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  1. That's one of the ways they make money.
  2. Don't look now but that is probably your biggest challenge.
  3. Too much money from the Government School pension plan methinks...
  4. For how long has Los Artistas not been a B&B? Thanks
  5. Based on the topic title...it appears MC is on firm ground here.
  6. Aussie bloke I think. He had a place in Bucerias before coming to Lakeside.
  7. Welcome...you will fit right in with a few others who like to post but then think they have the right to call out any response they don't deem worthy. Not just disagree but call out and capitalize words to show your superiority.
  8. You might need a new agent if...they really said "about a month or so" to a specific question.
  9. No, just an ordinary license. Hundreds, if not thousands of "Winter Texans" cross daily to Nuevo. It's Mexico but not Mexico...they don't want pesos, American dollars please. All prices are in dollars. Tons of farmacias, doctors, dentists, restaurants, pedi places and all the Mexican junk found elsewhere in Mexico. Way too many don't have a passport but you don't need one to cross into Mexico. Put your one dollar in coins in the turnstyle and you're in. CBP decided to get real and accept a license to get back in. They have discretion as to what "proves" citizenship and they have made their decision...at that POE and at this time. The line for licenses is usually 45 minutes long so tends to encourage bringing your passport.
  10. Reread my post and draw your own conclusions. At the present time, at that particular POE that is what is happening. I can tell you want me to hold your hand but I don't work that POE, lol.
  11. Hahaha...no but probably could have if something happened to the pool at the BnB.
  12. Returning to the US from Nuevo Progresso here in the RGV is done differently. Two lines, one for passports and one for driver's licenses. Passport line is much shorter. They can't refuse admission to a US citizen. Proof of citizenship is discretionary at any and every border point.
  13. Over 3 inches in Alamo, Texas and 80 MPH winds. Glad our friends at the Lake got some also.
  14. When we built a house in Ajijic in 2004 our maestro dug a HUGE hole for the aljibe and I asked "why the he*l are you making it that big?" He replied that you can never have too much water storage. I suspect the 3rd owners of the house are pretty happy they have 60,000 liters of storage.
  15. Nitrogen for tires is one of the biggest ripoffs car dealers use to add $ to a customer's deal. Try YouTube and see.
  16. Just saw on our local news last night that Viva Aerobus has just started flights from MTY to HRL here in the Valley. First international flight in like 40 years for Valley International. The story said the plane was full and many had booked with a day tour operator to be taken for Vax and shopping at the local malls, Outlet and the big one in McAllen...whose name escapes me. The story also mentioned that next week an undisclosed Mexican airline will begin flights from an undisclosed city to MFE, McAllen's airport. Details supposedly coming next week.
  17. It didn't take me long to learn to never ask a Mexican for directions...saying "I don't know" seems to be verboten. Rarely did the directions work, and no, not because I couldn't understand them. I had our cook and one of her sons in the car and we were looking for a specific dentist's office in Chapala. She did the asking and 3 times we got wrong directions. After that, no mas.
  18. Umm...good point but I think false equivalency. Aborting a baby is a definite choice to terminate a life. Not wearing a mask is failing to take proven action that reduces the chances. Not exactly the same thing...but worth considering.
  19. Getting the covid vaccine is no guarantee you won't get covid. Same as with a flu vaccine. What has been found is that roughly 95% won't get it or if they do the symptoms will not require hospitalization. What's not known is how long the protection is good for nor if new strains will kick those numbers down the road. On another note...I just learned in a FB chat with one of our Casa Flores BnB employees from many years ago that her husband, who was our terrific gardener, and her special needs son both have recently died from Covid. They just celebrated their 50th in January with a huge celebration and even a desfile in Ajijic which I viewed on FB. Lupe says everyone in her family got covid except her and everyone but her son and husband had mild cases. RIP Jorge and Pepe. I hope it wasn't from that celebration but...and she had tried her best to get my wife and me to go down for the celebration. She promised us seats at the head table...just as we always got when we were invited to a Mexican function by one of our friends. Wonderful people, each and every one, and we were always treated like royalty when at one of their social functions. In return we treated them, our employees, as part of our family so I guess it was mutual admiration.
  20. Probably could be easily converted to a coffin and you could sell it as such. About the right size.
  21. Thankfully the insurrection was successful and Tejas became Texas...basically because Mexico had been unsuccessful in getting many Mexicans to populate that area and the Gringos got tired of far off rule and did something about it. Maybe getting close to similar in the US, quien sabe.
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