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  1. ...Just be aware their fees may be the same as in the Consulate or sometimes more. They usually charge "per signature" so depending on how many you need... They are perfectly legal as RV says whereas a US Notary outside of their jurisdiction is definitely not legal.
  2. Not positive if this is the same location but...more than 15 years ago there was a restaurant there or very close by that seemed to also be deserted with waiters just standing around. Several local (Mexican) business owners told us it was a money laundering operation for an owner who had "business ties" NOB. So contrary to the OP's opinion it was a failure, we were told it was very successful at doing what it was intended to do. "Customers" were not needed...or wanted.
  3. I just calls 'em as I sees 'em, LOL.
  4. Thanks. Some people don't feel they should pay for what they receive. Why can't the "government" just print some more money so I don't have to chip in? Does "Clueless" fit this situation?
  5. My small brain gets confused when the debunkers start debunking each other.
  6. When you rely on any service that is not, shall we say, 100% supported by the content owners themselves, you are bound to experience problems from time to time. You are trading a lower cost for a higher possible failure rate. Some may remember the DISH network smart cards that could be reprogrammed in GDL when Dish zapped them from time to time. Same concept and you learned to remove your card before big events like the Super Bowl when they always zapped everyone not using a legit card. There is no free lunch and when lunch is discounted, expect slow service.
  7. For slightly less money check out the Blu G9 with better specs and a bigger screen (6.3). I don't have one but have owned a Blu phone in the past and loved it and the price point. I do have trouble saying "price point" since I'm so old it was always just "price" but somehow it changed when I wasn't paying attention.
  8. I hope you take daily BP readings and report same to your cardiologist...dude, you're gonna have a stroke.
  9. We always had our "iron man" make ours to our specs. It's been a few years so maybe they are available off the shelf but never when we were buying. YMMV
  10. MW...my post was a question to the person I quoted. I did not rank countries from worst to best so...calm yourself down and learn how to have an opinion and let others have theirs without bursting a blood vessel. You'll never live to a ripe old age the way you're going.
  11. Are you perhaps, inadvertently, making the case for the world's cleanest countries to wipe the world's dirtiest off the planet and thus decrease the amount of pollution by about 75%...hmmm?
  12. sue's mistake was not asking which Thursday or Friday. One learns that requirement in Mexico fairly early in their new home or suffers the consequences.
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