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  1. I bought two bags of nuts at the Chapala market today, or maybe I dreamed it.
  2. Population isn't the issue I raised. It's all about response and the South Koreans blew us away with their testing response as did several other countries.
  3. You're wrong when you say back at the first of February nobody knew how bad this was going to get. South Korea and the US had their first reported cases on the same day in January. Take a look at the response and results so far from each country and then tell me again that the US acted as swiftly as possible.
  4. I have cancelled the order. So I take the info to a bank? It appears Santander and Banomex will do it.
  5. My credit card and debit card have both been declined by mercadolibre. I called both US Banks and they said there was no problem on their end. When the box comes up on mercado to verify my cellphone for more info it never continues. If I want to go to a bank and make a purchase through them, what do I need to take with me, besides the cash?
  6. The guy who delivers propane for my house told me I can by the cylinders at Walmart or Soriana. Is that true? If not, where can I buy them new or used?
  7. Need to move some heavy potted plants.Anyplace in Ajijic or Chapala?
  8. I know about Home Depot. Also saw a few at hardware store in Chapala. Anyone know of any other places?
  9. Is anyone familiar with Sergio Calderon? Or have a recommendation for a painter.
  10. They need to be re-screened or replaced. They are 208 cmx 91. Not high quality. Anyone know a place?
  11. The one near Dominoes is offline for several days.
  12. I saw a post here referring Dr. Hernandez at Integrity clinic. 766-5154, but it says the number is not a working number. Anyone know a number for him? Also called Quality care...they don't know him.
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