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  1. I guess the deal is already done and the notification process is to make you/us feel we a input
  2. The entrance gate at the office has posted the day fees check it out
  3. If your daughter is considering continuing her education then then logically location is to stay in Guadalajara, all the University are there With out knowing more of your background..I am assuming you or your husband are employed in Guadalajara..your pool of friends must be huge compared with what is available at Lakeside also tne opportunity to met people of similar economic background etc and stuff to do in Guad...with respect your family would find Lakeside a cultural desert compared to Guad
  4. Well I guess you got to hear the good the bad and the ugly ...have you been able to come to a decision???
  5. So why don't you share with us photos what you thought you we're going to be getting and what you received. Sorry your Easter expectations have been dashed
  6. Yes the pool is available to non residents, pay the daily fee of 100pesos? During the water aerobic exercise days , regular swimming time is 10am to 8pm, other days open at 9am For many regular swimers the water is too hot on the aerobic exercise days of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  7. I was under the impression dialysis equipment was every expensive.... and therefore I am very surprised by your observation of many
  8. I would think that you can find cut ones in the flower stores in SJC
  9. Who said Jesus was a man?
  10. If only that advise would work for our Politicians....ops sorry here I go off the subject matter🙄😀
  11. Did you travel by your self or with a tour group? sound's like something I would like to do
  12. With respect that is a very irresponsible statement..and sadly if you're in the middle of having a heart attack you do not have time to read books
  13. We very much enjoyed our lunch to day the La Vita Bella.......... the ambiance, views etc makes the location great place to celebrate. BUT....... I continue to be amazed at the total lack of respect of the Male companion/partners....they come in looking like they have just finished gardening... Why Why do the female partners go out with some person who has not made the effort to change his shirt or get rid of that gruby baseball cap, which he does not bother to remove during the meal. Whilst the customers were mostly Mexicans......, this mode of dress is equally found amongst the Gringo crowd. Perhaps the ladies can answer the question..When you have made a big effort to look glamorous ....why do you go out with your partner looking so untidy?...I hope he is potty trained
  14. Should you have a claim I guess they would check the actual date you left the US
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