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  1. Sadly Emile was walking (or cycling?) on the highway by Aquiles Serdan and collapsed, a heart attack. He and wife Alix own the Tres Leones B&B
  2. Having prostate "problems" a close friend shared with me his recent experience with examinations' and recommendations' from Urologist Dr Fabian Gargcia at QC and a US, Dr Mark Christ in Miami. My friend who frequently travels between MX and the US wanted to obtain a second option for this "delicate" situation. His Blood work indicated a high PSA of 39 My friend had previously seen Dr Fabian about 6 weeks ago and was prescribed a course of medicines, which did not improve my friends problem of frequently wanting to pee and alway having drible left in his bladder. Latter whilst visiting the US he was able to obtain a Ultrasound of his bladder. This test help's your doctor see how much urine you have left in your bladder after you urinate. Last week my friend revisited Dr Fabian informing him the course of meds had not improved his problem and shared with him the results obtained from the Echogram, a volume of 50ml, which is considered to be adequate/good, bladder emptying. Regardless of these results Dr Fabian next recommendation was to do a APE which includes scoping your urethra and also taking a biopsy of the prostate, and was enthusiastic to set up an appointment. My friend not so eager indicated he would think about. This week, fortuitously, my friend was able to see a Dr Christ in Miami, who listened to my friends experience and saw the EGM report and the previous meds prescribed by Dr Fabian. As was expected Dr Christ gave my friend a digital rectal exam, confirmed some abnormalities and possible a presence of cancer. Dr Christ recommendation. Not to do any biopsy or intervention , which would required my friend stop one of the meds he is taking for heart related issues. He prescribed the following meds; Flomax (Tamsulosion) and Avodart (Dutasteride) "come back to see me in November" ....."Because many prostate cancers grow so slowly an older man you have little concern that you may die from it"......"and take care as you cross the road you could get run over by a bus"!! Oh and my friends age ....... 91 years old, (young)
  3. In this GR page 9 there is an article giving cost details for a proposed sewer system for Ribaras del Pilar....the proposed project will cost 68M pesos and shared between the government and owners would cost cost the owners (depending on lot size) say $1,300/$1,600 which I thinks is a good deal The local government appreciates that home owners are concerned that the local government will just pocket their contribution, ( wonder why!!) and indicates the money will be placed in a seperate account and used only for this project. Question's; will this opportunity FLY......Will this local government be "honest".....Will the residents support the proposal. Any Ribaras forum members want to comment if they will participate??
  4. With respect there is a shortage of (good) workers , period, both here and in Guadalajara, with both locations "booming".... as the local Ajijic highway traffic confirms . With limited building space becoming less and less, the alternative way is up and up. There are many 3/4 high floors units already built or being built in Ajijic, good workers are becoming scarce and a rare commodity!!!
  5. A possible reason why the aforementioned projects fell behind is because of a shortage of skilled workers, ones that are experience at working at "high" levels. I think this project is experience the same problem. As lots are getting scarce I think we can expect more hi ride and or multi level dwellings. The elephant in the room is the infrastructure to support his development. A smart authority would be building the roads etc to accommodate and encourage responsible construction and zoning...silly me I am dreaming...maybe Telsa can help...but really there is no shortage of experience Gringo engineers, just a shortage of "smart" listens...Telsa try talking with Tod Stong, a very smart engineer who has been working with local ,state and federal governments, bless his heart what he has accomplished he is worthy of becoming a Saint
  6. I am sure there will be hundreds of " facilitators " just waiting to fast track you through the process
  7. With respect Telsa if you wish to enjoy Mexico then you better think like a Mexican AND speak like a Mexican If you have adolescent children do they always listen and do what you say? Many times they have different/better ideas than you. Or if you stay fixated be prepared to have Bleeding Ulcers!!
  8. I was having lunch with a friend today and he was excited to tell me he had purchased an apartment in the new hi ride It seems a comprise has been reached between La Forests Fracc and the developer. Mexico is full of compromises!!
