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  1. lakeside7

    Lakeside Stream TV

    Where there is a need/want Mexican ingenuity will prevail over a minor legal issue...
  2. lakeside7

    Auto/electrical work...

    I mentioned that subject/person a few days ago...Jaime has relocated to Chapala....on Cristina opposite the IMSS clinic...better parking etc ... cel# 3331375977
  3. lakeside7

    Cost of Real Estate

    Please please, Too much excitement will cause heart failure for a significant number of Ajijic residents
  4. lakeside7

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    Beginning to sound like listening to NOB politicians...ja ja ja but no resolution or solving the problem or issue...and the broken record goes on, and on and o n, a n d o n
  5. lakeside7

    Cost of Real Estate

    Not sure how you can realistically compare SMA with Ajijic...size is different, architecture different etc,etc
  6. lakeside7

    Physio Therapy Services

    Yes but your taxes are so much higher, there is no free lunch or health care etc...and as more illegals arrive in Europe and present them selves for assistance etc , health care, schools and unemployment benefits, the system can not sustain its self.... here we pay as you go..or user pay pay services...Why do you think the Mexican authorities are helping, fast tracking the refugees from Central America to the USA?
  7. lakeside7

    Physio Therapy Services

    But we are not in Europe and suffering its thousands of regulations
  8. lakeside7

    Chapala Monday Tianguis after Independence Day

    Your making it sound very complicated. The short answer is regardless the dates etc these vendors need to make a living 7/52 ...we are the folks on holiday and "they" hope "we" will flock in greater numbers to buy baby, buy
  9. lakeside7

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    CG they have been at that location on and off for month's. They mostly stop traffic going East but today were working East and West traffic CG are you really suggestion FBMM is illegaly on the job. When I passed there were at lest 6 "officers" including 2 women and a supervisor with silver trim on his hat..but more intimidating a flat bed tow truck parked....so go ahead and pull their bluff , but donot come to us for a GO FUND ME to get your car from the pound
  10. lakeside7

    Recommended RV parking?

    Seriously with all the health problems your wife has, I am not sure if Lakeside will be the best place to locate. The altitude is not conducive to people with breathing problems. The sidewalks are difficult for wheelchair users, as indeed regular folks have difficulty in not falling. These issues are never discussed when the film and documentary teams roll in to town
  11. lakeside7

    Cafe Montana, Chula Vista

    Dogs and smoking..wow just like old times....BUT they do have reasonable priced no nonsense food ...not exactly where you would take your girlfriend out for a romantic meal.... BUT it does have a unique atmosphere...and the Ladies Aux work darn hard to bring you those "Specials"
  12. lakeside7

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    It seems that most times I am going into Chapala the traffic is backed up starting by the large wall mural..then before that the road is surface is collapsing and soon will be just mud..just like the olden days...welcome to paradise
  13. Watch out for the streets in Ajijic ..similar situation
  14. lakeside7

    need tech help!

    Then I guess we will start you in class 101...seriously I think the LCS has a help class on thursdays..check out their newsletter
  15. COMMUNICATED TO THE PEOPLE OF AJIJIC ON THE GROUND OF SUSPENSION IN GARBAGE COLLECTION: For reasons beyond the Ajijic Delegation, there have been problems in the last few days in the Garbage Collection Service in this town, as well as in the municipality. Being SUSPENDED until further notice. Today, Saturday, September 15, we will carry out with the intention of contributing to the solution of the problem, the collection in an unofficial vehicle made available by a citizen. Priority will be given to the downtown area and tour of the Parade in relation to the National Holidays to be held this weekend. We know the inconvenience that this causes to the community, but committed to our task and in an effort to join all for the benefit of our people WE ASK the citizens of their cooperation with the following actions: BRING your garbage to the streets of ConstituciĆ³n, Ocampo and Hidalgo today, Saturday, September 15, as well as not to REMOVE it tomorrow, September 16th. Thankful for your attention and cooperation we reiterate to order. Ajijic we do it All! It seems non payment to The Dump prevents the City from unloading garbage.....