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  1. The vaccines better get here fast, this Monday evening at 6ish there were lots of "visitors" in town.... a couple asked me where they could find a good resturant......and we were standing out side The Beer Garden!! the other couple of restaurants along side were also open but not many customers.
  2. Sadly this latest "decree"" seems not only to confuse "us" but the local business as well..If Actinver or a restaurant refuses me latter this week I can say/quote
  3. Oh dear me , Is it only me that is now getting confused. We have so many helpful posters, but you are posting different observations/interpretations ...who is the expert to trust??
  4. Went to the Scandinavia bakery at 9am and a table of 8/10 seniors were having a coffee Later went to Actinver, a bit more formal ..an Account representative and notice to say that they will be following the Gov directives ref over 60s?I was able to obtain money..but not sure when they will enforce the new rules
  5. I bet you will find they are made in China, how ironic
  6. Wow you really go to Adelitas and return to the CH on a golf cart!,
  7. A couple of hours ago I had to go to Chapala Simalies for meds.....Wow the town is full of visitors (?) plus two tourist buses..no place to park....and many of these people were looking "over 60" the favorite restaurants at the east end of the malacon had people lining up...So go figure , how are the locals going to beat the Pandemic with hordes of visitors coming into town??
  8. Call it what you will, both have very grey areas.Why even consider the pits falls and ensuing problems and issues. If the deal seems to good to be true.. There have been issues in San Juan Cosala about.Ejido/Communal land. The person in question thought he was dealing with "The Official" committee only to find latter, another Representative pop's up out of the wood work to say He and his family are the Official Reprentatives...its a can of worms...but maybe you like adventure. Believe me when I say that not all Mexicans in the Pueblos are angels and will just as easy screw their nei
  9. I am not sure about the 85% number BUT....Assuming you have not been in hibernation for 18 months....and you read the USA papers or watched the news etc,........ it does not seem that long ago how the various States were crying out for ventilators......... only to find that sadly many of the patients were actually dying from the intervention procedure and many doctors were feeling tremendous guilt that the ventilator was not going to be the magic pill. Sorry I do not have any certified numbers , but I bet there are thousands of ventilators now stored in warehouses and many doctors feeli
  10. Well what could be more reliable and credible than that statement....denied someone
  11. Giving prior warning of your intentions is likely to start certain member's of this forum getting epileptic. Please spare us these outbreaks, tell us after the event
  12. It is one thing to make requests/regulations etc, but who is expected to regulate/ implement them?. If it's up to the establishment, then from current experience we can expect a wide range of expectations
  13. I guess no body knows the correct answer so we get to ask the question again!
  14. I did go and get the tank filled (200pesos), about 10am, but I did not ask them what time they closed today Statuary.
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