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  1. I think they open at 8.30..yes reliable but no tinsel or glitter ambiance
  2. Are all to assume this is a question about SS from the USA ...or Canadian SS
  3. lakeside7

    New restaurant

    Many many moons ago this was THE place for a meal and dancing...those dancing folks told me it had the best floor in the area...how many lite of foot are around to tell the tail???
  4. But can you use a CC for the complete transaction with Viajes?
  5. I can't recall, but there is something that Viajes does want that is different to online booking...maybe cash and not CC for part or whole of the fare?
  6. Sadly I think the "color" and "tone" of the subject matter started the rot...... The information is provided by any Government for the guidance of it's subject's..take or leave it and please do not be judgmental for their reasons ..... Joy the time we have together
  7. Thks for the suggestion of getting the app... Volaris must have the worst and most challenging web site of all the airlines...Most times I finish up calling and making the reservation, with an extra charge of approx$5usd...01 55 1102 8000 or 1 855 865 2747........ and each I tell the person to notify his super that the web site is horrible...but so far nothing has changed!!!!
  8. Has anyone used a local or service in Guadalajara ...show the consultant your kitchen plan and they would come up with computer generated proposals for ready made cabinets and appliances etc . Whilst I like the idea of having a local carpenter make new ones the time frame and cost is problematic
  9. I think this is already an existing place which has a few homes built , just past Los Sabinos.??? been around for a while...... or not
  10. I have just finished watching the UTube ...firstly I could not understand the characters humor....as if they were visiting a Zoo....... I must be sleeping under a rock because I never realized the "excessive" Penthouse Entertaining that goes on and on and on...I wonder if these are the same invitees who had a GOFUNDME to met their medical expenses Why was Chapala left off , Chat to the folks who support the American Legion.... and I think the TV audience would have heard and seen a more balanced picture of Lakeside expats....or not??? Seriously the people here who vilify what is going on NOB (politically wise) and think they have escaped a unbalanced life style...Think again....For me this show has been an eye opener.... and shows the vast divide within the foreign community of the have's and the have not's.......
  11. Seriously Pete you are enjoying the best of both world, you come and go with regularity,,,,,something the majority of "us" can not afford
  12. I guess the person who killed the Canadian recently along the libremento forgot to check his passport
  13. lakeside7

    New restaurant

    So has the Real Estate Office closed?
  14. lakeside7

    New restaurant

    Is this location the same placed that housed a real estate office??
  15. Ferret with respect 2016 is a newbie to Rebaris..there have been a couple of survey's done and iam sure CG can verify the time frame..where were you when Reberas was Fracc??
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