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  1. Seriously is it that such a ball breaker, having to stay at home for one season..given the possible alternative danger???
  2. Some of these companies/guys are just like the mustard crooks just trolling around looking for victims..I only use Z gas who respond very promptly
  3. If "things" were "normal" then sure its a no brainer to seek warmer climes...BUT things are far from normal, including being inthe High Risk age bracket Most responsible people will have to weight the pros and cons....it would seem that giving up ONE season and staying SAFE (or getting better treatment) if you did get sick in Canada..is for you to stay at home
  4. As you say the devil is in the details Also I thought Canadian s had to be careful about being out of the country and still retaining your med coverage
  5. Yes it is amazing......... in a certain time of life our priorties changes...stairs and steps become a challange and the cobble stones !!!! also the altitude is an other problem.....
  6. We visited this recently opened facility in Chapala and it seems to be a good place for one looking for independent or some assited living. They have an open house this week end..Great coffee and chocolate cookies!! https://vida-bella-assisted-living-facility.business.site/
  7. Frankly the older one gets, jumping over more hurdles becomces a challlange, this pandemic only adds to the other "hurdles" like health insurance, isolation requirements..I am not sure what older Canadans alternatives are for escaping their winters???...maybe if they are rading this forum they can share what are their alternatives...Mexico cannot be the only winter escape..can it??
  8. Carrol, out of interest I went to the US Consulate web page and followed the directions for Emergency Travel....as I followed the instructions it does seem to allow you to make an appointment ans requirements etc.....I stoped when asked to start filling in my details, name etc...please give it an other try as I am sure they are avilable for issuing emergency travel passports
  9. If it helps I can re phase the question to include airport departures......✈️🛤️🛤️
  10. Hensley just think if you had $10usd and requested say Pesos or CAD, the amount of "foreign" money you would receive a number greater than "10" Why are you saying ...I owe them XXXXX mexican pesos, Then you say I owe them XXXXX CAD???? Do you owe them Pesos or CAD? Regardless..... remember if this money is say coming out of say your Intercam account, then the ex rate will be different from checking the web page of say XE, that rate is usely the best rate for interchange between banks. If say your money is coming from a Bank of America account that could/will be dif
  11. Here we go again, down an other street with no relational to dear Rosie and the original question.....
  12. J&J trials include 60,000 participating patients and that is a normal expectation for a test of this magnitude..just imagine the complexity of these tests..No wonder there are huge costs associated with launching a new pill/vaccine etc...you have to have deep pockets to be in this game and trust
  13. Thanks for sharing..so much for having affordable pay as you go facilities in Mexico...Does IMSS or SP have charges if you are enrolled???
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