  9. Looks like sounds like we/you are trolling the bottom of the barrel..🤔
  10. Perhaps you can add more substance to your wild stories/numbers and make them more believable?
  11. With respect you are comparing Apple's and oranges when you look at the RC and the village. Are you a village person or a Fracc person, you will need 100K USD to buy a lot in the RC Unless you are fortunate to buy a lakefront property there is no lake or mountain view, South of the carrettra. There are some lots/home s on the North side which seems to be developing Both villages are noisy , but San Juan is more " prosperous"
  12. I think a major difference between El C and SJC, (for the good or not) is the "influence" financial/ social support and time and talent the folks from The Racquet Club both Mexicans and non Mx,. Also the good Via Mexico restaurant
  13. Val thanks for sharing the info on premium cost, that sound very high and more than I am paying for an Advantage plan in the USA, and I am assuming you are not yet into the "high age range"
  14. I am "confused"..if you are able and willing to go the "pay as I need treatment" then there is no reason to have the type of discussion with the Cardiologist or any other specialist. Just have that CC ready or cash to cover the treatment. Bye the why I think you should have thought twice about canceling the Advantage insurance plan as it may have had the rider to cover you whilst out of the country for a few months. Many people at Lakeside use their Advantage Plans (illegally) here which is a personal decision and requires no comment's from would be purists or experts on this forum. We are all adults who some time suffer from senior moments!!!
  15. You have clearly identified the "problem" when you mentioned...doesn't understand the culture....We and Mexicans can/do look at the same 'problem" and will then take a totally different path (on cost and time to complete) to reach the same goal. Added to that complexity is their desire "not to offend". This characteristic is best displayed at AGM's when the board has to make a contentious decision, they truly agonize on making a yes or no....... and so will talk and talk and talk hoping the Gringos will just give up and walk away, and then they can "table the motion" until the next meeting! This applies not only to any Board of Directors but to personal relationships, a Mexican partner, wife, husband, or significant other. I would suggest that whilst many of us can speak fluent Spanish, we do not "Think in Spanish". This talent/skill I have only found twice with a couple of Mexicans I have worked with. I have long learned that it is best to identify the need/goal and then walk away..otherwise, I will immediately question the direction/way the task is being done....because I know my way is quicker and probably less costly! ( and most times it is!!) Let me give you an example. Many years ago I was into the building and flipping houses. I am not sure what happens these days but back then when preparing the footing the Jeffe would order large rocks and a peon(s) would "spend hours" breaking them up ( just like the chain gangs on the side of the road in GA in the '50s). I would ask the Jeffe why not order the rocks of the right size..." The rocks cost more Senior"..really? but doesn't take long to build the house? In other examples, I noticed a peon cutting the branch/limb of a tree to shape and fit a sledgehammer handle that has broken. I am not sure how many hours it had taken him, I immediately went to the hardware store and bought a handle, the cost of the handle was far less than the time the guy was spending witling away this tree limb..."but I wanted to save you, money Senior" Let me share with you all one "smart" idea I had that turned into a catastrophic mistake. Back "then" the norm was to construct the homes leaving the window size/space ready for the glass guy to come in and measure each single "hole". At that time there were no ready-made windows available until Home Depot came along. So in my wisdom, I decided it was going to be a cost-saving and quicker to buy ready-made windows and get the guys to make the holes to the size of the windows!. What a disaster, the first error.... where do you store this load of windows and not damage the glass panes. Then as good as the workers are... the slight variation's in the hole size required a lot of shimming/extra time etc, to install the "fixed size " window frames. There is a balance that all visitors to a foreign country must have, Sadly I still try to think of myself as a Don Q and not sit down and read The Serenity Prayer. Good luck Nicklos I think you have great ideas but not "The Culture" to turn them into action
  16. Every fraccionamiento or Corp has "board problems" and can never satisfy " everyone " For the number you mention I would not think it was spent without discussion at your AGM. The budget is always a contentious item, but I guess it was identified and voted for...or not! It's a thankless job but someone has to do it...belly up and volunteer
  17. I thought they moved a couple of stores east of Magnolia..or not.?
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