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  1. You really expect a credible answer from asking this forum..go to the source
  2. This particular committee seems to have taken on the role of being the Lakeside Development Gate Keepers looking for responsibility with out the authority to fix the problems
  3. Can you please explain the difference....it is a SP Hospital?? and location please... many times the emergency care patients are left on a gurney in the corridor
  4. How long ago are you talking about and how old is your friend? My friend in his 70s took the exam about 4 months ago
  5. A few months back a couple of Mexican ladies gave a presentation at Open Circle. As best I recall it was about starting a place in Guad..maybe others have a better memory
  6. Hmmm, I guess there could mean significant cuts in the work place!!! I wonder what the magic formula is for sorting out the bad apples?? I asked my Dra. about this, she said there is a lot of turmoil right now but that a lot of it was removing corrupt officials from Seguro Popular and IMSS.
  7. A clarification is in order...The 10K pesos was for obtaining Mexican citizenship and of course a MX passport
  8. Hmmm, My senior friend who recently obtained his MX citizenship said 10,000pesos and a good lawyer and little Spanish worked for him
  9. You make it sound like you can obtain one from WalMart..I guess in the stationary department!!
  10. I must admit to being one of those very impatient drivers, totally frustrated by the "week end" drivers regardless where they come from...Today I got behind one of those stinky very slow brick trucks..if anyone should be fined for emissions it's those guys. My pet peeve , the car in front doing 30, with 2 heads boobing as they chat, chat and chat. I believe the roads were made for going to A to B as fast as possible, not to be a moving parking lot. I also wish that Chapala still had parking meters and the new Chapala Transtrios not chosen for their girth but expertise in traffic control..they are a joke.
  11. I love going to this place. Very helpful staff, nicely laid out garden, reasonable selection of plants at reasonable prices..and lastly the best reason for me they open at 8am!!!. Coming from Ajijic, turn right on San Jose towards the lake..... at the traffic light just East of the Coca Cola Plant
  12. Expensive equipment not to be working 24 hours a day..I am sure it is a leased bit of equipment and needs to be earning its keep
  13. I was never a fan of Jay..went to a private function once where he promised to play..after he tried to play 2 song , quit "because I need a accompaniment "
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