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  1. My credit card and debit card have both been declined by mercadolibre. I called both US Banks and they said there was no problem on their end. When the box comes up on mercado to verify my cellphone for more info it never continues. If I want to go to a bank and make a purchase through them, what do I need to take with me, besides the cash?

  2. I believe there are quite a few folks with more than two dogs, but they have been here before the laws were really enforced. Loose dogs are a rarity, although our neighbor, unfortunately, is the major exception to that rule. His four dogs are loose much of the time. I know he has been fined a lot, but it doesn't seem to matter. The leash law is generally obeyed, but it is ok to walk with a dog  off-leash under control of the owner.

  3. We've lived/rented in Brisas four about four years and really enjoy it here. It is very peaceful and naps in the middle of the day with windows open are no problem. The first 2-3 years there were some burglaries, us included, many due to increased construction traffic on new houses. In the past two years security has been heightened and improved and crime is rare. By-laws change from time to time, but nothing that has impinged on our enjoyment, although we just rent.

  4. I've used Jr's 3-4 times and have had two friends check with the autobody place and Jr's did the work for about 60% of the quote from auto. Never had to wait longer than a a half day past what was originally estimated and that was because he insisted that he wait to match my paint exactly.. My experience with Jr has been excellent.

  5. Thanks for the replies. I know enough about TVs to know it is something in the tv. It is not running on a satellite. Even my tv hooked up to Shaw will come on without the satellite on. I cannot find the external on button on this tv and have always located them on others. Maybe I will have to remove the stand.

  6. I have an Inogen One G4 PORTABLE oxygen concentrator for sale.  No oxygen tank required.  It has only been used for a few hours.  Equipped with a double rechargeable battery, which provides up to 5 hours of concentrated oxygen before charging is required.  Power cord, instructions and over-the-shoulder travel bag included.  Can be used anywhere -- at home, in a car, on a plane, etc.  Very easy to operate.  Excellent bargain. Why rent?

      Contact whwlakeside@gmail.com or call 765-5607.

  7. I took a friend with me to the Alamo, who has lived here 25 years and is fluent. He is also a good mechanic. I bought a 2013 Rogue with 21,000 kl., in excellent condition for $8,700. We drove it to a nearby mechanic, put int on a lift and my friend agreed it was a great deal. The seller had all the paperwork. It was a one owner and had new plates. If you are smart and prepared you can get a better deal there than from anyone in Ajijic.

  8. Doubt very much it's being four laned. Heard the same about walking and bicycling lane. Too many buildings  and houses close to the road to widen to four lanes without a major commitment. Thought they might put in suicide lanes, which they will truly be.

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