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  1. Truthfully I think ex pats of limited means could be better served back in their own country. Care for Dementia patients cost more because of extra attention etc. And lumping these people with our patients like the aforementioned places is not "fair" to the others. It's becoming a dream to think that Mexico provides "affordable " care for folks with minimum/ basic income, regardless ex pats stay in your own country where people with no assets and only basic income can and will be taken care of. Question does your friend have any relatives?
  2. Yes go back to your Notaria and start by asking more questions about who get what if you or wife die. Also it's likely that the N&N will have to pay capital gains as neither are Perminate Residents. What you think you may have covered and what will actually happen maybe,could be, will be different
  3. Stay on the subject folks or start another post on gun ownership
  4. Regardless of the prostheses it helps to loose weight
  5. Today's experience and previous visit to lab on Soriana parking lot has been very satisfactory and half the prices you quote
  6. Regardless of which country, the world leaders seems to be full of Clowns. But seriously if I was a CAD I would be really pi**ed off with the Loonie at 0.78 cents and out of desperation would have voted for a different Clown. Given that "all" home sales or rentals at Lakeside are in USD, our friends have to pay 20% more for rents or house purchases.........ouch that hurts.....
  7. Maybe because that clown that was elected on the 20! Yes There is one in every deck,
  8. I have no idea what color the dog is or if its a male or female, or maybe transgender??
  9. Ken when you mentioned that you were going to MX CIty I thought, How will he feel going to a higher elevation with a breathing problem???, It would kill me as I have problems here at 5,000ft
  10. Yes of course there are trade off's where you chose to live..I guess I have this BIG aversion to barking dogs and for more there is no compromise.
  11. This AM I was going West from Chapala, a few hundred yards, meters from the lights .....just past The Coffee Tree, there is a huge pot hole near the center of the road. Suddenly I see this car on my side of the road taking avoiding action of going into this HUGE pot hole...damn that was a close accident...When will those ###**le(:) fix these holes, That part of Hildago is a MESS. Is the "Base" of that highway "Unstable" and will always be breaking up??
  12. That is a great idea...I guess it will work ok if you are involved with another "foreigner" but I have my doubts if your accident involves a Mexican
  13. Gosh for the "serious" situation that you have I hope you are fluent in Spanish or have someone who is.. .sound like the hospital is "similar" to the Civil/IMSS hospital system...if you are poor then I guess cost and not outcome figures into your decision making exercise. Sadly you seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place. I hope the outcome does not give you more pain
  14. Regardless where you are,( I live way up in the Racquet Club and can hear noise from the village etc) Any property on the North side of the highway is going to hear more noise than one on the South side...period. As was suggested if you have a place in mind go and hang around that location and hear for your self the noise on a "normal" day. If your happy with that and the property is what you want buy it. Seriously your more likely to get pi**ed off and annoyed with your inconsiderate neighbors barking dogs!!! (Not 1 but 4/6 ) There is no logic reason for truck drivers to be using Jake Brakes along the "level La Foresta strip", but Logic doesn't figure into the Mexican mind set. The acceleration from the stop lights could be a problem. I guess at this higher elevation "noise" every where is amplified. Good luck and spend more time at the location you have in mind, and talk with a neighbor
  15. Yep spoken like a true Mexican
  16. Thank you for sharing, so it looks we are above average for the past 10years,
  17. Yes I know we are in the rainy season, but in Chapala its seemed to be raining all night...what about your location
  18. Whilst not an expert and making a wild a(:) guess like the rest of you, I think speed plays a major factor in all these types of accidents. Given the relativity long and "flat" approach to those traffic lights, the driver could be downshifting to a crawl and come to a slow speed without brakes!! Frankly most of the trucks being driven on Mexican roads, including buses look and sound like flying bombs on wheels. Sadly unless there is strict inspection testing, the majority of owners will only fix the problem when it is broken . Was it overloaded? I am sorry for the loss of life.
  19. Why does this conversation sound like being in a echo chamber
  20. But we are not talking about the USA....are we? Everyone who has shopping for food stuff has experienced first hand the increases , it's a no brainer regardless what the government figures are, I forgot to mention Gasliqudio that seems to go up every month
  21. But this is how "things" operate in Mexico, take CFE or Telmex, no preventive measures just wait till it breaks, then repair it.
  22. Seriously in these days when you can take the morning after pill, why is abortion even an issue? For me abortion at 6 weeks is significantly different than say at 24 weeks..or not?
  23. This week I read in a UK paper of similar experiences by drivers using blended fuels, it seem this fuel is less tolerant to being stored for "long period". Another example of government's knee jerk response to a fuel shortage that no longer exists, but the legislation does. This " the sky is falling in" must been carbon netraul by "x" year will kill the developed world economy
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