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    China Inn

    Have taken several groups there for lunch and they can serve 10 folks efficiently and deliciously. It's even better if you let them know you're bringing a group.
  2. I'm interested in more info about the ultra lite aircraft. Please PM me if you have phone or e mail contact info.
  3. I can think of 4 people who have sciatica right now and have had it for months. They have tried exercises, acupuncture, chiropractors, massage, Naprocxin and other NSAIDs and 'herbal teas'.......each had limited relief with one or more of these fixes. Some have even gone to surgeons and had MRI's etc. Some of them have gotten relief some are still hobbling around grabbing their sore muscles in thigh and butt.....Just keep asking folks for what helps them...maybe you'll find something. The sooner the better. I know what you're experiencing, had it a couple of times through the years.
  4. The Grain store being discussed 'El Granero' is not a restaurant, but it is next to a restaurant. Bugs are OK..... chase them out. Freeze the product or heat it up in the oven or put it out in the sun. The bugs will run away.
  5. I got my phone book from a man on the street who was delivering them here in Joco. He just gave it to me. Our name is in it even tho we have only had this phone for 2 years. Kathi
  6. I've visited him and can recommend him. He's also good with animals. Kathi
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