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  1. ...and then one must check and see when "open enrollment" dates are. Yes, it would be much simpler if people could avoid signing up and paying a premium when they are not (or think they're not) sick and just be able to sign up online the day before they see a doctor or enter the hospital. And don't get me going about how they changed everything after we moved to Mexico. It was all simple to understand before we moved away from Medicare coverage and then somehow, some way, they changed everything. What, you mean they didn't? Are you saying I should have paid attention beforehand? I'm not a dumb person, it can't be my fault.
  2. Good luck with an uneventful crossing which it should be as long as you aren't trying to skirt any laws. It goes without saying that not having any arrest warrants is a good idea.
  3. The short answer is to upgrade to Win 10. But Sr. Google will let you read to your heart's content so hurry over there.
  4. Also... I just bought a TP-Link range extender from Amazon for $21 US on sale. It does not increase speed but it does increase range. You follow simple instructions and mate it to your router via an app on your phone then place it halfway between the router and any dead spot in your house. In my case I just wanted a stronger signal in our covered patio area and it is doing the job.
  5. Your last statement rings very true, LOL. We seem to be talking past each other and somehow you think I'm being critical of you...I'm not. Of course you try to help people who ask for it. I'm not saying any person you recommend will necessarily be "higher". I'm simply saying that most of us non-Mexicans will never be as tuned into the local economy as local Mexicans are, period. Are there exceptions to that rule, probably so. If you are one of the exceptions congratulations and simply say so. If you do, I'll believe you. If you are you might well be the "Rony" that many expats want and need. You could very easily monetize that except for what you said about no good deed, etc. You can have the last word and if you reread my comments you'll see I was agreeing with you much of the time. Good day.
  6. I've had a Netgear router that I bought on Amazon over a year ago that I'm very happy with. Cost $119 US but you probably don't need the modem combo that mine has so I suspect you could do better cost wise. I'm sure Mike could help you set it up if you need help. All you will need is an ethernet cable.
  7. No insult or disrespect was meant. Thicken that skin just a bit. You undoubtedly have more experience in the local economy than most expats. You probably don't come on this board for help in hiring a worker, as many members do. Conversely probably not many locals contact you for construction help recommendations but I bet many of your computer clients hope you can find them all kinds of workers at local prices. I wouldn't expect you to have that expertise. Perhaps you do and if so you might want to branch out a bit.
  8. True...but...if you work within the "gringo economy" primarily you don't have the depth of knowledge the locals have. So if you ask Mike for a recommendation you should not be surprised the price will be higher than if you asked a local. If you don't know a local to ask, that's fine but to expect Mike to know someone less expensive? Not realistic in my opinion. Nationalities is not the key I'm talking about. It's language and a network that only is inclusive of immigrants to a small degree. In my experience as an innkeeper, most everyone says they're going to learn Spanish and become part of their local community. Maybe 5% actually do learn Spanish and the vast majority have a social life that revolves around LCS and the other various gringo orgs that abound. If you have to ask for a recommendation for almost anything on this board you will be steered to the gringo economy. That's fine but don't expect "local pricing" here or from your friends at LCS, etc. In general they know we have more money and they will try to get it. Pretty normal behavior in my opinion and it's up to each of us to break out or accept reality. Whine about your neighbor paying too much for help but I bet most can't assist in finding someone charging more local prices. Edit: I'm responding to bmh not ajijiccharlie
  9. In my experience that's odd. Most times the workers have no idea what they are building or if they do, don't share that with strangers. Perhaps pulling your chain, just maybe,
  10. OK, good example...but why would a Mexican be asking an immigrant for a recommendation in the first place?
  11. I'll bet slainte, being Mexican, can easily hire all the workers he wants at normal rates. It's just the immigrants who have to pay inflated prices because they haven't learned the language and hang with mostly other immigrants. You probably won't find a "good deal" at the LCS and I bet locals like slainte don't go there looking for good deals. Same is true NOB when immigrants don't learn the language and hang with fellow immigrants they end up working for the lowest wages and in reverse ruin it for the other workers. Nothing new here.
  12. Yes, the last time we flew Aeromar to PV it was actually 28 minutes from wheels up to wheels down.
  13. Just keep your eyes on the road going down the hill from Mascota. Lots of switchbacks and frequent rock slides. Much better scenery than the cuota (for the passengers at least).
  14. Here's another for you Slainte and anyone else who might be interested. Video quality poor but it's from way back Tommy Makem with Liam Clancy Four Green Fields https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d30rpdvtiA
  15. Have to disagree there...I think governments pick winners and losers quite regularly and it helps being a winner if you are a strong supporter of said government as you correctly pointed out above. And you know there was no potato famine, it was created by the Brits. There was plenty of food in Ireland total but the Brits exported much for themselves, leaving the people who lived where the potato crop failed not much choice. I will, of course, carefully consider any new info you may add. I never change my mind but I have been known to make a new decision based on new information. LOL
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