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  1. The simple solution to that is to buy the stock of those corporations and sit back and enjoy the windfall. EZPZ
  2. Just remember, the K in Monkeypox is silent.
  3. We have Ooma and it will do that for you. It forwards to up to 2 cellphones, regardless of what kind. You buy the hardware and then the only monthly expense is the phone tax charged by the County and State where you choose to have your actual telephone number.
  4. Just remember, those signs don't necessarily mean THAT house is for rent, just that info on a rental can be found at that house. Learned that the hard way.
  5. Hahaha...Guilty of not checking before hitting Send
  6. No insult to you was intended or made. lakeside7 perhaps yes. Don't just take my word for it but take it as part of your "education" into life in Mexico. My best wishes to you.
  7. Make sure you get a proper receipt showing you paid in cash, just in case that outfit gets embroiled in a fraud investigation. BTW, how is the situation in Portland?
  8. If any Mexican doctor insists you must have a Medicare Advantage Plan in order to be treated...run, don't walk away from that situation. The last thing you need is to be involved with Medicare fraud.
  9. Sorry l7 but it's fraud like that that causes all of our Medicare premiums to keep rising. I for one will call that out and you can put your "senior moments" where the sun don't shine!
  10. ...or how about not leaving space for the electrical and plumbing conduits and pipes...so that a peon can spend hours chiseling it out later?
  11. I suspect it was 2002 when I had to go back to Houston for a week. I made my wife promise she would water everything at the B&B on the Sunday when we had no gardener as it had been super hot the end of May that year. Like the wonderful wife she is, she reported she spent close to 2 hours watering. That was American Memorial Day weekend. That night it poured in Ajijic and she didn't let me forget that. Rainy season started early that year so my guess is May 31 for a repeat of 20 years ago.
  12. The are some YouTube videos of people on the waiting list "moving" their location pin on the map slightly to be in an area where immediate order shipping is possible. Apparently that is the location you say you will be using it, not necessary to change the shipping address. Several people report that it worked fine at the original location. It's very helpful to full time RV'ers who can thus choose a camping spot based on the map. YMMV
  13. ...and not great, but very decent restaurants a short drive or cab ride away. We once stayed there and arranged a tour with the then manager of the place on his day off and saw some great areas we never would have found by ourselves. The honor beer bar is also cute, you toss your cap in a cup with your room number and settle up at the end. A place everyone should try at least once.
  14. That would have included Beverly, lol
  15. Yup, patina on copper is what makes it valuable but to each his own.
  16. The price will probably go up. It's a great alternative for folks who have no other decent choice.
  17. The good old days...when Bruno himself used to bring out the white board.
  18. Yeah...and if you want to come in the back room I have something to show you that is so hot I can't even display them.
  19. Yes, memories of El Serape. Great margs, food up and down but generally better than average. Remembering Marco's nephew, Martito, walking down to the liquor store a block or so east for tequila. There was no liquor store right next door. Then whipping up the margs for us and asking Marco how old the boy was. Uh, 12 or 13, not sure! We're not in Kansas anymore.
  20. ...and can the "Guess the date of first rain" contest be far behind?
  21. No application needed for up to three ranks higher. Deeper research needed if trying to go above that to avoid detection.
  22. We used to tell friend that from roughly mid-Nov to mid-May PV had the best weather we had ever lived in, including Lakeside. Between times was hot and humid. October was worst with usually cloudy, humid and no breeze weather.
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