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  1. Totally agree. We have lived here for almost 12 years and Lakeside has lost its sparkle for us after this. We knew Carlos and Lori and beautiful Charlotte very well and we are sick about this. The other board has a story published today about an arrest made yesterday.....
  2. El Ray Taco in Chapala has a special Christmas Eve menu, free delivery. Always excellent food!!
  3. Dr.Santiago, with all due respect, you are charging 1800 pesos for a vaccine that LCS charged less than half of that, for the same vaccine. It doesn't sit well with alot of us expats. We appreciate your involvement in special charity organizations here, however for you to think that we are all just cash machines is very insulting. No matter how you slice it, your office charges are way more expensive than the other top quality clinics here. 800 pesos for a regular GP visit is over the top. Enough said.
  4. That is a total top off from Chapala Med! I won't be supporting that clinic any longer.....
  5. Wow, huge difference in price...... What's up with that?
  6. Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta. We have an ocean view studio apartment for rent for one week, January 23 to January 30, 2021. The condo, in the Uxmal building, has a full kitchen, balcony, queen bed and pull out couch. Maximum number allowed in condo is 2 adults and 2 children under 12. It has a balcony and faces the ocean. There are two beautiful pools and beach loungers, palapas and towels. It is a few steps to the Paradise Mall with restaurants and shops. You are a short bus ride into Puerto Vallarta and the cute town of Bucerias. Price is $500US for the week or $650CAN. PM me for more information and photos
  7. I too had a horrible experience with her and implants. After 3 years of continual infection, I am finally ok now thanks to Dr. Francisco, a dental surgeon here in Rivera's, who did a scraping and bone graft.. stay away from Dr. Candy
  8. We received the shingles vaccine last year here, from Quality Care...
  9. Excellent service, we order weekly.
  10. We are looking for an experienced gardener who takes pride in his work. 18 -20 hours per week over three mornings. We supply all equipment. Excellent pay for the right person in Chapala Haciendas. If you know of such a person looking for additional work, please pm me with details. Thanks in advance
  11. She helped me alot. I had Pro injections into my spine for severe spinal stenosis, terrible pain. Now, no pain!
  12. Does anyone know the number of active cases in Chapala? The above postings only show cases but surely alot have recovered.....
  13. And remember that without extensive quick result testing it's all a guess.....many many more cases most likely that what is reported.
  14. Fu Mi Ga does not treat cutter ants...
  15. Please delete my 12 yr account. I am sickened by the US POLITICS YOU ALLOW HERE. AFTER 12 Yrs... goodbye
  16. It makes me very sad to continually read these posts. Everyone on our planet is under a great deal of stress. We, the retired ones are the lucky ones, we don't have to go to work, we don't have to deal with young children at home and wonder about their safety retuning to school this fall. Do you think everyone on this board could show a little love and concern for our fellow man instead of the constant insults, opinions etc. Come on people, time to grow up and try to comfort those amongst us who have serious health issues and may just be terrified for their lives. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. You have no idea who you may be hurting. Wear a mask, it won't kill you. It just might save somebody else's life.
  17. This thumb size bugs are eating the leaves on our Raintree. Alot of them. They can fly. Thinking some sort of locus. Appears like armor on its underside.
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