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  1. With Mexico'S very different three wire system, I'm trying to find what kind of transfer switch I need to link my generator to my circuit panel. Any info greatlyaappreciated.
  2. Yes it is open. They have been having trouble with the phone.
  3. I sprayed them with a hose during the day and they never came back.
  4. Be careful dogs can catch brucellosis from raw milk.
  5. I caught it in 2012 and am still doing battle with it. I am currently having IV antibiotics to try to end the nightmare. I have the one from cattle . They don't have cases in the US because the law requires all cattle be vaccinated and Mexico is just beginning to vaccinate. It can continue to reactivate after orginal treatment with about 30% of people and I am one of them. It has been four years.
  6. I caught it in 2012 and am still doing battle with it. I am currently having IV antibiotics to try to end the nightmare.
  7. I also never have a problem with them. When someone tries to sell me something I tell them, "no thank you."I already have some and I give them a smile and no problem. When I see Antonio I say hello with a smile and sometimes give him 10 pesos to watch my car and all is well. One time when trying to help a street dog in Chapala, a group of kids surrounded me because they thought that I was going to have it killed. Antonio came to my rescue and told them that I was a nice lady and would not hurt the dog . The kids then helped me catch it.
  8. It is not late, flu shots should be given the end of October or the beginning of November.
  9. You missed the point bacteria can't live in that environment. I don't want to change the topic to tequila but if to give me your phone number by private message I will call you. I am in the us.
  10. Good article , but the process of distillation takes the alcohol on an average to 110 degrees in tequila before water is added to bring it to 80 proof in the bottle.
  11. The alcohol in tequila will not allow bacteria to live.
  12. You can also get bruscellosis from eating rare meat. I had the one from beef.
  13. Here is from the Mayo Clinic "DefinitionBy Mayo Clinic staff Brucellosis is an infectious disease that spreads from animals to people — most often via unpasteurized milk, cheese and other dairy products. More rarely, the bacteria that cause brucellosis can spread through the air or through direct contact with infected animals. Brucellosis symptoms include fever, joint pain and fatigue. The infection can usually be treated successfully with antibiotics. Treatment takes several weeks, however, and relapses are common. While brucellosis is uncommon in the United States, the disease affects hundr
  14. Dr Hactor Gonzalaz Miramontas was the only one chosen in Mexico by W magazine for all of Mexico. He is in Gladajara tei ( 33) 3123 2323 3125 2309
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