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  1. Yes, we are very glad to be living here!! Family up there in " The Frozen North" (Canada) keep asking for sunshine videos..πŸ˜€. We all sure have alot to be greatful for inspire of these difficult Covid times. I can't imagine being locked down up there in the cold and dark days of winter. Love my life!!!
  2. Yes. And it just went thru. Thanks everyone for all the help!!
  3. I enter the curp number, press confirm curp. Info comes up, I add I'm my address, phone numbers etc.., then at bottom of page , box says send. Nothing happens? I must be doing something wrong. Arghhhh
  4. I get all the way to send, them it doesn't send.
  5. After completing all the information about location, phone etc, I get as far as SEND , , them nothing happens.. What am I doing wrong?
  6. And being a Canadian, I am locked out of my own home country!! Big sigh....
  7. Site is down. And they tell us not to worry....funny. πŸ™„
  8. Canada keeping all the spring breakers home! Poor Mexico will suffer this winter without all the tourists from both the US and Canada. Going to be a tough winter all round....
  9. Yes, he and Trump are quite the pair.
  10. Thank you all. I am a Canadian and realize the need for 14 day quarantine upon arrival there.
  11. Do you need to quarantine if you are in transit to Canada with lay over in US?
  12. De. Francisco in Rivera's. Excellent dentist, is also experienced dental surgeon.
  13. Why all this debating?. The governor has asked us all to follow his guidelines in order to save lives and not over burden the healthcare system here. Same as every other country around the world. Can you please stop with all the bickering and opinions, it really doesn't matter what any of thinks....the virus is here, it's spreading quickly and there is no immediate fix in the near future. We are all very fortunate to be retired and don't have to endure going out to work, having to work from home, having to homeschool children. Please show a little maturity and stop the nonsense. Be kind to yourself and to others who might just be having a very hard time with all this.....
  14. Renee and his team have been servicing us for over 11 years. Excellent work, honest and trustworthy. Call Fun mi ga
  15. I am inquiring about the cost of hiring a personal Homecare assistance to help my parents, both with Parkinson's. Duties would include light meal prep, assisting with personal hygiene, approx. 4 hours per day, 6 or 7 days a week in Chapala. If you have info or contact info, I would be greatful for the help. Thank you in advance and Happy New Year to all.
  16. It looks like a kissing bug. Be careful, if it is, they bite both animals and humans. Nasty...
  17. It's great of them to keep us up to date. 😊
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