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  1. Can we PLEASE PLEASE get back to the original topic...sometime I think many of the contributors are a bunch of kindergarten kids with little concentration skills and go wondering around like a bunch of sheep Maybe this self isolation is making peoples brain go addled
  2. But this too could be a "Market correction" before the next real result on the total effect the Corov-19 is having on the MX economy
  3. Alan do I understand you correctly that the 10% is "normal" for other parts of Mexico , Like Guad, Mx City, SLP , SMA...you amaze me. Given that Mexicans are "very difficult" real estate clients to deal with and will always bitch with any commission and prefer to deal directly with the seller..or I am wrong
  4. A good piece of news, the Peso is gaining strength
  5. What sort of liquidity do you think these municipalities have with no, or , delayed income..I guess they will default on their CFE bills and other suppliers
  6. Cedros not to get personal but some times you sound like a man who has dropped in from Mar's Let me ask to are you part of the water shortage problem...do you have a "low water maintenance garden" cacti and volcanic rock or regular grass and lots of flowers and tress etc??? Do you ever look across to Joco and the South side of the lake and see those 100's/1000's of acres of Berry farms...is the Strawberry and Raspberry a luxury of a necessity food that is consuming mill of liters of water Do you wonder where those huge Coke trucks are getting of their water from, I suspect quite a lot from Lake Chapala and that product only exacerbates the endemic diabetes problem in Mexico With very few exceptions, and maybe someone can tell me ...... no home gets 24 hour water supply. Many/most Lakeside wells are in a critical situation, pumping sand and mud many hours of their operation Mexico Period has a critical water problem which needs addressing on a National level not State by State , or City by City. Yes I know many of the regulations that are in place are ignored What Pete has said about potential homes buyers backing away is the real world Cedros. For my self I have told my agent to make a contract offering the selling agent an additional 2,000 usd as an incentive to get lookers to look at my house...and a completed contract....do you have an other suggestions what I can do ... To think that we may be going down the path of the last house crisis is something I am not looking forward to..I have enjoyed the best of times and the worst of times in Mexico.... and boy would I now like to get out on a high note
  7. I do not think you would add it as a special feature , there are 2 wells much like we have 2 lungs...do you think people list having barking dogs all day will help sell their property..or latent termites!!! Every let me repeat every property in Lakeside has warts, seen and unseen
  8. As we spend more and more time in isolation I would like to recognize our Hero........Lalo who delivers our water 3 times a week
  9. Maybe we could eliminate (or most)of the need for Topes if we had strictly enforced speed limits with speed cameras..or not? Can anyone identify an other country where the norm is like driving on a corrugated wash board??
  10. Interesting...so who does he think will come back into the market to buy, . 1. Mexicans with de valued Pesos now on the side lines. 2. North American's 401's decimated. 3. NOB home prices halted and or falling its a no brainier to realize that there will be plenty of sellers..Maybe you should change your agent???...Sadly I see the Lakeside market go into free fall as people hunker down until this disaster pass's
  11. Do not worry, Pers Abrador and or God will handle the situation
  12. I wonder if it is possible for the posters to stop the political posturing and stay on the subject in question..the situation is getting very serious here in Mexico, USA or Canada. Many of us are vulnerable and are getting tired of this ongoing blame game
  13. I expect the buses are being sanitized after each trip!!
  14. The two economic 's are different and how each country deals with the situation should be respected
  15. Sounds like the Mami spring break scene being played out at Lakeside
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