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  1. Please don't tell me you have the same feeling as BMH said on a related observation on the Chinese vaccine.."better than nothing " incredible that folks here are willing to put up with crap when your health is involved. I wonder how many at Lakeside have the same feeling!
  2. You comment " I guess it is better than nothing" realy that observation would not been acceptable NOB but here you are willing to put up with "trash" for such an important issue. I wonder how many others at Lakeside have the same fealings??
  3. That's what sells newspaers, man bites dog!! Please don't ask me why, but most editors are looking for train wreck stories. Have you ever noticed the many editorial's and articles in the OJO are mostly negative about the USA
  4. There is going to be a new normal for travel. Regards what you may think and debate, if the country you wish to visit requires proof of a certain group of vaccine, then that is what it is...Or stay at home and continue pontificating...as the ship gentle sails into the sunset
  5. I am surprised that the local priest are not involved, most of the villagers tune in to his "news"
  6. But it could be a express train coming right at you..What a cock up, but maybe lessons have been learnt for the next variant!
  7. I wonder way there always seems to be "the regulars" who seem to digress from the main substance of the original post to pontificate about their personal reasons for doing or not doing..Facebook etc etc. If you don't like Harry's message just work around the alternative, but please don't kill the messenger
  8. The wonderful thing about living in MX is there's always a "Fixer", you just have to know where to look
  9. Sounds as if your going up in smoke Pedro, but enjoy and to he'll with the consequences
  10. It seems to vary by the day and who you get the service from. Also some folks quote that they have obtained at "X" price but did not figure in the added tax..Then there other's who get cheated and the price bears no resemblance to the actual price
  11. Maybe it will be the new normal, cull the old and sick
  12. I recently had test done at Trailer in Sorina parking lot ,for 480 pesos, no wait no hassle
  13. I think both Canadian and US folks experience sticker shock when they return/ visit their respective country, but the "shock "Is greater for Mexicans visitors. The stinger in the tail in the US is the added tax to everything. I recently visited Fl and the economy is booming, a lot of money in circulation With the "strong " US$ most countries have "some appeal " to those folks looking for a retirement community where the COL is lower than "home"
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