at Cafe de Olla in Old Town.
  20. Mexican version of fast food. Slice a bolillo in half the long way. Top with refried beans and your choice of shredded cheese. Pop in the toaster oven. Add sliced jalapeños and eat on your way to class.
  21. If you put the tilde over the n in the first Dona you then have (in English) donya. A very important word that signifies respect for an elderly female. Don is the equivalent for a male. Check the sign next time you are there. Sorry I don't have a Spanish keyboard on this device. As in Don Julio, has nothing to do with the name Donald.
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