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  1. Nah. They just 🙃forgot what they were supposed to voting on.
  2. Ya know, some people tell you how to build a watch when you ask the time.
  3. We've been with them a couple of years .Usually get 6=7%, but I only have a savings account. I am thinking of of investing is some stocks, if they make sense. The people are all very helpful.
  4. I've been here for almost seven years and used a few plumbers. My guy I use now and have for a couple years is Raul. He is a solid family man, speaks excellent English, shows up on time and does great work. He is also a fine electrician. 333 173 3160.
  5. What are the CFE rules or regulations regarding power level usage and what triggers a higher rate?
  6. I generally find that people who preach to me are sanctimonious. But, the poster clarified all is good.
  7. Hey Kiko. I enjoy every day here. Do you never seek to enhance your pleasure through a great meal, or an enjoyable drink or two? It's not a matter of not enjoying what one has, but possibly adding to it. If you haven't experienced the joys and insights one receives from the magic mushroom, maybe you should refrain from preaching, or better yet gain firsthand knowledge.
  8. They had three instant bankers in Chapala and all have been shut down for several weeks.
  9. The email charly_19castro does not work. Do you have a phone number?
  10. If nobody else helps pm me. I recently got a scrip for oxycondone. I have also had percocet sent through the mail to here.
  11. A few months ago I saw a shoulder specialist at the San Antonio Hospital. I believe his son is supposed to be a good back specialist, but I can't find his card. Anyone know who I mean? Always something.
  12. There are no guarantees anywhere, but you will get a hell of a deal at the Alamo. And it is worth the trip just to see all the cars. Some makes I've never heard of. Spenser says he can validate papers so get a copy and take it to him before you buy.
  13. I've used several "electricians" in the six years I've been here and the guy I use now, Raul, speaks perfect English and has repaired fans, appliances and wired a transmission box for my generator. He is very reliable.
  14. One can get scammed anywhere. I went to the Alamo with a guy who bought several vehicles there. We took the car before we bought it to a good mechanic and he checked it out. I paid 8700 dollars fora 2013 Nissan Rogue with 37, 000 kl. I've had it for a year and a half with zero problems.
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