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  1. I am intrigued by your observation that "properties are over priced. Do you have some measure. place etc that you are comparing them to?
  2. A couple of American friends, one in Ajijic and the other in Chapala who are looking for a maid asked me what is the going rate. Their previous maids were getting 80 pesos and hour and one left because she said she needed more money. I have never understood the difference between what maids are paid and general workmen. For example I have a regular group of guys that do work on some of my home and their wages are 600 pesos per day for the Jeffe and 560 and 350 per day for his helpers I am getting the feeling that because the US$ ex change rate has gotten stronger that maids in particular think their wages should also be increased. Do you think that 500/550 pesos a day is reasonable for a maid?..Can you please share your experiences I
  3. Do share the cost..last time are had shots, 4//5 years ago for knee and ankle it was 1,200 pesos a time
  4. The kiosk outside, just punch in your number and your balance is shown. Insert cash as close to the amount required as change is limited
  5. This is beginning to sound like Facebook and Twitter..facts or fiction
  6. I have just finished watching The Irishman on tv. The story about Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters...The police are still looking for Jimmy's body!
  7. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/10-police-from-colima-disappear-during-jalisco-assignment/
  8. I am waiting for one mailed on the 15th May
  9. Does the barometric pressure change/drop when we get this rain..I am feeling I have more energy etc
  10. If you really believe that you better empty your bank account and run now..better still, sprint..those folks in Venezuela are really suffering
  11. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and plans ...Pete you are one of the 1% who are able to have the flexibility you have....and also have freely shared your time and talents with those others at Lakeside....but as age creeps up upon us we begin to have different priorities...what ever you decide Stay Well my friend
  12. With respect many "trivial things" can turn in to "big issues" as we age regardless if we are in our home country or in a foreign one..and as many continue to report the issue of health care etc is the # 1 reason for folks going back. Frankly even when we have 100% of our facilities Mexico is not I repeat not the easiest place for a tranquil living style..maybe for you but not the majority of folks.
  13. Interestingly Churches in Mexico are now being requested by the government to become AR in order to be recognised as a charitable organisation
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