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  1. Recommendations and rates if known. Thanks.
  2. We've been living in Brisas five years and love it. I've never heard of the earth sliding etc, but anything is possible I guess. Water, as of now, is plentiful with our own well. Never heard of excessive noise from the hotel, but we are not near it. As a whole the frac is peaceful.
  3. Hilarious that some would waste time writing a post about what a waste of time it is to post about rainy season.
  4. We hadn't felt it much here In Brisas de Chapala, but I guess the wind shifted. I just walked the dogs and my eyes were burning immediately and sneezing.
  5. (1) Side effects were predicted for the vaccines and found during tests, but nobody knew the extent or exact ones that would follow after mass so no surprises there. (2) A % of efficacy was given for each individual vaccine and has been pretty much borne out. No surprises there. (3) Of course all sources of information have to be examined and filtered through one's own ability to glean facts and data. But, the US Government and the Press have for many years been excellent sources of factual information that have saved countless lives. They both have also provided false and conflicting statements at times that have proven to be disastrous.. For one to say they never use those sources is either false, stupid or arrogant.
  6. Flu cases dropped 98% Oct-Jan of this year. All the data points to the measures taken to prevent Covid 19 spread. as the reason for the precipitous drop.
  7. hensley, I tried to message, but the notice said you can't receive messages. It's for about a 50 lb. dog.
  8. One only has to look at covid rates in countries like, S. Korea, New Zealand and China where mask mandates were enforced to discern efficacy.
  9. Hey Natasha, you should keep your sanctimonious blatherings to yourself when you don't know what you are talking about. We heard from friends about the vaccines in Tonala mid-afternoon. No mention of any restrictions as they are from Ajijic. We really had no time, or place to get info about this since it was due to stop that evening. We decided it was worth a try and took off. The volunteers at the site had our information and not one of them said being from Chapala was a problem. If they had, we would have left. A far as I know nobody that was in the line was turned away. Jealousy is not a good look.
  10. I posted all the info you need to get vaccine in your car in Tonala. Check posts below.
  11. They indicated there would be more, but not when. They told us we would get a return appt in 3-6 weeks. You can watch the Facebook page Centro Universitario de Tonala according to the students last night.
  12. Wife had the documents. I think we had to show three, folio printout (on-line at vaccine web site) and immigration card. I know they asked for our address. Don't know if the wife had to show proof. There are one or two more, which have appeared in other posts about vaccines. Best to have more than you need.
  13. A few people PMd me for this, so I thought I'd just post it. Av. 555 Ejido, San Jose Tateposco Nuevo Periferico Ote
  14. We heard from friends that they had gone to Tonala yesterday morning and had the vaccine within three hours. After finding out the site was open until 9:00 pm, we drove 45 minutes to the place. It is all drive-up in your car. We got in line at 6:41 and had the shot at 8:50. I never left my car. I believe we showed 3-4 documents...my wife had them all. They had 300 or so student volunteers and it was incredible how smoothly the process went. As you approached the spot to get the shot the students were actually walking along with your car asking and answering questions. After getting the shot we were directed to a holding area...still in our car for 30 minutes to see if anyone had a reaction. Whole thing, soup to nuts was about four hours including the drive over and back. We had snacks in the car and a cooler. Listened to music and my wife and her friend played cards. They gave us a proof of vaccine card and took our phone #s and email to contact us for the second injection. Oh yeah, it was the Pfizer vaccine.
  15. In Mezcala did you need to have a call first? How long was the process there?
  16. Just had work done by Victor at Roberto's in Riberas....across from Mom's. Very satisfied. get two estimates.
  17. I posted this in the on the animal board, but there are so many more folks on here. If anyone knows of a ranch or farm that might take him, please send me a pm. Thanks
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