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  1. I have at least 15-20 using my feeders all day. The overwhelming evidence, given by naturalists, is that the use of feeders in no way harms, if they are kept clean, or disposes the critters towards being dependent on the feeders. I actually held one in my hand for the first time last week. I think he was a really old rascal, because he flew much slower than his friends.

  2. Our internet and phone were out for a week. I spoke with them on the phone several times and it was always " we have to make sure the problem is not on our end before sending someone". But, after several days they still don't know? Give me a break. I told them just send someone to check our end then you will know. Finally a guy shows up today. He is on the roof two  minutes...problem solved. I gave him a  beer and $200 and he gave me his personal phone # and said call him in the future if I have a problem.

    This is the third time in five years we've lost our signal and each time it was an easily solved problem on our end.

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  3. All that was needed was the traffic light at the intersection to have a right turn arrow, left turn arrow and a turn arrow on the Walmart side. No need for the extra right turn lane. Just widen to another lane at the light. One lane for left, one for straight into Walmart, one for right turn.

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  4. (1) Side effects were predicted for the vaccines and found during tests, but nobody knew the extent or exact ones that would follow after mass so no surprises there. 

    (2) A % of efficacy was given for each individual vaccine and has been pretty much borne out. No surprises there.

    (3) Of course all sources of information have to be examined and filtered through one's own ability to glean facts and data. But, the US Government and the Press have for many years been excellent sources of factual information that have saved countless lives. They both have also provided false and conflicting statements at times that have proven to be disastrous.. For one to say they never use those sources is either false, stupid or arrogant. 

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