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  1. I think your age factor must also be taken into consideration and your ability to obtain private insurance,when your in your "golden" years like over 80 yrs old. I would recommend that you have an bilingual aide at all time For my experience with IMSS and or SP.It is similar to receiving care for indigent persons. If you qualify for private insurance and care,I have had a very positive experience. But please remember cost can mean different things/affordability for different people. It's not that long ago there were GOFUNDME for people having $5,000usd/ $40,000usd expenses. One of the reason a Lakeside person is returning to NOB where health care is covered, is that the person had hip surgery which cost 85,000 pesos and wiped out her savings
  2. A time to say goodbye to longtime resident Millicent Brandow, who with her late husband Bill came to Lakeside in 1985. One of the first people she met was Enid McDonald (A Canadian Flying Pioneer). Enid introduced Millie and Bill to the Lakeside “entertainment circle” and Millicent, an accomplished Soprano singer was in her element. She and Mac Morrison and other friends performed many shows for charity/fund raisers etc. In addition Millicent was the Choir Director at St Andrew’s Church, Riberas, which she and husband Bill were founder members. It was whilst she was Choir Director that Millicent began the new singing group Los Cantantes . Sadly about 5 years ago Millicent was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. She is now legal blind and her family have decided to expatriate her back to Canada where she can receive additional care and attention. If you wish to share any memories with her before she leaves on the 20th November please call her at Happiness Nursing Home, 766-3594
  3. JJ , a long time resident at Lakeside died a couple of weeks ago A Service of Remembrance and Celebration for her Life will be held Saturday Nov 23rd at 11am, at St Andrew's Anglican Church , San Lucas #19 Riberas del Pilar tel 375-3926
  4. Do you really think these topes (small) have any slowing effect on the very large trucks..regular car's maybe..not sure what the best solution is.
  5. Happy, please do not insult my intelligence or your ignorance by comparing shopping at Soriana and and buy "art" in Mexico. Regardless , the value of the item is what someone wishes to pay for it
  6. That number doesn't seem to work...we are looking for Turkey Breast...any recommendation's, tried Walmart and Tony's OK The Number works and they do have TB'S thanks for your help
  7. Can any one help with the telephone number for PP..I have searched Mr G and no luck. Thanks
  8. We made our first ever visit to this years show. Very impressive range of art etc..but I am some what disappointed that you are expected to pay the asking price, and not haggle as is "normal" in Mexico. If you read the various articles written by the promoters Maestros del Arte ,...... in order to preserve the folk art..... pay what the artisan is asking. For me I thought many of the pieces are way over priced. So I left with just the rubber stamp on my wrist and 80 pesos less in my pocket as a memory to this years exhibition. Lastly there should be more room between exhibits and space for customers to comfortably walk around.
  9. I guess the "Focus on Mexico" tour group does not include that Mexican mannerisms in their package of information😅😅
  10. Is it whining to mention that "double" parking in front of Banemex does seems to hinder the flow of traffic(Like coming to a complete stop).......or because we are in Mexico..Just suck it up!!!
  11. Maybe it is the general lack of communication between the public (us) and the municipality ( them ) that leads to the misunderstanding and frustrations. Certainly better traffic control in the Chapala section would help the traffic flow and the safety of the workers tearing up the road and laying the new pipes etc
  12. This lunch time a angry Gringo was shouting and waving his arms around like crazy at the Central American Refugees/Asylum seekers begging for money at the Topes at La Canisita ...and suggesting they go and find work!!!. What is also interesting they are at the Topes in Chapala adjacent to the Immigration office ..so I guess they must have some kind of papers that allows them to stay.
  13. Have not been for some time and surprised to see so many dogs on the site. It is a bit off putting when the waiters hug and pet them and then come along with your food. Yves was around but seems to be spending more time with the Animal Menagerie than with his customers. This experience pushes this restaurant down my list
  14. My thanks to Henry L and others who shared info. Let's continue to work in a positive manner and watch out for our neighbors
  15. Thank you for your observation I am sure the other readers are appreciative of you vigilance. No I did not go I was only the messenger......... and as is the norm the messenger gets crucified.
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