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  1. I guess the same applies to folks who live in towns,and do not pay their city taxes
  2. Whilst I have sympathy for your (mothers) situation and the delay in full operation ,unless we see the contract you signed , (and read the small print) could be they are not "all" to blame Many months back when I spoke to a couple of reps at LCS they were very vague on details
  3. Maybe we should now start "who has most leaks in their roof"
  4. I wonder if this situation falls under the natural customs of the country we have the benefits of living in.............. much like the noise maker's..so just suck it up and be thankful of the privilege of living in "paradise".
  5. I am happy to see that cruise ships are sailing with 100% crew vaccination and passengers 95% vaccination. This situation is must better than normal daily living conditions...so will we be safer on board ship?
  6. From a person who sometimes feels run down..no it's not dying😣😣😣
  7. If US folks are in "dire" financial difficulties would they not qualifyfor the low rent Section 8 housing assistance and other "benefits " back home. Now I agree the climate maybe not up to their liking but....I guess the CAD government also has similarlans, or not?
  8. A similar situation with trying to get a US driver's license and not have to take a test, there is no reciprocal privileges having a MX drivers license
  9. I wonder if "Circle's would help For my 2 cents I don't think "Mexicans " are considerate because the majority do not learn from "the book" or school, we all know the test is a joke
  10. Do they give them away in a packet of Cornflakes..How much are they???
  11. RV when did you last travel in MX? Things change by the day/hour
  12. Who are we talking about, Mosise or the winner?
  13. In this weeks Guadalajara Reporter there are 3 Obituaries. I would like to acknowledge the passing of Ralph Courtney . Both he and his wife worked tirelessly for the community by giving of their time, talents and cash in the following manner. I first met Ralph and his wife Pat when they were members of St Andrews Church and Ralph besides being i/c of the church maintance, both were very involved in organizing the clothes sales section of the annual Regalorama Bazaar. That section of the event was by far the top money raiser due to their organizational skills. The event was thought up by
  14. In my experience Volaris has the most screwed up web page than any other airline, go figure
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