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  1. Yes! These are the kind of posts that make this forum an indispensable and valuable resource! Makes it worth putting up with the worthless babble of a few bored retired folks. More of this please and thank you!
  2. Bisbee Gal, thank you for this! Had no idea all this was required being that we have not traveled since the start of Covid. The community has been most helpful as always! Thank you all!
  3. That makes total sense, thank you again Mostlylost!
  4. johanson, aren't you Seattle based in the US or am I thinking of rvgringo? That would make Alaska the airline of choice most likely? Like us, we live in Port Townsend when in US and the best airline for us is Alaska.
  5. Thank you johanson and Mostlylost (sure can relate to your handle!). So they should be screening this at the airport before getting on the plane? I assumed they'd screen on landing in the US but I guess that doesn't make sense. Imagine the throngs of arriving Covid infected people already on the ground in the US. What to do with them? Makes more sense not to allow them on the plane in the first place. Thank you both!
  6. In case I missed this discussion here already, anyone know where we can go to be Covid tested before bordering plane to US? I know they require a negative result for entry into the US. Just don't know where it is offered on demand Lakeside? Thank you all! pm
  7. I can't say with absolute certainty but I doubt it. How do you enforce a US document in Mexico? A Mexican Will might be better suited?
  8. Most certainly, like they do here in Joco. Un-helmeted mom and dad with 2 little ones wedged between them blasting down the streets "a toda maquina"! Crazy! A few months ago the owner of the best tacos in Joco crashed his bike which split him in half. He lay on the street with spilt viscera waiting for over an hour for the "bomberos" to arrive. First person on the scene and who called the bomberos said he was conscious and talking for quite some time but finally bled out. Talk about terrible! I can't figure out why the bomberos took theirs sweet time! There are 2 or 3 ambulances parked at the clinic that they never seem to want to use. And they appear to be in good functioning condition. Guess they don't want to get them dirty? I hear the Cruz Roja in Chapala is top not notch though. Just don't have an accident in Joco I guess the is lesson here. Life doesn't seem to have too much value here sometimes. One of the drawbacks of living here.
  9. Things must have changed. Just a few years ago, I came in to get cash and the machine was out. I went into the bank and told them and one of the tellers went in and filled it while I waited, from inside the bank. Maybe 3 years ago. This must have been changed for security reasons? Never had any problems withdrawing $20,000p at a time. Sorry my post does not help with the question.
  10. If you haven't figured that out yet, you should go back to where you came from. Key word is "RESPECT".
  11. Bravo Brian for pointing that out! As annoying as they can be to us gringos let's not forget to respect the traditions of our guest country.
  12. Frankly, I don't understand the reported behavior. I've never seen it in 15 years. He has never failed us. But then we love him and feed him every time we've needed his services!
  13. I've been using Arturo for over 15 years. Never disappointed, always on time and usually early. In my opinion, the only plumber Lakeside after going through a half dozen so called "plomeros". Never been a no show. Wonder if he might not be put off by pushy, rude Gringos?
  14. That's awesome CHILLIN! I figured you come from good, solid stock!
  15. Interesting how the big hotels try to prevent pubic access to the beaches. This is the case in Ixtapa near Zihuatanejo. Along the entire strip of hotels, there is no way to access the beach in the areas between hotels. All blocked by walls. Only access is to enter the hotels to walk through their reception area and out to the beach. Of course this access is only reserved for the guest of the hotels. We have to drive all the way to the last hotel on the strip to get around it and onto the beach. Though once on the beach, no one has ever tried to run us off. They just make it as inconvenient as possible requiring a lot of walking as well. This is not the case in Zihuatanejo though. The small, privately owned hotels along the beaches all have pathways between each property where the public can access the beach. Seems to be the habit of the mega corporation chain hotels only (greedy, selfish bastards).
  16. I too differ in opinion politically with MC/M#2 but he is a wealth of information and has been right about a lot of issues on this board. He also has allowed me a wide berth in my often, off topic rants which have very strong and obvious political leanings. He's treated me fairly here and for this fact alone, I respect him and value his input.
  17. Our experience has been, at least in Joco, that there is NO WAY nor IMSS office in Jocotepec where you can make the payment. For the last 8 years we have been directed to the IMSS office in Guad that is near the Central Viejo to make our payments. Usually full of people with no way to maintain social distancing. I assume it is the same for Chapala, though it might be another office in Guad to pay for Chapala IMSS? Spencer has a branch office in Guad and I imagine he'd have his people there make the payment. By the way, thank you for the offer Spencer. Had I known you offered this service, I wouldn't have set this up with our daughter. We are looking at some other options for now. We did find out that the payment offices are OPEN at present but we're told to call again to make sure by May. Thank you again ibarra and artsnob for the contacts. We were able to confirm as a result of the info you provided. This is still a valuable forum with concerned and helpful individuals despite the blow hards that just want to hear their own voices.
  18. Very true. Henry Ford established the 8hr at $5 work day, 5 day work week which doubled his employee's wages. These were unheard of wages in a time that the average ethnic union labor jobs paid around .20 cents per hour. Most were lucky to get $1 per day if that. This $5 per day wage is equivalent to approx. $160 per day today. Who at Walmart makes $160 per 8hr day? No comparison can be made between Walmart and Henry Ford. Of course Ford was also a bit of a control freak with his employees. They had to jump through a variety of hoops to make that wage including forcing everyone to live a certain lifestyle and to learn English. But then I guess the later wasn't that bad of an idea either..........
  19. Will do! Thank you so much Art! Wish there were more people like you on this board!
  20. No we are not coming. And do not need any lectures on how to behave here. All I asked for was for some information specific to the IMSS payment process at this time. Our daughter has power of attorney to pay for us and we don't want to risk her health either traipsing around Guad unnecessarily to find out. So again I ask, anyone that might have USEFUL information to please chime in. Thanks again! pm
  21. Hello Everyone! Hope all the folks here are healthy and safe! I've been gone from this web board for sometime and out of the loop. Been stateside here in Washington since January of this year self-isolating. Our IMSS Seguro in Jocotepec is due in May and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the IMSS office near the Central Viejo in Guad where we go to pay our yearly IMSS premium is open to the public or will be open in May for us to make a payment? If not, how do we make our payments? Thank you for whatever information you can provide. pedro malo
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