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  1. For Slainte: Ireland's Celtic Cross can only be seen from above when the leaves change each autumn. Carefully planted by forester Liam Emmery, it was completely forgotten about after he died=until 10 years later, when a nearby filmmaker launched a drone and found a surprise hidden in his footage.
  2. Sounds like you may be able to get an extension for another 10 years. Interesting and that should work, no?
  3. As is...Where is...and if you're not careful you'll end up paying for his old tickets. Welcome to Mexico.
  4. I was told Ojala more closely translates "God willing". Who knows, but when someone says "Ojala" to me, I don't count on anything being done or happening at a specific time. Only if "God is willing". Just another great word that is very useful when someone is trying to pin you down, lol.
  5. Here's a better idea: Email Mark Turford at markturford at yahoo dot com He rents older vehicles and can have you picked up at the airport. His rates are good and we have used him twice with good results. Do a search of him on this board for more opinions.
  6. Yeah, I didn't want to be the one to say that, but...
  7. Nice turbo-prop plane, nice employees and pretty low prices. They also fly Mexico City-McAllen non-stop for a very good price if you need to come NOB.
  8. Let me guess: They didn't actually see it happen so had no jurisdiction. Only in Mexico.
  9. Javier, but that was many years ago and I doubt you could find him. I had to walk to his house to get him, no phone. True, not that many years ago not everyone had a cel.
  10. It's happened before at El Torito though I doubt the same driver, lol.
  11. I well remember trying to deal with 050. I'd call, they would say OK, someone will be out Tuesday between 10-2, fine. Monday the phone rings and it's a Telmex recorded message in Spanish, "we believe we have fixed your problem, but if not, dial 050". Not fixed, so call back and fine we'll send someone out Thursday. Wednesday the same recorded call at which point I just hired someone else to fix the problem. Should have done that to begin with.
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