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  1. Does anyone know how much laser eye surgery costs in Jalisco? Dr. Rios suggested it and I've been thinking about it instead of reordering contacts every year.
  2. I'm so sorry for being away. Club Ukulele del Laguna meets on Monday afternoons from 2-4 at Maria Isabel (Old Posada) at the end of Colon at the malecon in Ajijic. We have beginner workshops the 2nd - 4th Mondays from 1-1:45. On the 1st Monday of each month is Jam Day, where we all bring our entire Song Book and just play and a good time for newcomers to get acquainted. Our FB page is https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClubUkuleleLaguna/ and our WEB page is http://lakesideukulele2014.wix.com/clubukuleledelaguna We're the CUL Kids! (CUL pronounced "cool") We even have our own "anthem" We have gro
  3. The 2014 LCS directory lists them on Hidalgo #122, Riberas del Pilar. Same phone number.
  4. I don't lead the group, but we just added another newbie. I'm sure we'd love to have you join us at times. We meet Monday afternoons at 2-4. I'll send you a PM with contact information.
  5. Stan, There is a small group of ukulele interest in Ajijic, at Lake Chapala. We play (practice) weekly and we've been playing and learning together since January. I play a tenor and Sheila plays a concert. We have another friend, Lee, who's been playing longer, but is only a snowbird. There is also a Hawaiian living lakeside, Hal, who was instrumental in getting us started playing the ukulele. He plays locally at restaurants and other venues periodically. We'd love to meet you. Would like to get your email so we can get in touch. Kay & Sheila
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