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  1. We're in a similar boat, Gringal. When we moved here from Canada more than 16 years ago, we applied for private medical insurance but were turned down due to pre-existing conditions. With not having to pay for private insurance, 'NOB' property taxes or heating and air conditioning, we're ahead of the game. We've had several operations/procedures including brain surgery, pacemaker replacement, coronary artery stents (5 for me and 2 for spouse), as well as other operations.
  2. Are they still giving Pfizer vaccines at the University in Guadalajara?
  3. Unfortunately our airline tickets are non-refundable (can't change them either).
  4. I'm hoping under the Essential Travel into the United States that individuals traveling for public health purposes might include obtaining a J&J vaccine.
  5. Thanks for your response, Mostly Lost. However, the article in USA Today is dated July 10, 2020 not 2021 so it doesn't appear to be current news.
  6. Is it possible for Canadians to fly into Tijuana airport then cross into the U.S. by way of the CBX Crossing? Any Canadians with recent experience doing this?
  7. I second Ferret's recommendation.
  8. I can’t speak for Arturo whether he’d be willing to go over to the south side of the Lake but it would be worth a call to him to enquire. Good luck, twistedD! I hope it works out for you.
  9. Problem solved. Thanks to Ron at Solar Technology for his recommendation (also Maincoons) of Arturo. Our instant on hot water heater is compatible with our solar hot water system. Apparently we had the temperature of the water heater set too high. Argh!
  10. Thanks, xyyz and Mainecoons, for your helpful information.
  11. We're looking for a plumber who is familiar with instant-on hot water heaters used in conjuction with solar hot water system. Sometimes in the colder, cloudy weather, the solar system does not provide hot water. We've had an instant-on hot water heater which used to work as a back-up to the solar system but isn't working now. Thanks in advance.
  12. Irish Gal

    Sour cream

    Sello Rojo Crema - Premium at El Tororito. Delish!
  13. In Ontario, Canada (don't know about other provinces), they have kept the liquor stores open so that there isn't an increase in domestic violence or violence in general. Different country, different viewpoint!
  14. I paid my bill yesterday using a Canadian credit card. It gave me the option of payiing in pesos or Canadian dollars.
  15. Transportation to and from Mazatlan; breakfast at The Victoria, Ajijic before leaving on the 19th; 4 nights at Best Western Hotel Freeman in Centro Historico, all rooms with balcony with ocean view; bilingual tour guide; some tours included. For more information, please call me on my cell noted above.
  16. We have two tickets for a trip to Mazatlan on a 16-passenger air-conditioned van, leavingThursday, March 19 and returniing to Ajijic on Monday, March 23. As we are unable to use these tickets, we are offering them for sale. For more information, please call my cell at 33-1799-5728.
  17. The only numbers on the bottom of the bottle I purchased were as follows: Y8 30 ml E3 When I entered these numbers, I was told that those numbers are not valid. I did submit an enquiry to the company and am awaiting an answer. I've already taken the CBD oil since the seminar last Wednesday with no side effects. I'm not sure but I think they said to take it after food. Do your recall if that's correct?
  18. Is there an entrance to the hospital at the back where the parking lot is? There were always cars parked out in front of the clinic where it is more convenient when it's an emergency.
  19. There is no parking in front of the Ajijic Hospital/Clinic (across from Gossip's restaurant). That's going to be mighty inconvenient for those who use that facility.
  20. With pre-existing medical conditions.It would be highly unlikely that you'd qualify for either IMSS or private medical insurance. When we moved here more than 14 years ago, we thought we'd get be able to get private insurance but were turned down because of pre-existing conditions.
  21. We had Go Solar install our solar hot water heater several years ago (best money save as the price of gas goes up every year). Last year our back-up hot water heater died so we replaced it with an on-demand heater and we always have hot water.
  22. Rochatas Bakery also has a location in Ajijic at Ocampo 22-A, telephone 376-688-2760. I ordered a carrot cake for a special occasion and everyone who ate it said it was delicious. I previously ordered a wedding cake at the Jocotepec location and it was the best!
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