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  1. Read a couple of days ago that medical "experts" are still not sure if a person who gets the vaccine can still be a carrier of Covid and pass it to others even while not getting sick themselves. We have a long way to go before everything is sorted out. Perhaps a large group of friends who all have been vaccinated will resume their social gatherings and attract some who haven't been so we can learn the answer. Volunteers?
  2. Sorry, don't know this person but the same "MO" was, and maybe still is, being used in PV. Lots and lots of scammed supposed renters paid deposits and were met by the owners of these homes when they knocked and expected to see the rental agent. Buyer beware.
  3. Yeah, I got it. Apparently you failed to get it in my response. Should I PM you in advance next time?
  4. Perhaps using US roads as far as possible before crossing, just a thought.
  5. If anyone starves because they can't get into Walmart...their problems deserve a more professional analysis than can be obtained on this board.
  6. Done...effective Jan. 26 for all airline passengers, including citizens.
  7. Sigh...you used to be real good at Tech Talk.
  8. Many things about living in Mexico are "better" than NOB. Some things are not. It is what it is. Pay the extra or do without, a straight forward decision.
  9. As always...If you want to be a Mod, send your resume to the Admin.
  10. How certain do you want to be that there can be no problems? How much fear do you have of possibly missing the flight? That will go a long way determining how early you should get there. Good luck.
  11. A VERY nice person with a lovely family and extended family. RIP Richard.
  12. ...That Americans and Canadians are not as much alike as I had thought.
  13. It's much easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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