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  1. Raptors blew their best chance last night. Just terrible last 2 minutes. Probably lose big at GS and though to beat GS in one game final. We'll see, but when you have the game in hand you gotta take it.
  2. An amazing book on the topic is Fritjof Chopra's The Tao of Physics.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I have found some schrooms on my golf course that appear to be the tall, thin variety of pysilocibe mexicana. I will do some more research online. If I do find some cubensis I will know them at once as their are several indicators. It has been 45 years since the lat time I used them. I never had a bad experience and thought I'd enjoy doing them once more. The closest thing I ever had to a true religious experience was while doing them. I've been doing some reading about new discoveries in modern physics and the relationship with mystic beliefs. Might be enlightening.
  4. I picked the same ones your're talking about from Texas in Georgia. Pyslocibe cubensis. Picked them dozens of times and there were certain things that you could look for to make sure they were the right ones. Never got sick or died. But, it's a different variety here.
  5. Small amounts were legalized for possession ion 2006, so I assume that is still the case. When I was in graduate school 45 years ago in Georgia I used them several times and found them to be an incredibly illuminating and fun experience. The variety in Mexico has a different appearance, but I believe I have seen them on my golf course lately after the rain. In the southern US they grew in cow pastures after a rain. Is anyone here familiar with the local variety? If you wish to PM me instead of replying on the thread I understand, but believe they are legal as I said.
  6. Stuff at Superlake the other day was not fresh. Any other sources?
  7. Nope. I went to CI Bank and Multiva within a few minutes...same message.
  8. Thanks, but the machines were dispensing money to others. It accepted my pin. It was only at the moment money was to be dispensed that the message showed up. There was plenty in the machines and I did nothing different than I have for years.
  9. The last two times I've attempted to use my wells fargo debit card at HSBC, Multiva or CI banks I have received a message that "we are temporarily unable to complete this transaction with your institution". Plenty of funds in account and never received that message before. Card worked at the hardware store and garden center same day. I have checked with wells fargo and they did an extensive search on my account and there are no fraud alerts etc. They showed the transactions at the merchants, but no record of a transaction tried at an ATM. Ideas?
  10. Have tried several places. Anyone seen any?
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