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  1. lakeside7

    Pie maker in Joco

    I need conact info for the person who is making pies in Joco who uses Facebook and comes into Ajijic to sell
  2. Pete, this seems a odd statement. Because this is a legal repeater station, the signal is very very weak, I would have thought if it was legal it would have a strong signal??
  3. Did you have numerous appliances on at the same tim? Like toaster, microwave, electric kettle etc etc
  4. lakeside7

    Cold Coming

    Colima will have have a coverage and can be seen from Lakeside
  5. lakeside7

    ashes of life

    I guess if anyone has a personal experience they are not here to report
  6. lakeside7

    IMSS problem - late payment

    I guess you take the cup for this months "speculation " award...now lets await the true
  7. If that what it takes to obtain funding for improved East West highway, works fine for me...the alternative is to gut the illegal encroachment of the existing business on the carettra!!!
  8. You maybe experiening a"brown" out which effects part of the house ...you can run an extension cord to the fridge
  9. A few weeks/months ago there was a discussion on inexpensive "champagne ", I think it was available in the store next to Superlake I have tried to research to subjuct but it never works for me!!!
  10. lakeside7

    What recourse if you're cheated?

    I can empathise with your observations , given that Mexico is way down on the place to do business etc. and my many experiences. Perhaps what is more amazing, people looking to relocate at Lakeside are checking other "features" (Internet speed etc etc.) without consideration to corruption...then grumble about being stopped by the Transtrios or not filling pot holes. Even if you are building a house, it is fraught with challenges . I Am experiencing a situation of a Peon stealing equipment from the job and the chance of a favorable resolution is zero. We latter learned the guy is part of a gang who rob homes to obtain money for drugs. And if you don't think drug's are a problem in this area , you are dreaming. If you are a total inactive person and wanting to just chug along then Mexico is OK, just don't peak above the sheets. I am not interested in hearing it from the "other's" who have never had a problem...fine..... but please absence of evidence is not evidence of absence https://www.business-anti-corruption.com/country-profiles/mexico/
  11. lakeside7

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    A new twist in the Abbeyfield saga....now that all the past residents have left...I hear that the place will not be sold but all the rooms converted into self contained apartments for rental by the day/week/season etc...so were the previous residents mislead when asked to vacate???
  12. lakeside7

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    You got me thinking RV and I have dug out some info from retirement places in the Carolina's....prices for 1 bed 1 person, $945 with similar services as Moon's the facility is https://www.whiteoakindependentliving.com/contact/. Whilst some of the Carolinas can Hot Hot in the summer there are many delightful places/areas to live. The problem...last summer when I last checked they had a 4 year waiting list !!! Do you have a contact in AZ that I can check with..Thanks
  13. Not a good time for Mexican head of household as they are working until 6-7pm
  14. Question...is there a "fixed" charge by any of the airlines for wheelchair service, or is it normally a complimentary service. And are the Guad porters really dependant on "tips"?
  15. lakeside7

    Television options

    That price for someone on a basic pension is expensive..I did nor realize that Shaw with all the bells and whistles cost that much...Thanks for sharing info