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  1. WHO says Omicron is not stopped by the vaccine.
  2. ...and now Spain and Portugal as well. Left wing governments there.
  3. You really ought to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. I'm sure you don't realize it but you label yourself as a narcissist.
  4. ...and some people need to learn how to civilly express their opinion without denigrating those with whom they disagree.
  5. First, I'm vaxed and boosted, that was my choice. I respect others who choose not to and I don't expect them to somehow shield me from anything, that's my responsibility. Just saw this article from the Washington Examiner. Trying this may save society as we know it. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly planning to do away with all COVID-19 laws in the United Kingdom as case numbers drop and the country learns to treat the virus like a seasonal flu. The government is considering ending all legally enforced policies in England and is instead moving to a guidance-based system, a source told the Daily Mail. Laws that have existed since the beginning of the pandemic, including enforced self-isolation after an infection, could come to a halt, the source said.
  6. Got my "Blood Thinner" bracelet on eBay, cheap and perfect.
  7. Let's see: He's Mexican and you're not...case closed, save your money.
  8. Have another sip and light one up you old fart, lol.
  9. Sad...that group represents many small businesses that struggle to compete with the Big Guys to feed their families and pay plenty of taxes, especially in Canada. If someone said that teacher's unions are always complaining and trying to shut down schools so they don't have to work would you agree with that? If the person who said it was a family member who was in that union? Probably not and for good reason. Second hand gossip from a source who agrees with you is dangerous to rely on as truth. Peace
  10. I would be astounded if that is true. Update: A very quick Google search turned this up at the top of many complaints: "Restaurant group slams Ontario’s latest COVID restrictions on foodservice industry"
  11. Even frozen fries are in short supply here in the RGV. It's been widely reported in the US media.
  12. Because Canada is smarter than the US and won't allow just anyone to squat in their country. They also require an ID to vote. And yet, many Americans are up in arms against fellow Americans who are also for those ideas. So those people are either hypocrites or Canada is racist, one or the other.
  13. Perhaps times have changed but just a few years in the past the US accepted more legal immigrants than any other country on Earth. Is that not still true?
  14. It's newbies that drive up the price of a little mordida. 200 pesos?
  15. Bruno sure knew how to do a decent baked potato. He ate at our BnB for breakfast several times and answered many questions our cook had and she appreciated his advice. My questions about baking potatoes usually went answered sideways, lol. We did convince him to have on hand some crema acida for folks who requested it.
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