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  1. There's enough fraud with Medicare in the US to keep every investigator busy 24/7. Can you imagine the fraud if Medicare was ever expanded outside the borders? Fagetaboutit.
  2. No intent to hijack. MC cannot receive PM's. MC do you happen to know a couple from Las Cruces named George and Margaret Tune?
  3. The people who own the Mofles tallers nearby.
  4. We used Estafeta USA for over 10 years and never once had anything not delivered, held up or duty placed against it. Anything Amazon said no to was included, meds from India, food, supplements. You name it, we ordered it and it was delivered no problem. Some companies have solved their border problems and most haven't. Estafeta always crossed via land, never air and I think that speaks for itself. Probably over 50 shipments and always a mixture of all kinds of products that we wanted and were willing to pay the shipping for. Even olive oil once Harry.
  5. 2003...Super Lake...Rye bread LOL
  6. Our GP is also saying October. He says for many people the protection is much lower after about 4 months and he says you really want the protection Dec.-Feb. and it takes a month for peak immunity. Pick your doc and they probably all have a different story. Sounds reasonable to us so we'll be getting it next month. YMMV
  7. How did you find the courage to finally contact the only people who could give you the true answer? How much tequila was needed before you sent that email?
  8. Insurance cancellations requested by the insured are paid at what is known as "Short Rate" cancellations. As the name implies you don't get a pro rated refund.
  9. Especially those who went to school to eat their lunch.
  10. ...Not if they actually use their vacation days.
  11. Seeing how some people wear their mask has explained to me why contraception sometimes fails.
  12. When we first moved to lakeside in 2002 we bought most of our beef at the Municipal market in Joco. Beef was beef...all cuts were the same price even filet but there was one catch...you had to preorder and you had to buy the whole filet. Oh darn!!
  13. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life for Melaque. We were there for a similar one same time of year many years ago. The highlight (?) was watching the young kids throw coconuts at the alligators roaming the flooded streets. Only in Mexico!
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