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  1. They are "virtue signaling". It has become very important recently.
  2. Maybe I'm crazy but I would simply tell him what I wanted done and when he finished I would ask "Cuanto hoy?" Whatever he said I would pay with a smile and then if I felt it was fair I would continue to use him, the same way, unless or until I began to feel cheated. I almost can't believe anyone is asking such a broad, open ended question as this here. As mudgirl said, who can say how much work is involved (or perhaps, how little).
  3. Nobody knows what the final bill will look like. Cool your heels until it's signed into law. Especially...don't go spending it yet.
  4. Here in the RGV we have many more cases than in some of the more interior counties of Texas. Forget people with no documents, there are many people with green cards who have every right to cross into Texas and many of them do to seek healthcare during this pandemic.
  5. Actually WM and all the big box stores just announced they will not refuse to allow people without masks to enter. Trying to avoid confrontations. That's in the US. AA has advised they will refuse boarding to anyone without a mask, regardless if they have a medical reason to not wear one. We live in interesting times.
  6. Well he just moved last month. Not recent enough? El Serape had mostly ferners and a few Mexicans and did fairly well.
  7. The OP asked for an opinion as to whether it will succeed. What difference does it make where a respondent now lives if said respondent has some knowledge of the topic? The OP was just asking for opinions, lol.
  8. Used to be able to get USTVNOW on Roku but a year or two ago Roku kicked them off for allegedly being pirates which they deny. You can sign up and watch on your Android phone which is probably not what you want to do. So just buy a Chromecast device, plug it into your tv and then you can cast your phone to the tv. I do it all the time since USTV is the cheapest streaming way to get ESPN and some other channels without a $60 package that includes lots of channels I don't care about. And, as previously mentioned, you don't need a VPN.
  9. Yeah, and they'll probably try to bring their "California" ideas with them. Similar to how many people from the US and Canada move to Mexico and then start complaining about noise, loose dogs, crummy trash collection, crooked politicians, lax enforcement of environmental regs, etc., etc.
  10. We appreciate all efforts to dissuade people from moving to Texas. Thanks and please continue those efforts.
  11. pappysmarket


    ...And make sure you punch a hole in the cap of your bottle or you will be sorry you didn't.
  12. "No pasa nada" says it all for how and why it has spread so fast here in the Valley. They won't give up their pachangas for anything. Excellent article. I spent 12 days in that same hospital late May to June for a severe infection, thank God not Covid. Excellent doctors and nurses. Thanks for posting.
  13. We're all being prepped to be like the sheeple in Venezuela. This is just a test run to see how we react.
  14. Sorry, but don't know the name for it...but when I hear Warren Buffet and Bill Gates say they should be paying more taxes I'm reminded there should be a name for it.
  15. ...There you go again. Where do you get your facts?
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