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  1. Just don't make the mistake of calling them huevos duros. Careful with that one, lol
  2. ...and even then they have to be careful...some have gone off the reservation.
  3. Yes! Presta nombre was invented to separate gringos from their dinero. I'm wondering if P T Barnum had anything to do with it.
  4. Well said! However...lakeside has always reaped the benefits of stars-in their-eyes Newbies moving in. They usually bring plenty of money, invest it unwisely, get angry, don't learn the patience necessary to make it in Mexico, and then return somewhere NOB never to be heard from again. Except for having to put up with them while still in town, it;s actually a win for the area...economically speaking.
  5. There are more well-to-do Mexicans in lakeside than you can shake a stick at. Where did you get that notion?
  6. Oh do I remember that plea for money! Thank goodness Lake Chapala found someone to adopt it.
  7. According to Ricardo...he was also wont to "tear things and people up" in his own house. She certainly was protective of him and he almost never was seen in her office. She thought he was going to go before her and she had great plans to move into Casa Rose which is down behind our old BnB. She would tell us how she planned to fix it up. We bought a piece of land from them, adjacent to Casa Rose where we built the house we sold to Tom and his wife. We went to the closing in Joco and expected to see Allyn for the first time since he had stayed with us but found out he had been in the day before to sign. From that to a bar room brawl is certainly indicative of the persona that not many people saw. Colorful folks!
  8. I had heard that second hand so thanks for confirming. Lots of opinions about both but certainly colorful figures even considering lakeside is THE land of colorful figures, lol. They actually stayed at our house in Houston in 2001 when he came up for a regular medical check-up. He must have had 10 newspapers spread out all over the house as he read and studied all kinds of news. Very introverted and ill at ease around people, the opposite of her. I always checked my back pocket to make sure my wallet was still there. A good person to have if you were a buyer, not so if you were a seller. Staying at her BnB was what prompted us to open our own since the "room for improvement" was so obvious. Many board members probably never had the "experience" of staying at Laguna BnB but as difficult as she was her employees were the salt of the earth. Ricardo told us some truly incredible stories about working for them. We were invited to meet them at their house in Joco once but it was simply to meet up and have Ricardo drive us all to Guadalajara. We weren't invited into the house. "Allyn is very busy working, I don't want to disturb him".
  9. Careful, it's Allyn and he can be touchy about that. Beverly, not so much.
  10. ...Add ice cubes to the cold water to really chill them down quickly. Then tap the eggs on both ends and all over. Gently roll the egg with your palm like using a rolling pin to loosen the shell. Peel under cold running water and about 90% of the time the shells almost fall off. The other 10%? Quien sabe.
  11. Ashamed I can't remember her name, but...she had a shop just west of the Hotel Real de Chapala on the north side of that street. It's in her house. She used to come to our BnB and cut my and my wife's hair. Very good and a super nice person. After we moved to PV we found another woman who used to come to our condo the same way. Seek and ye shall find, this should be easy in Mexico.
  12. More than 20 years ago when we first started scouting Mexico to live we were told that laws in Mexico are routinely ignored and broken. We were advised that if someone is not able to adapt to that mindset, culture or whatever you want to call it, living in Mexico would not be enjoyable. The passage of time has made that statement more and more true and relevant.
  13. Or, God forbid, retain the services of a local attorney to find the real, "legal" answer and advice as to whether it is customary or you are being scammed. But...it is cheaper to get an answer here. Best of luck.
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