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  1. I find myself behind those same people in the Walmart check out....like if they are on a different planet
  2. lakeside7

    Gas pipeline to open

    Maybe a "Wall"
  3. lakeside7

    Photo radar tickets

    I guess you have 2 options!!!
  4. lakeside7

    Adios Garrafones ??

    That is a very slow rate of filtration
  5. lakeside7

    Photo radar tickets

    They will usually have a printed copy of you car/plate at the car tax location you choose to use..so ask to check the photo
  6. lakeside7

    Building a wall!

    Where is the Nursing Home?? Thanks
  7. lakeside7

    Dr. Leon Rentals

    I think he has a house i La Foresta that is used for Independent Living..also in his office/surgery on the Carettra in Ajijic he is renting rooms. Again i think he has moved his office to a place in Villa Nova
  8. lakeside7

    Stronger Peso

    Regardless of the gasoline "shortage" and its negative impact on business and private lives.... the Pesos continues to strengthen, the stop rate to day is 19...damn I should have changed my $$ on Monday
  9. Right on.....hmmmm.....I am sure you are not as naive as you sound ...but living in Mexico...... well you should always be prepared to expect the unexpected , like fixing your car or fixing your heart
  10. Gringal with respect you (and I) are unique ...why are "people" making blanket statements as if what you ( or i have experienced), will carry over to them ???? Some folks are just accident prone...and I try to avoid them at airports!!!!! Also people observations of being treated in Mexico "by (World Class Surgeons etc) or Trained in Europe ........which is drives me crazy, .......which translates to went to a one month seminar/holiday......... and got my diploma
  11. Only trying to cursory compare other countries medical system with say Mexico is a waste of time...and I would suggest there only very very few members with European experience or background qualified to do so. Going on a vacation is not a real test. The commom observations from folks who have experienced treatments other than their home country.......the results have been Good, Bad or Ugly ...much like going to a restaurant that everyone recomend As previously stated you and your situtaion/condion is unique.....at anytime our happy clappy feelings can change.... and Mexico doesn't have a restitution system for settling ugly outcomes
  12. Suggesting that the majority of Us or Canadians retire for medical reason to Spain or Portugal is like sugesting they go to the moon. Neither the Medicare or Canadian health care extend coverage in these countries and you are faced with overcoming a foreign language and prohibitive private insurance costs Let me assure you, sadly there are folks living here who can bearly make ends met because of their low income and frankly would be eligible for assistance in their home countries More lighthearted options start a GOFUNDME, ..works for some folks
  13. lakeside7

    El Jardin D'Shanti

    This guy has used up more lives than 10 cats...I think he thinks he is a chef and if he moves "they" will come
  14. lakeside7

    Handicap spaces

    There you go...problem solved...now lets fix the llegal parking issues in the village
  15. lakeside7

    Gas Lines - Unavailability of fuels

    France i would suggest, thinks its a multi cultural society, sadly the the people involved hate each other, and the anarchist are taking advantage of tne discont