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  1. Use an ISP masker or a VPN (assuming those are different things). I use StrongVPN. $10 a month for a US (or your choice of country) ISP as well as anonymity and security.
  2. I've been here a year now and haven't had a car since I arrived. At first I used to take taxis everywhere, but that became cost prohibitive. Since I've learned to eat and shop from the local markets here in Chapala, I've been much happier. No need for taxis, and I'm spending much less for food. On those occasions when I do need to go to walmart, I can usually find a friend to give me a ride. I'll admit, that sometime I wish I had a car, for convenience sake. However, even more often I'm glad I don't when I hear about the hassles people who own them have to deal with, such as licensing and being stopped for a bit of mordida. Not to mention the cost of upkeep and fuel. Nope, count me firmly in the 'no car here, thank you' camp.
  3. I've been here about 6 months and have met very few folks my age (40s) or younger. I'm in Chapala and have no transportation, so difficult to get around and meet people. Tried El Barco once. Once. Ok if you don't mind paying twice as much for everything as anywhere else. I hit Coffee Hour here in Chapala once a day, but that's about the extent of my socializing. Would appreciate an opportunity to get together with a younger crowd if something could be organized.
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