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  1. What could be more "democratic" than standing down the country's military armed forces and replacing them with a National Guard composed of "civilian" police agency members to combat a "civilian" criminal organization. It's this what our Constitution protects us against? The use of the military against our civilian population? Sounds like AMLO is moving in a less "dictatorial" direction instead of what Alan is suggesting. It's obvious that Alan has a hard on for AMLO so I doubt he will agree with any of his policies or attempts at making real, positive changes in Mexico. Do you think we should just go back to another 80 years of corrupt PRI control? Lets give AMLO a chance before berating his every move. Time will tell.
  2. This was the sense I got, specifically from the responses to my prodding and having had lots of personal experience with mentally ill family members, you learn to recognize certain traits in their thought processes. That's when my annoyance changed to empathy. They are not completely in control of things and our reactions need to be adjusted accordingly. It can be difficult since the behavior can be so outrageous and offensive at times. I felt bad for taunting him at that point, once I realized this and decided to disengage. When he comes back, I will no longer "react" and just try to send him good energy. They suffer enough on their own. Of course, this could be a complete projection on my part. I'll leave it at that and finish on this topic. pm
  3. That could very well be the case but would then suggest being pretty mean spirited in a lot of his posts. But then, who hasn't been guilty of that on occasion?
  4. LOL! I found his post somewhat annoying and incoherent and when I "proded" him, his responses seem rather "telling" which evoked some compassion in me. I got the sense that he's a "troubled" soul and decided to no longer engage him here. I wish him the best in life.
  5. I'm reluctant to bring this up especially if the memory of brings anguish and distress to anyone on this board but my curiosity is killing me! What's happened to "jonnyintrouble"? He seems to have fallen off the radar here? Did he get 86'd from this board? I apologize for asking ahead of time! pm
  6. Good! Now how about Peña Nieto, Calderon, Salinas, etc., etc. to follow who are the real criminals.
  7. Keep in mind that those poor bastards stealing the gas are mostly selling it to narcos at a reduced black-market price to enable them to continue transporting their "wares" throughout the country, killing and mameing while the rest of the population is suffering in long gas lines. I don't have much sympathy for them except for the "taco vendors and nursing mothers" that may have become part of the fry. Anyone participating, aiding the narcos, especially people in positions of authority (Peña Nieto) need to meet their well deserved final fate. God Bless AMLO in his efforts to combat this decease and for being a man of his word! How refreshing for a politician!
  8. Looks like the pipeline itself dolled out some immediate justice. Feel sorry for any innocents that got caught in the inferno.
  9. There is a mini-series on Netflix called "El Chapo" which is a few years old now and not only do they imply that Peña Nieto was on the take, but so was Salinas and Calderon. They also elude to AMLO as being incorruptible after various attempts to buy him off. The entire Narco/Government relationship suggestion is mind blowing in the mini-series and now some of it is coming true. Well worth a look. Thanks MC
  10. You see what I mean? Poor guy, think the problem might be that someone is not taking their psychotropic medication.
  11. I'm really not bothered at all by "jonnyintrouble's" posts. Reason being that even after reading them over a few times, I find them to be mostly incoherent babble and what I don't comprehend, can't bother me. This is what you get when you combine "old", "bored" and "frustrated" all in one. Surprised there aren't more……..
  12. By the way Computer Guy, Canada is a "Great Country", we regularly cross the "pond" from Port Angeles to Victoria, BC and I always get the sense of being in Europe there for some reason. Have been to Vancouver, BC and all over Alberta and have found the people warm and inviting. There is definitely some subtle differences between Canucks and Yanks apart from what we share in common. I find societally that the average Canadian seems a little more "cultured" than us Yanks. My last off topic comment in this tread.
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