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  1. That's one of the ways they make money.
  2. Don't look now but that is probably your biggest challenge.
  3. Too much money from the Government School pension plan methinks...
  4. For how long has Los Artistas not been a B&B? Thanks
  5. Based on the topic title...it appears MC is on firm ground here.
  6. Aussie bloke I think. He had a place in Bucerias before coming to Lakeside.
  7. Welcome...you will fit right in with a few others who like to post but then think they have the right to call out any response they don't deem worthy. Not just disagree but call out and capitalize words to show your superiority.
  8. You might need a new agent if...they really said "about a month or so" to a specific question.
  9. No, just an ordinary license. Hundreds, if not thousands of "Winter Texans" cross daily to Nuevo. It's Mexico but not Mexico...they don't want pesos, American dollars please. All prices are in dollars. Tons of farmacias, doctors, dentists, restaurants, pedi places and all the Mexican junk found elsewhere in Mexico. Way too many don't have a passport but you don't need one to cross into Mexico. Put your one dollar in coins in the turnstyle and you're in. CBP decided to get real and accept a license to get back in. They have discretion as to what "proves" citizenship and they have made their decision...at that POE and at this time. The line for licenses is usually 45 minutes long so tends to encourage bringing your passport.
  10. Reread my post and draw your own conclusions. At the present time, at that particular POE that is what is happening. I can tell you want me to hold your hand but I don't work that POE, lol.
  11. Hahaha...no but probably could have if something happened to the pool at the BnB.
  12. Returning to the US from Nuevo Progresso here in the RGV is done differently. Two lines, one for passports and one for driver's licenses. Passport line is much shorter. They can't refuse admission to a US citizen. Proof of citizenship is discretionary at any and every border point.
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