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  1. We're all being prepped to be like the sheeple in Venezuela. This is just a test run to see how we react.
  2. Sorry, but don't know the name for it...but when I hear Warren Buffet and Bill Gates say they should be paying more taxes I'm reminded there should be a name for it.
  3. ...There you go again. Where do you get your facts?
  4. Your title caught my eye...
  5. Virtue signaling. Seen more frequently during the pandemic. "I'm taking this seriously. Many of you are not."
  6. We pay about $.10/kwh here in the RGV. Our bill is usually around $100/mo and everything is electric, no gas at our house. Houston is more like the bill shown above, our transmission cost is higher down here.
  7. In 6th grade math terms...they don't know the denominator.
  8. Here in Texas we are able to choose our power provider. Our electric bill has 2 parts to it: The actual charge for the juice and a transmission charge. The latter is not that much smaller than the former. So obviously the cost of transmission is significant. As much as I disliked CFE, I'd say they have a point.
  9. And you sure are so convinced you know who is right and who is wrong. The old saying "He's not conceited, he's convinced" comes to mind.
  10. Why must you frequently make fun of some people to make your point? Your point could have been well made without a reference to people crowded around a cellphone. And being "far too complicated for some people" is just another put down.
  11. What percent don't even know where their gym is?
  12. "Faceplant" fails yet again.
  13. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. Did I not give a big hint as to it's origins?
  14. Actually that won't give you the for sure answer. Your actual driver will be the last word on that.
  15. ...Well said. That extra l made all the difference.
  16. Not sure where I saw this reply so maybe not confirmed news: Dear Mr. Mayor We business owners here at Lake Chapala respectfully ask that you ignore the wishes of a few non-citizens who seem to only worry about themselves. They want to put a fence around this place and thus starve us to death in the name of security. They don't like our clients from Guadalajara but they don't wish to make up the revenue we lose by not serving them. Yes, a few are actually citizens but the vast majority are just guests in our proud country. If it is legal to keep non-residents out we will abide by that but then request you see that the rule is strictly enforced. As of now it is a joke but our incomes are dangerously low and some of us will be forced out of business. Thank you and we promise to plant some trees when this is all over.
  17. What does arthritis have to do with spelling? I can see using abbreviations perhaps but adding extra letters to words doesn't seem to help arthritic fingers. Perhaps trying to deflect any criticism of the actual meat of the post. "
  18. It's not that simple, really. Do you honestly think that people who have to work for a living are going to stay isolated for long enough that a vaccine will be found, produced, and be available to them? I don't think so. The whole idea of isolation was to smooth out the cases and thus not overwhelm the hospitals with everyone getting sick at the same time. Many, if not most, people who must work among other people will probably get it. Many, if not most, will either have no symptoms or mild symptoms. Obviously some will die. It happens every year with the flu. If all the actual "workers" isolated until a vaccine is available we would all die of starvation. To me that is the simple reality. Let's just agree to disagree.
  19. ...Until you have a few years in Mexico maybe forget about a gut feeling involving life there. Many are called, few are chosen to stay permanently. Most of us thought we would but then life happens and you gotta do what you gotta due. Hope you enjoy your new life.
  20. ...And just as many or more who argued for a complete shutdown. The virus doesn't care what your view is.
  21. Unlike Sweden, parents here in the US, Canada or Mexico have the option of not sending their children to school if they choose not to. Not so in Sweden, the state can take the children away.
  22. But Sweden openly says they are betting that in 2-3 years the other countries death tolls will be similar and that they have not wrecked their economy. Stay tuned...
  23. Bingo. 80% of all Covid-19 deaths here in the RGV have been in nursing homes and 3 in particular.
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