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  1. We're happy customers of STI and have always had excellent service.
  2. I'd be happy if the potholes in the cobblestone streets were fixed properly on a regular basis (not just sand thrown in the hole!). I can dream, can't I? sigh
  3. Does anyone know if the recycling place out near Jocotepec is still operating between 9 until 2 p.m. Mondays - Fridays? I have several bags of plastics, cardboard, and glass to take out there. Thanks in advance.
  4. We recently registered a vehicle and required the following: Original factura (bring the currrent owner with you so they can sign over his/her rights to the new owner(s); Proof of address (original recent Telmex or CFE bill plus one copy); Passport and black and white copy of signature/picture page; Residente Permanente original and one b/w copy; Curp plus one copy; RFC number plus one copy; (If you don't have an RFC number the woman at the copy shop two doors from the registration office will generate one for you). Pesos to cover 'sales tax' (based on value of car which the office determines) plus other charges.
  5. Six of us went for dinner one week ago on Tuesday. I'd made reservations but it wasn't necessary. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered. The waiter was excellent and attentive. The view is incredible; ask for a table by the railing for the best view. I'd suggest reservations if you plan to go on the weekend. It's a great place to take visitors.
  6. I clicked on 'promotions' and scrolled to the very bottom. Look for 'cinemas' and click on it and Ajijic is the first listing, gives phone number and movies that are coming but doesn't say when.
  7. Does anyone have the phone number for La Cima restaurante in San Juan Cosala? Thanks in advance. I found the telephone number which is 01-387-761-0405 in case anyone would like it.
  8. Yesterday I waited at the BP on the Libramiento for four hours for gas and no gas was available. Tonight when I passed by the Libramiento, there was a long line up of cars and I believe that gas was available. This afternoon I waited one and a half hours in line at the Riberas station and was able to 500 pesos maximum.
  9. Friends are visiting Ajijic and would like to do some shopping as well as visit some art galleries tomorrow. Are most of them open Sundays! Thank you in advance.
  10. Definitely will be going. I hope he/they all show up.
  11. We're one of many highly-satisfied clients of STI Solar Technology! We've saved so much by going solar.
  12. Well, in that case, I'm going next week to pay my property taxes and I'll definitely vote for fixing the potholes. Trying not to be cynical but I'll believe it when I see it happen!
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