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  1. Sorry to hear you think dividing a 4 digit number by 4 in your head is complicated. The short answer is if today, Sept. 18 is a Tuesday then next year it will be on a Wednesday, unless the current year is a Leap Year in which case it would be on a Thursday. Not very complicated at all.
  2. Thanks, one of my Mexican friends was saying next year it falls on a Tuesday and he was looking forward to a 4 day puente. By now should have known that my Mexican friends are, how can I say, not real good with the calendar, (nor the clock for that matter). I should have confirmed that before posting. Thanks for the correction. Also, if I had my brain engaged I would have realized this year was not a Leap Year, not evenly divisable by 4, and that therefore next year the dates would only advance by one day of the week.
  3. "When I had to do some re-work on my home in Vista del Lago, I found all sorts of trash, including plastic bottles, used for fill. And forget about electric/plumbing plans when/if you need them in the future." When we built our home in Ajijic in 2003 the only "plans" were in the Maestro's head based on what we told him we wanted. He did several show and tells for the workers but it only involved sketches in the dirt. All turned out well but as ferret said, we were there a minimum of twice a day and had to make many "adjustments and/or corrections" on the fly but that's where I learned to speak Spanish as they did not know any English. A very sturdy 2-story with an outdoor shower and an aljibe that holds 60,000 liters of water. Promised in 4 months and delivered in 4 1/2 and we paid by the week. After the fact some plans had to be submitted and IMMS paid to get a clear deed. Those days seem to be over.
  4. No, schools are open, banks are open, it's not a Dia Nacional, that was yesterday. Next year on a Tuesday so expect a 4 day puente.
  5. Hahaha, I knew it didn't sound quite right but figured some kind soul would correct me, Thanks!
  6. "Take Paradise Put up a Parking Lot"
  7. I'm suspecting that rascal NOB, he must be responsible!
  8. Because I thought perhaps by now you folks had repeater towers. Why did you waste your time and effort to post when you had a 0% chance of adding to the topic? Gringal seemed to not know what an antenna is unless you are accusing her of being sarcastic? OK, maybe that was the gig, sorry. Lakeside, the place time and progress forgot............but not traffic nightmares. Enjoy the fight.
  9. Used for OTA TV reception. (Over The Air) Television antenna A television antenna, or TV aerial, is an antenna specifically designed for the reception of over-the-air broadcast television signals, which are transmitted at frequencies from about 41 to 250 MHz in the VHF band, and 470 to 960 MHz in the UHF band in different countries. Problems with the mountains blocking you? Don't the Mexican networks have repeater towers around you yet? OK, so just tune it in on SKY, probably Ch. 5 there, we get perfect OTA reception here.
  10. It's on free TV here in Mexico. Get out your antenna.
  11. Reminds me of the folks who bring animals into restaurants: "Those rules are for other people, not people like me".
  12. Isn't it about time to bring back "Save the Lake"? That produced plenty of discussion from the nattering nabobs.
  13. I think if I were trying to do what you are doing, I would seriously try to hire Intercasa, who posts here, for the entire house hunt. He might not do it, it might cost too much, but I would sure has hell explore that. As MC said, you are looking at perhaps making some real bad decisions with just you and a realtor. Sorry realtors, no specific offense intended.
  14. Yes, that show has a laugh a minute. Where do they find those people?
  15. If you haven't already watched it, there's an episode of House Hunters International with a couple from the DR moving to Guadalajara. It's certainly not for me but you might pick up a tip or two.
  16. If you decide quickly, the answer is yes. If you procrastinate the answer is no.
  17. Tsk,tsk............Rome was not built in a day.
  18. In the US, Kroger just announced they will be offering paper bags................I think they said all locations by 2026 but I am getting older.
  19. Shows how my mind is starting to go.......I read the title and was expecting to hear about a strolling vendor who pierced ears! "Lock me up"!
  20. Ah yes, I do remember those all too frequent "fund raisers" for medical bills. The only one we ever gave to was for the young boy across the street from our BnB who had cancer. We gave, our BnB guests gave, neighbors gave and my wife made sure the money went where it was supposed to go........ as she held it. 12 years later Jose is doing super, just in case anyone might remember and be curious. The other pleas fell on deaf ears.
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