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  1. A few months ago I saw a shoulder specialist at the San Antonio Hospital. I believe his son is supposed to be a good back specialist, but I can't find his card. Anyone know who I mean? Always something.
  2. Works great and he is excellent.
  3. There are no guarantees anywhere, but you will get a hell of a deal at the Alamo. And it is worth the trip just to see all the cars. Some makes I've never heard of. Spenser says he can validate papers so get a copy and take it to him before you buy.
  4. I've used several "electricians" in the six years I've been here and the guy I use now, Raul, speaks perfect English and has repaired fans, appliances and wired a transmission box for my generator. He is very reliable.
  5. One can get scammed anywhere. I went to the Alamo with a guy who bought several vehicles there. We took the car before we bought it to a good mechanic and he checked it out. I paid 8700 dollars fora 2013 Nissan Rogue with 37, 000 kl. I've had it for a year and a half with zero problems.
  6. that went through the wash an is kaput. It is a rectangle shape, tan device with four buttons. I guess it could be the battery or something else. Anyone know where to go?
  7. I bought my used Nissan Rogue at the Alamo. It is a large area that has hundreds of cars to view and you can bargain over the price.
  8. I had a prescription held up at the border being shipped by FedEx. They say I need a health permit to release the prescription. Anyone had experience with this? Is their a public health office in Chapala to obtain one? Needs fast action FEdEX will only hold till to he second.
  9. I have a friend coming down in July or August and wants to work with an agent to find a long term rental. Any suggestions?
  10. Dr. Gonzales is the best in the area no doubt about it.
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