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  1. Thanks Sue, you got it. Many Canadians who live in Mexico do exactly that - return to Canada for their check ups, plus medical procedures even though they are year round residents.. Seren perhaps Sue's explanation clarifies it for you..
  2. Dave, yes, I know that GIS is not available to non residents. However, there are some Canadians who live in Mexico full time, are still residents of Canada but take advantage of the offered government programs, i.e., medical, GIS, subsidized housing, etc.. Aren’t you tired of paying for them? I know I am.
  3. It doesn’t. The article is confusing. They are trying to red flag the individuals who, for instance live in Mexico on as a permanent resident, but retain their provincial health insurance and may also receive the guaranteed income supplement. It’s possible they return to Canada every six months but do not stay for the required time to maintain these extras.
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