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  1. Reminds me of the old PU truck that used to park near us almost every Sunday morning. Then the canned spiel from the loudspeaker would drone on and on. Once in a while one of our Mexican neighbors would wander over and purchase a small bottle of what our employees described as the equivalent of snake oil. Some folks just need something to keep busy with.
  2. ...Put another log on the fire...
  3. Knowing their final destination might be a first step in answering that question. Otay Mesa and Matamoros are quite a ways apart. Forget San Ysidro.
  4. Auspicious timing for a Church garage sale...to say the least.
  5. Yeah, I learned a good one from a Tapatio. A Chilango next to him sneezed and he replied "Saludca". Saludca, por que saludca? Tapatio grinned and explained, "Salud cabr*n".
  6. As they say at the beach, "All the whales are not in the ocean".
  7. The only reason anyone would want to reup is so they can use it, no? They have reason to believe they need a procedure or two done and so they want the folks who have been paying every month to subsidize them. If it was truly insurance, the only way they could get back in would be to pass a physical, like you have to do for life insurance. But it's not really insurance, it's a welfare entitlement that has been partially paid for by workers and employers with the effect of going broke while also pi**ing off many of the recipients. As long as the rules are clear not much to complain about. Most of us are used to not being the rule makers.
  8. Imagine a Mexican company sending adjusters to the US to investigate and pay claims for collisions and thefts. Liability claims can easily be referred to an attorney for settlement. Picture and American insurance company offering full coverage for a Mexican vehicle for a 2 week policy. Where's the profit? Drive carefully and lock your vehicle. The vast majority have no problems. If risking it is too risky...fly and rent a car.
  9. If there weren't so many dishonest people in the world that would be the truly fair way to do it. One of my jobs many moons ago was to question the validity of health insurance charges while working for a major insurance company. Simple sleuthing usually like when we got a bill from a surgeon for say an appendectomy that was twice or three times as much as everyone else in the area. Surgical complications are supposed to be coded differently in order to account for that but many times the billing party didn't code correctly. That was usually easy to clarify by getting and reading of the op report itself. They had sent me to school to be able to do that. But more and more often the answer became "that's what I charge". No problem for me as our policies covered "reasonable and customary charges" so we covered the usual cost and told the policyholder they owed the balance to the doctor. How to win friends and influence people! My office was in San Diego so they frequently had me going down to TJ and thereabouts to sniff out more sinister claims which was sometimes a bit scary and sometimes resulted in discovering groups of doctors charging for entirely fictitious procedures. Fast forward to last June. Our health coverage was through my wife's company for retirees, a major oil company. Excellent coverage with a max out of pocket $2000/ yr. per person with a $200 deductible. Gold plan that had a $324/ month premium for both of us. We suddenly got a notice that the premium would increase to $1183/ month in January with a further rise this April of an undetermined amount, but again expected to be substantial. I was finally able to talk with someone who knew the scoop and, off the record, she told me the number of fraudulent claims being received from retirees living overseas had mushroomed in the last couple of years and was going to result in everyone paying a lot more so they decided to hit the ones who were the biggest cause with the raise. She explained, which I totally understood, that investigating suspicious claims that come from the US are easier and much cheaper to do. I had to agree, been there done that.Once the bad guys figure out who has the money they figure out how to get it. Remember they asked Eddie Sutton why he robbed banks and he replied because that's where the money is. So we did what we had to do and are now relearning what it's like to deal with American doctors who want to run every test known to man, not for us but to cover their a** for their malpractice insurance. Too bad there aren't more doctors here like mine in San Diego, Dr. Don Wilson. He had a sign in his office, framed in the waiting room that read "I do not have malpractice insurance and everything I own is in my wife's name." Great doc and very reasonable fees.
  10. Much more info than many of us are interested in knowing...but knock your socks off! WGAS?
  11. Very true. But if you ever decide to return to the US (just read this forum for all the good reasons this happens) you will have to wait to get into Part B and pay a penalty plus all monthly fees you didn't pay. Choose wisely for your individual situation...and remember life is what happens after we make all of our plans.
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