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  1. Seemed someone recommended a Dr. Naguerro at one of the clinics. Is that correct? I am having a bout of BPPV ( benign paroxymal, positional vertigo) which needs to be treated by a vestibular specialist, or a physical therapist trained in the maneuvers to treat it. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I had noticed that construction and hoped that was the case.
  3. I've had percocet mailed here successfully, which surprised me.
  4. Anyone know how we'll be able to access the new by-pass going west when it's completed? There doesn't seem to be a ramp being built.
  5. I've been eating talapia from the mercado for over two years and i know some guys that catch bass and eat some of them regularly. Harvard University ran extensive tests a few years back and said the lake water was fine for women that are pregnant.
  6. I have no idea about the cost here in Mexico, but in the states I had double knee replacement 10 years ago for about $55,000. I was 58 at the time. I was hitting tennis balls within 8 weeks. But, I had several knee surgeries prior to that and understood that recovery was based on how prepared physically you were going in. and second rehab. If you are severely overweight or have no muscle in the legs to be operated on it is much tougher. I now play golf as much as i wish and hike as far as i wish with no pain.
  7. This Sunday morning 3.31 download and 461 upload in Brisas de Chapala. It varies a point or two depending on what time of day.
  8. I brought two craftsman blower down from the states and will sell you one. PM me.
  9. If you want to read the best book on why UFO's appear as they do and whether it is possible within the laws of physics, as we know them, to traverse the distances required for interstellar travel read Identified Flying Objects by Paul Hill. It's is one of the top 2-3 ufo books I've ever read and I've read dozens and dozens. It is recommended by several mainstream scientists. Paul Hill was a physicist who worked for NASA for many years.
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