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  1. It has been thus for time immemorial and will be for the foreseeable future. Sorry about your friends.
  2. One other reality about a pool. There will come a time when you take your water in to be correctly tested by the pool chemicals place that you will be told you need to drain the pool and start with fresh water. "What, you can't sell me some chemicals to burn out whatever it is?" "No". "Why not, what's the problem"? Depending on the tact of the person you're dealing with, at some point you'll realize you're being told there's too much urine in your water and you need to start over. Remember, not you or any of your guests would ever pee in the pool. Must be some neighborhood young people using it when you're not home, LOL.
  3. Why would they be a "fool" if they are willing to pay for something? If they earned the money why should someone else tell them how they are allowed to spend it? Don't you just "live and let live"?
  4. Can't argue with that, but...what I said was the original intention. The Robin Hood solution.
  5. No good alternatives other than solar. DAC is there for a reason...so you subsidize poor folks in the first and second tiers of CFE rates. After having our own pools for many years using a public pool just didn't work for us. Let the shaming begin, LOL. We just bit the bullet and paid. YMMV
  6. As CG said Win 7 will continue to work tomorrow just like it did yesterday. They just won't be issuing any security patches for any vulnerabilities they find which usually also apply to Win 8 and 10. Large organizations that don't want to upgrade can pay for continuing updates but not for individuals. The "average" user probably has nothing to worry about as the bad guys don't usually bother going after them. If you are nervous your only options are to go to 10 or switch to Apple, Chromebooks or perhaps Ubuntu. Given the average life expectancy of many of us it probably makes little sense to upgrade. If you're in your 30's you should probably bite the bullet and do it.
  7. Interesting, thanks for sharing. So what brought you back, especially since your comment about 20-30 yo's?
  8. ...But where is it in relation to the Oxxo?
  9. Meaning it's not life or death...For those of you in Rio Linda.
  10. Haha, it's all in good fun here. If just one person had disagreed with the OP and posted a positive review perhaps more would have done so and effectively cancelled out the one bad. But no...it was a pig pile on the OP for daring to say his opinion, which was the performance was not really good. We're not talking about criticizing a 6th grade play here. All adults and he paid good money, which regardless where it went, was not just a solicitation of a donation. I simply felt, and still do, that he was being shamed for daring to post such an opinion. Nothing more and nothing less. I obviously didn't attend and have never been near the Auditorio and don't usually agree with the OP on most things but felt someone needed to stick up for the principle. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programs.
  11. Perhaps like hotels/BnB's, real estate sales they expect their target market to be those same folks. I dunno.
  12. Agree or disagree...I always enjoy your posts. I personally did not think the OP mocked or sneered at anyone. He did give a detailed negative review. If giving a negative review is "going out of one's way" there are a lot of critics that are in deep do-do. Some people also regard giving only winners trophies rather than for "participation" is a no-no, but not me. Regards Pappy
  13. The OP can't be THAT bad. He said he would have kicked in the $300 P for a raffle ticket rather than sitting through the performance. The prevalence of political correctness has resulted in people's skin becoming thinner and thinner. Mine is not, I don't take it personally whatever anyone says about my opinion. YMMV
  14. "Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners." George Carlin
  15. "The Emperor has no clothes" "Shut up, you can't say that"
  16. What about him? The point is Borderland Beat posts many stories that have no basis in fact or that are not verifiable by other sources. The fact that some of their postings are accurate does not change the narrative. They follow the great tradition of the rags some folks used to buy just before checking out in the grocery store. Yes, they were popular also but they still were rags.
  17. Yeah, if you read it on Borderland Beat you can take it to the bank...NOT
  18. Yes, "adios" "adios" Go with God Politeness rules
  19. I read this, this morning from CBS News: " Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico — An American family returning to the U.S. after a holiday visit to Mexico came under attack just south of Texas on Saturday night, with armed gunmen killing a 13-year-old U.S. citizen and wounding four relatives. A U.S. State Department official told CBS News two of the wounded are American citizens. The official didn't identify any of the victims. The State Department was monitoring the investigation into the attack, the official said. The family was traveling in two vehicles. They were attacked on a two-lane highway paralleling the U.S.-Mexico border in the township of Ciudad Mier. One SUV of attackers passed the family and then cut them off, causing them to collide and come to a halt. Gunmen then opened fire, according to a statement from the state of Tamaulipas security coordinating group. All of the wounded came from one of the family's vehicles, both of which had Oklahoma license plates. The gunmen escaped in another vehicle. A 10-year-old relative was among those wounded. On Sunday, authorities listed the wounded as in stable condition. The family was returning to the U.S. after spending the holidays in the central Mexico state of San Luis Potosi. What remained unclear was why the family was on such a dangerous stretch of highway after dark. The highway on which they were shot is considered high risk. It runs through an area that's disputed by criminal groups, including the Gulf Cartel and Zetas. The road connects the city of Mier with Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, on the banks of the Rio Grande across the U.S.-Mexico border from Falcon Heights, Texas. El Diario reported that the attackers were drug traffickers with the Cártel del Noreste (the Northeast Cartel), a Zetas splinter group. Photographs from Saturday night's crime scene showed the cartel's initials — "CDN" — scrawled on the back window of one of the vehicles.
  20. Also the fact that the lake is less than 10 feet deep in many spots with lots of hidden objects that are erected when the lake recedes to it's lowest levels every so often. Those that build fences, etc. rarely take them down when the lake rises.
  21. If your wife wants to go there for your 40th...what do you need recommendations for? 40 years and you haven't learned yet, LOL
  22. Unless they drove a vehicle into your house for the actual entry method, I would look at what I could do to prevent the same kind of entry in the future before I investigated alarms. It's not like NOB.
  23. ...Unfortunately, the level of fraud involved were such a product be offered, would most likely cause it to be shut down in short order. You and me and scores of others would never even consider doing that. But, hot tip, there are way too many people running around out there who would and do. Our very reasonably priced health insurance through my wife's retirement went from $324/Mo for both of us to $1183/Mo unless we returned to the US. Having worked for TIC for 10 years in medical claims, I reached out to some claims people at Aetna. They are the administrators of this coverage and they told me fraud was the major reason BP decided expat coverage needed to pay it's own way. So here we are back in the US since that kind of increase was a no-go for us. Investigating fraudulent claims in the US is difficult enough, in places like Mexico almost impossible for a US insurance company. Although in my much younger days I was sometimes dispatched from my office in San Diego to check some things in Tijuana. After my name was splashed on the front page of the San Diego Union-Tribune as being the American connection to stolen cars showing up in TJ, Travelers decided my career SOB was over. I must have been upsetting the apple cart, probably lucky I wasn't killed. Ah, youth!!
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