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  1. streamtowatch.org is a free sports site. I've watched numerous events and will be getting the UFC payperview fight tonight for free.
  2. Anyone know where the guy who does auto/electrical work, that used to be located by the nursery in Ajijic moved. He was excellent/.If not, I need work on some power windows if anyone knows a good shop.
  3. " I'll be in lake Chapala Tonight" played by Aloha Rock band every Sunday afternoon at their jam at Perry's Pizza.
  4. Probably need an experienced gate guy, don't believe it's just an electrical problem. Thanks
  5. Looking for local source for quality product.
  6. I need someone to reset 8-10 pieces of slate on my patio. Just be a few hours work, but I pay a fair wage.
  7. We could use a fidde player at Open MIC. La Bodega restaurant Ajijic 5:00 - 7:30 on Wed. and The Patio in Chapala on Thurs. same hours. You'll meet many musicians there.
  8. Ordered a new golf club a week ago. Arrived in 3 days. said it was imported from Atlanta. No rate charge as it was Amazon Mx Prime. Had it in US and it transferred here.
  9. Exactly it was a joke, but I guess a little humor is just too much for some folks. Seems there were more than enough replies with the info sought...so kma.
  10. Too many sanctimonious old scolds. Geez, you don't think he got enough answers to his question?
  11. Depends. How much of the driving are the cats doing?
  12. Had cortisone injections for a few years, but they only last a few months and they are not good to do continuously. Before I had my knees replaced I was receiving injections of ground up chicken cartilage for 2-3 years. There are several brand names for it. Each injection lasted 8-9 months and it felt as if I had wd-40 put in. Took away pain and swelling no side effects, except for the eggs in my bed every morning.
  13. Seemed someone recommended a Dr. Naguerro at one of the clinics. Is that correct? I am having a bout of BPPV ( benign paroxymal, positional vertigo) which needs to be treated by a vestibular specialist, or a physical therapist trained in the maneuvers to treat it. Thanks
  14. Thanks. I had noticed that construction and hoped that was the case.
  15. I've had percocet mailed here successfully, which surprised me.
  16. Anyone know how we'll be able to access the new by-pass going west when it's completed? There doesn't seem to be a ramp being built.
  17. I've been eating talapia from the mercado for over two years and i know some guys that catch bass and eat some of them regularly. Harvard University ran extensive tests a few years back and said the lake water was fine for women that are pregnant.
  18. I brought two craftsman blower down from the states and will sell you one. PM me.
  19. If you want to read the best book on why UFO's appear as they do and whether it is possible within the laws of physics, as we know them, to traverse the distances required for interstellar travel read Identified Flying Objects by Paul Hill. It's is one of the top 2-3 ufo books I've ever read and I've read dozens and dozens. It is recommended by several mainstream scientists. Paul Hill was a physicist who worked for NASA for many years.
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