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  1. If "US" over 65 year olds are in the top percentile of deaths etc , then would it more reasonable to issue stay at home restriction for that high risk group and let the "others" back to work. After all we need to ensure someone is going to pay taxes to prop up our pensions!!!
  2. Maybe also include The Casino Mall and any place we park and shop..But please do not kill the messenger just the people who come up with these ideas after the fact.
  3. Yes we all have have preferences and if the need arises or during a pandemic and a paper shortage you can always use it for toilet paper But for me I can get the news a bit earlier, it cost less money, and i can practice social distancing by not having to go to the store..... and doing my litte bit to save the trees.
  4. OK...But can you help with my problem for obtaining this weeks Guadalajara Reporter..this is the topic
  5. I had notice that my check had been mailed on the 15t May. I have no idea why they should put it in the mail as my SS check goes into direct deposit US bank. Good luck if I ever see that check
  6. Anyone else having trouble login to this weeks issue , I only see the 16th?
  7. I think many airlines are carrying to much debit and offering too much benefits to their staff...much like the various cites/states..who are bankrupt with so much pension burden...Meantime our friendly Volaris continues to screw us
  8. I have noticed road signs being erected at the side of the Carrettra going East From El Chante..Like the dreaded Topes sign...does that mean the Tope fairy will shortly be along???
  9. This morning the traffic was bumber to bumber from Chapala to La Foresta...so is this now the new normal????
  10. Strange I though this topic was Johannes Bakery...So is that topic dead???
  11. Well if that is the protocol...what possible could go wrong..wink wink
  12. Jeraldina, your postings are suspicious because on another Topic you were full of praise for re locating your husband from Thailand to Mexico . I am no medical Doctor but your husband seems to have major medical issues for which you are blaming the nursing home for. You should have know if you have done any research........... that many/most MX NH at Lakeside have minimal number of qualified nurses and many of those were qualified donkeys years ago. I am sorry for your husbands dire condition which could have been precipitated by the long journey from Thailand. Perhaps you can share the cost of the NH in Thailand
  13. That observation reminds of the stories about guys in Detroit who before starting their morning shift would stop by their favorite bar's for "breakfast"...tradition or "problem"...Tradition in MX a Problem in Detroit...Drinking quarts of Coke a day , a tradition or problem?....Drinking unpasteurized milk every day, a Tradition or Problem?? Because you choose to iditify certain Traditions as excusable..... does not mean it is not a Problem
  14. I have been looking for an excuse to avoid those must go to , must attend events....Thank you Mr Governor
  15. Harry your post sounds a bit disconnected/rambling . Also can you please share details with us/me the details of this econo-box project...maybe the entry level housing I am looking for now that Ajijic has become a high end location (or was until the Pandemic)
  16. I thought many people die every day from Alcohol Poisoning...they are called alcoholics, ............sad but I guess there are many NOB "social drinkers" at Lakeside with the "problem" and you see them every party you attend or at the Legion(s)
  17. This package seems to be a very puny offer..what is it that I am missing....I would think that many Gringos at Lakeside pay that amount monthly to their help...or are we so out of touch with what the "going wage" rate is for people working in small business ...It would take longer to complete all the paper work https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/micro-businesses-lukewarm-toward-governments-coronavirus-aid-plan/
  18. I have noticed that for the past couple of weeks the posted Intercam ex rate for the $US has been less than stellar. The "normal" spread between the "Bank" spot rate and what Intercam offers is about 1 to 11/2 Now I noticed today's "spot rate " of 23.8 ........and Intercam is showing a ex rate of 21. When I questioned the wider spread I was told that the bank has too many dollars..but for a transfer rate they can give you a more attractive ex rate I recall a few years back I had the same experience at Actinver....they were swimming in hard currency and would give you a better rate for a check
  19. My wife and I seem to be the kiss of death to every orchid we buy. After the first flowers have died off we never get the plants to re bloom Please all you experts out there throw us some recommendations..... as this becoming an expensive hobby.
  20. Plus you also received at no extra cost...but maybe lots aggravation...super improvements to your front side walk
  21. Why does any one on this board, who keep reporting the negatives on the place..bother to go there....some people are addicted to drugs and booze but here at Lakeside it seems many people are addicted to Superlake...time to go cold turkey and stop taking those high price cans and goodies....., which I am sure will become higher with every new delivery
  22. Maybe a False Positive result?
  23. Very sad, more victims succumbing to this poison than Corvid virus
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