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  1. Probably could be easily converted to a coffin and you could sell it as such. About the right size.
  2. Thankfully the insurrection was successful and Tejas became Texas...basically because Mexico had been unsuccessful in getting many Mexicans to populate that area and the Gringos got tired of far off rule and did something about it. Maybe getting close to similar in the US, quien sabe.
  3. I think I know...but it might be an exaggeration so I won't say.
  4. Agree about all inclusives. Way too many folks worried about "Getting their money's worth". Stampedes at the restaurants and the bars, no thanks. Towels placed on pool chairs at 6 AM for an afternoon visit and intoxicated people everywhere since it's "included" and already paid for.
  5. Looks nice. https://www.goplayagrande.com/rentals/
  6. Portland...Stay where you are. Many small business owners are bailing.
  7. Great idea! With all the riots going on in Portland the last 6 months or so rental and housing costs to buy should be quite low. Everyone else wants to bail and you're moving in. I love Contrarians!
  8. They are selling the same gasoline mix as is mandated in California? I didn't know that.
  9. Similar things happen with every vaccine or for that matter every medical procedure. Staying away from doctors and vaccines will ensure you don't die from that cause.
  10. Well you make my point. If produced in Europe why didn't they sign a contract for the product? Did Operation Warp Speed provide a better deal for the companies? What the EU needs to do is nationalize those Big Pharma companies, put in government workers and planners so as to not have to rely on private industry. There, problem solved...right?
  11. Europe has all kinds of Big Pharma in Germany and France in particular. Why did they not produce a vaccine? What is their excuse? Now the EU is in dire straits and whining that the US is hoarding the vaccine for it's own population. Well, DUH, yeah!
  12. Just as a business can mandate mask wearing to enter, I suspect they could also mandate a vaccination record. You probably saw on the news the 65 year old woman who refused to wear a mask in a bank in Galveston and was then asked to leave and refused. The bank called the police who then arrested her for trespassing, and resisting arrest, after she tried to invoke her right to not wear a mask. The police made it clear they do not enforce masking but do respond to calls involving trespassing.
  13. In case you haven't noticed...legalizing MJ is ALWAYS done for a tax grab, there is no other reason to do so.
  14. As always...if you want to be considered for a Mod position just send your resume to the Admin.
  15. Sorry, but you're wrong. When campaigning in Georgia he said exactly what was referred to above. Lots of very upset Georgians who came out to vote for that exact reason. He may have not meant it, but he sure did say it. Snopes admits he said it but claims people should have known it included the $600. Sounds like a typical politician to me.
  16. The money was given,guaranteed, whatever you want to call it. They were told to go for it in "warp speed" and there was no "out" for the government if they failed. Of course, no product that didn't work would be used, if that is the thrust of your argument. R&D was covered and then IF it did work, additional contracts to actually purchase were part of the deal. Not complicated but also not how any other vaccine had ever been developed. Creative thinking. Much like the problem that was solved by the same person. The City of New York was having a terrible time keeping their public skating ri
  17. ...Careful... " "Biden promised $2,000 stimulus checks if Senate turned blue, what happens now?" Eric Benninghoff 1/8/2021
  18. Nothing...repeat nothing has been passed in that regard. Don't go spending it.
  19. I thought Biden promised checks for $2000, not $1400, no?
  20. Remember, the US Government made contracts with many of the drug companies to attempt to create a vaccine and the contracts did not say the resulting product had to work. The American taxpayers underwrote the R&D risk for these companies but now Obrador says the products belong to the world? Sounds like a philosophy becoming more prevalent in the US. "Capitalism doesn't work because people are selfish." "People will work for the common good in a socialist society." Yeah, right!
  21. You probably could have taken out a short term policy before you left, wherever, but now in Mexico probably not many insurance companies interested in that type of coverage. Perhaps the coverage you already have "back home" will cover emergencies for a limited time away from your domicile.
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