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  1. I too differ in opinion politically with MC/M#2 but he is a wealth of information and has been right about a lot of issues on this board. He also has allowed me a wide berth in my often, off topic rants which have very strong and obvious political leanings. He's treated me fairly here and for this fact alone, I respect him and value his input.
  2. Our experience has been, at least in Joco, that there is NO WAY nor IMSS office in Jocotepec where you can make the payment. For the last 8 years we have been directed to the IMSS office in Guad that is near the Central Viejo to make our payments. Usually full of people with no way to maintain social distancing. I assume it is the same for Chapala, though it might be another office in Guad to pay for Chapala IMSS? Spencer has a branch office in Guad and I imagine he'd have his people there make the payment. By the way, thank you for the offer Spencer. Had I known you offered th
  3. Very true. Henry Ford established the 8hr at $5 work day, 5 day work week which doubled his employee's wages. These were unheard of wages in a time that the average ethnic union labor jobs paid around .20 cents per hour. Most were lucky to get $1 per day if that. This $5 per day wage is equivalent to approx. $160 per day today. Who at Walmart makes $160 per 8hr day? No comparison can be made between Walmart and Henry Ford. Of course Ford was also a bit of a control freak with his employees. They had to jump through a variety of hoops to make that wage including forcing everyone to live
  4. Will do! Thank you so much Art! Wish there were more people like you on this board!
  5. No we are not coming. And do not need any lectures on how to behave here. All I asked for was for some information specific to the IMSS payment process at this time. Our daughter has power of attorney to pay for us and we don't want to risk her health either traipsing around Guad unnecessarily to find out. So again I ask, anyone that might have USEFUL information to please chime in. Thanks again! pm
  6. Hello Everyone! Hope all the folks here are healthy and safe! I've been gone from this web board for sometime and out of the loop. Been stateside here in Washington since January of this year self-isolating. Our IMSS Seguro in Jocotepec is due in May and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if the IMSS office near the Central Viejo in Guad where we go to pay our yearly IMSS premium is open to the public or will be open in May for us to make a payment? If not, how do we make our payments? Thank you for whatever information you can provide. pedro malo
  7. There is a great new hotel directly across the highway from the entrance of the airport. We've started to do that lately, overnight there and then they shuttle you to airport in less than five minutes, 24 hours a day. Very nice modern rooms around $1000 pesos per night. Hanger Inn Hotel. There I go again, can never stay on topic!
  8. Rony, that has been our experience too with taxis, and here in Jocotepec, you can imagine the orders of magnitude WORSE that it is compared to Ajijic! We've missed flights because of taxi "no shows" arranged days ahead of time. We've called one taxi after the other and have been stood up because either they find a better fare or just are not in the mood to show up. And they always say they will be there in 10 minutes instead of telling you the truth, that they have no intention of showing up. We here in Jocotepec are done with the local taxis! I understand and agree with the s
  9. I know this is outside of what's being ask here but have you considered flying? $800 pesos one way with Aeromar from GDL airport and only 55 minutes of travel.
  10. Any elaborations beyond sending condolences is in very poor taste and insensitive. Thank you for pointing that out CG.
  11. They remind of the "public housing" built under the Erich Honecker administration in the former East Germany. Talk about depressing.............
  12. What could be more "democratic" than standing down the country's military armed forces and replacing them with a National Guard composed of "civilian" police agency members to combat a "civilian" criminal organization. It's this what our Constitution protects us against? The use of the military against our civilian population? Sounds like AMLO is moving in a less "dictatorial" direction instead of what Alan is suggesting. It's obvious that Alan has a hard on for AMLO so I doubt he will agree with any of his policies or attempts at making real, positive changes in Mexico. Do you think we s
  13. This was the sense I got, specifically from the responses to my prodding and having had lots of personal experience with mentally ill family members, you learn to recognize certain traits in their thought processes. That's when my annoyance changed to empathy. They are not completely in control of things and our reactions need to be adjusted accordingly. It can be difficult since the behavior can be so outrageous and offensive at times. I felt bad for taunting him at that point, once I realized this and decided to disengage. When he comes back, I will no longer "react" and just try to sen
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