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  1. The reality is that many Tapitio's have homes here, certainly that is the case in the RC
  2. Many parts of Riberas seem to have many many mini dog kennels which are owned by well meaning but crazy "Foreign s"...I get the feeling that there are dogs around this year, all over the area I guess more people are talking home security more seriously
  3. Yes but then factor in the depreciating Peso and its nearly a wash...maybe better for the Canadians and their Lonnie
  4. And you can not beat the prices, it is a little gem of a hospital and if only it was better managed would be a gold mine...one or two specialist there that need to be avoided like the plague..
  5. The following letter was sent to members of the Racquet Club so please continue to practice caution as the Virus Trojan Horse has arrived from Guadalajara; Last Wednesday, a person who was diagnosed with COVID-19 over the weekend was playing on the tennis courts. She lives in Guadalajara. Some of the workers had contact with her and all the workers had contact with each other, so they can be a source of contagion for other people. Due to the above and given the danger that this represents for the members of the Raquet Club, I communicate you that the club’s facilities will be closed for the next two weeks August 10 (today) to 23 (will, be Sunday). The workers, as we did at the beginning of the pandemic, will go through a sanitary filter every day and will continue to work each in their area without having contact with each other. The reason is that we cannot stop supplying water and we cannot stop keeping the facilities clean and in good condition. I appeal to your understanding for this decision. Les agradezco mucho sus atenciones. Atentamente
  6. I guess you to locate them first!
  7. So given these circumstances, how credible are the daily figures presented by Jalisco Government (Bisbee)??..
  8. I have no idea why people would try and support this guy..theatrical Facebook posting and now this ad in the paper..the fat lady has sang good bye Bobby...plenty of other establishments who looking for business without being jerked around.
  9. My service has been intermittent for past 7/10 days urg
  10. I keep getting special "offers" from Izzi, was this the old TeleCable/Wizz...anyone with experience with their internet service etc??
  11. I am not surprised to hear that...I would say that 95% of the boxes are not being renewed...a sign of the times with more people "going on line" etc.
  12. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Mexico.html
  13. I have lost his card and looking for his telephone, anyone have it please?
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