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  1. Irish Gal

    Flavored olive oils/vinegars

    Pancho's deli on the carretera in Ajijic next to El Barco has a good selection of both oil and vinegar.
  2. Irish Gal


    Another vote for Dr. Hector Briseno. Both my husband and I have had excellent results with him over the years. I wouldn't go to anyone else!
  3. Irish Gal

    Where would you go?

    Yves is open on Tuesdays and is a lovely place for lunch or dinner.
  4. Irish Gal

    Ear Piercing Street Vendor in Mexico City

    I had the same reaction! I think I need some sleep!
  5. Irish Gal

    Canadian tax

    Dave Paterson has been doing my taxes for the past several years. I highly recommend him. Quick, accurate, knowledgeable and efficient!
  6. From the airport to Ajijic last week, the cost for a taxi was $420.
  7. Irish Gal


    So far, so good as far as any tests that Dr. J.P. has ordered over the years that my husband and I have been going to him. The last one, a CT scan for my husband revealed a serious situation that was promptly taken care of by a Guadalajara neurosurgeon!
  8. Irish Gal

    Luz Zepeda

    You've got an extra "l" in the email address. Correct one from Luz's card is: opticaclaravision (at) gmail.com Are you dialing (045) then her cell number? Hope this works for you.
  9. Irish Gal


    My recommendation is Dr. Juan Pablo Loza, located in Chapala at Calle Guerrero 141-A at the corner of Lopez Cotilla. Telephone (376) 765-5477. email: dr.jploza@hotmail.com. He's a very good diagnostician and speaks English.
  10. Irish Gal

    Police Clearance Letter

    Thank you, miendo, for your reply. The first time I got this clearance, I had to go to Tlaquepaque. I was hoping to obtain it locally but it sounds like the Chapala office has closed.
  11. I'm looking for the office in Chapala that issues police clearance letters. I have an older such letter that was issued in Chapala by Instituto Jalisciense de Ciencias Forenses headed by Direccion General Archivo de Identificacion Criminalistico. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. A piece of paper got caught in my printer. Not able to reach it nor I can see it. Any suggestions as to where to take it to have it fixed? Thanks in advance.
  13. Not Rosario. It was someone else. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks to you, pappysmarket and your referral almost 13 years ago when we stayed at your BnB, we have the same person cleaning our home! Very happy with your recommendation!
  15. Dr. Eloy Barragan is an excellent dentist who speaks English and any work I've had done there has been painless. His office is located at Bugambilias #39 Mirasol on the lateral road turn right. The sign says, Chapala Dental Care, telephone 376-765-5584 or 766-3847.