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  1. Thank you. So water is "owned " by the golf club , who many years back had significant arrears in payments, and a resident named Prince?? met his demise when he tried to resolve the issues
  2. So who provides the water for the fracc, city, golf club or do they have their own well??
  3. I have never understood the relationship between the the fracc and the golf club, are they seperate entities?. Many years ago there were " problems " at the club about water payments. Question who owns / supplies the fracc water???
  4. Firstly I would make a note of that person's name and address so that you can go back to him and kick him in the b*Los when you are refused reentry
  5. A good recommendation for any fracc that you maybe considering
  6. My 2 cents, You have a water trap some place in the system that is dried out and allowing sewer gasses to feed back into the system Many of the pipes are installed without a water trap and only rely on a pipe being sealed with silicon. Example my laundry overflow flexible pipe goes into a pipe with no trap !!!
  7. Looks like some sort of a bun not what i would call a tostada!
  8. Some times I am reminded that not all the folks at Lakeside are enjoying the "Paradise" that is the attraction for many ex pats,...... a low cost of living etc. One of these occasions came to mind this week when I came upon a Peon "breaking boulders/rocks" for a house construction. I thought this construction practice died out years ago but apparently not, welcome to Mexico in the Middle ages. I immediately had a flash back to 50 years ago when driving on the highway to Atlanta I came across a real live Chain Gang "breaking rocks" under the supervision of 2 very big sheriff and intimidating deputies ,shotguns and dark sun glasses, just like the movies. But I digress. I guess my question is how and when will the real standard of living will improve for poor Mexicans. Why does this job even exist in this day and age. Would it help if this Gringo instructed his contractor to order rocks already broken to size. But would this mean the Peon then has no work? What do we as ex pats contribute to maintaining "slave" wages, as we "boast" the cheapness of having a Maid and Gardner etc. Is it time for Mexico to enact a "Living Wage"
  9. Did he live in or visit Mexico/Lakeside, is that the connection?
  10. What is the minimum amount cash required to buy into these funds??
  11. With respect Pres Trump did not make the Peso weaker, with the uncertainty in the MX market and its decision to lower it's bank rate, investment in MX is less attractive
  12. Bank rates, Bank rates 🤔..where would you park your spare cash, everyone is a basket case, so you choose the lesser of the know evils..? For me the green back
  13. Hmmm, sounds like that is defeating the the objective of the project and increasing the time to re sort...or not
  14. The real estate company's have seperate departments for selling and rentals. Some companies have very good and lucrative rental departments
  15. lakeside7


    Would be interesting to know where is Mels?
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