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  1. It kinda looks like Boston before the "Big Dig". The old Pierce elevated.
  2. You need to hire a good drama coach. Your "Holier than Thou" shtick is a bit lame. Regards, Pappy
  3. Yes, the old "high road" and "low road" solution. Made all kinds of sense but perhaps someone on the "low road" had enough pull to kill it.
  4. Hahaha....In most of the world...those vehicles obey the same traffic laws as everyone else unless they are responding to an emergency. Certainly you are aware of that. Making a left onto Colon with several guys standing in the back of their Paddy Wagon at normal speed with no lights flashing is the equivalent of giving everyone the finger and you know it.
  5. They banned left turns onto many of the north-south streets many years ago. When you watched the police vehicles regularly ignore that you learned they weren't really serious. Just as red lights, stop signs, etc. are merely suggestions. When in Rome...
  6. Congratulations on your upcoming move! Gender:Male Location:Soon to be Greenville SC
  7. I think he and his wife are from NJ. As always, I stand to be corrected.
  8. You are very close to Thomas Paine "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead".
  9. Do you remember, before the internet, people thought the cause of stupidity was the lack of information available? No, that wasn't it.
  10. Patience Tom. They always say it's not socialism that doesn't work but rather the people who fail to implement it correctly. It's a work in progress I guess.
  11. Way too complicated for my simple brain. Checkers challenges me, but I really like Liars Poker. Plenty of skill involved there.
  12. au contraire If they don't have half a brain they're supposed to be infuriated. Those who "get it" will be LOL-ing at those who don't and respond with typical vitriol.
  13. If you have to add "sarcasm" to the end of a post...you aren't doing it right. It's supposed to be evident to anyone with half a brain...and intended to infuriate the rest.
  14. Why do you want to leave Progreso? Too much seaweed and blowing sand? That's why we took a pass some years ago when we checked it out.
  15. Not funny...some of us have actually had a finger cut off. What is fairly humorous is when you go to a real estate closing or for something else where you need to have fingerprints taken. The usual person at the "window" has to call for a supervisor.
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