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  1. I just visited today to check the price for the Brunch...220pesos...seems to be a bit on the high side for me...so will give it a pass
  2. My read on the new NAFTA deal was in order to placate the US Labor Unions a certain % of the MX labor had to be paid $16/hr
  3. Ouch..he should have could have just kicked the can down the road? Thanks for the detail
  4. Why not park off site for long term parking or get friends to take a cab from the airport.....sounds like the Paris and Hong Kong disease is catching
  5. Now I realize why life time politicians simply keep kick the can (s) down the road..making serious changes can be harmful to maintaining your job
  6. My error Should have said The Silent Generation 1930-1945.
  7. I only paid 300pesos at Ajijic this week
  8. "Nothing"....If you were "shortening" the Peso it would mean a big loss
  9. Three more "Lost Generation" in this weeks Guadalajara Reporter obituaries page
  10. Amazing story, I guess you Trump my hand..but wait I did not say Mexicans were stealing electricity...but we all have stories to tell, a few years back a epidemic of stealing meters in Reberas....I guess some weird Gringo has a house full of "trophy 's"
  11. opps another well intended helper blasted out if the water..please.... do not apologies ...you have good intentions
  12. Yes I agree with your observation..BUT I would suggest that parking will be easier at Scallions Restaurant..Incidentally has the one by the Coca Cola plant closed??
  13. This month my time seems to have been preoccupied with attending Memorials or farewell parties for friends returning to both the US and Canada for health reasons. Sadly my circle of friends and acquaintance's is shrinking by the month and instead of inviting friends to the movies or other events the days are now visiting the various nursing homes in the area Interestingly at one of the farewell parties I inquired of a lady where was her husband......oh he died in November......sorry to hear that, I did not see his name in the obituaries ... we don't do that any more , we are concerned about letting others know we are alone in the house...really, how sad how very sad to think or perceive that there are such predators in this area I wonder how many other Lost Generation folks are experiencing the same situation
  14. Getting there is the issue..with all the road works going on in Chapala maybe shorter distance but will take longer and parking any where close to the locksmith in Chapala is a challenge
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