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  1. I'm 73 and live in the hills outside Chapala. It's very peaceful and I can get into Chapala in 8 minutes or Ajijic in 15. If traffic bugs you, and you are going to have a car, it is much better out of Ajijic. I generally only go into Ajijic in the evenings for dinner. Chapala has some good restaurants as well, with a few between the two.

    If you are a golfer, as I am, then this area is truly a golfer's dream. There are several options as far as courses, pricing etc. It's year round golfing here.

  2. Bisbee gal you are quite the scold aren't you. First, I never said I wanted to kill anyone and second everything would depend on the situation. My house is not easy to access, so it might allow me a chance to deter from a distance. I don't have Clint Eastwood fantasies, or believe I can slay Goliath. If I can ascertain someone is around my house at night and it appears they are making an attempt to enter. I might take some action. If it appears there are several intruders then anything less than a semi-auto weapon will be of little use. I've made it to a healthy 73 by being able to analyze the physical threats I've been confronted with, there have been several, and take appropriate action. Your smug, sarcastic comments only serve to reveal your character, or lack thereof.

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  3. I have a hunting slingshot and use steel balls as ammo. It is very accurate up to about 60ft. I can hit a normal size paper plate 4-5 times from about 40 ft. Didn't take much practice, just a few few hours and it was fun. Of course it's just a single shot, although I can reload and aim in about 5-6 seconds, and if it's just one intruder that is all you need. It has enough force to deter anyone it hits.

  4. You should visit The Alamo. It is a used car super center with literally hundreds, if not thousands of every model car you can imagine. It is just a bit past the airport on the way into Guadalajara. I got a great deal on a Nissan Rogue there a couple years ago. If you don't speak Spanish, take someone who does with you. It's worth seeing even if you don't buy. Sat. and Sun. are the best days.

  5. They are here. My lawn is turning brown in the middle of rainy season. Found out from some friends back in Georgia they have had the worst outbreak in years. To test for them put some dishwashing liquid in a bucket and put in a gallon or so of water and pour on a spot in your yard. In a few minutes the fat little buggers start wiggling to the surface. Anyone know the best place to get pellets of dust for treating?

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