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  1. Thank you very much. Do you have personal experience with him?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good foot surgeon here or in Guadalajara? Any experience with Dr. Martin Orthopedic surgeon at Quality Care? Thank you in advance...
  3. Viva Mexico...been here for 13 years and love every day.... originally from Ontario Canada.
  4. Why can't you take your dog with you up north and then try to find it a new home? Very sad for the dog to be given up at that age.
  5. Definitely stay. Hubby would as well. Way too cold up in Canada, too busy, couldn't stand to live indoors for 7 months of the year. I figure I would be very lonely if I was the one left no matter up there or down here. Might as well stay here with friends...
  6. My Dear Sweet Mary is looking to add another couple of days work to her schedule. Mary is fantastic, honest, cleans everything is record time. She lives in Chapala. She prefers to work paid by "the job" as she works fast and is extremely thorough. No training needed!! She doesn't speak English and with my limited Spanish, we always can communicate. I promise, you won't be disappointed in this lady. She is 46 years, a mature lady who is responsible, loyal and quite frankly the best I have employed over our 13 years here. PM me if you are interested in Mary!
  7. Ah jeez. Love to Louise. We met Bob and Louise when we first moved here 22 yrs ago. A wonderful kind soul. Sad
  8. Thank you all for your comments. Much appreciated.
  9. Does anyone know about this place? I am in desperate need of a demencia care place for a family member. If anybody has info good or bad, please share. This is an urgent family situation and if this thread could be kept to responses directly related without the usual it would be most appropriated. It is a very serious urgent situation. Thank you all in advance.
  10. Flying Aeromedical to Ontario and wondering if anybody has used the Walmart Antigen Test for entry into Canada now that a PCR test is no longer required. Thanks
  12. Habina also served on the Board of Directors in Chapala Hacienda's. She will be missed.. RIP Habina..
  13. Somehow it got deleted from my contacts..🙄. We have always connected with Marco and donated $ towards Christmas food hampes for our local families in need. Marco and his family know the needing/ suffering families in Chapala. We give him a $ amount per Hamper and then decide on how many families we would like to support. OUR CONTACT LIST WAS HACKED AND I CAN NO LONGER DIND MARCOS CELL NUMBER..PLEASE SHARE IF U CAN. AND, CALL MARCO IF YOU TOO CAN HELP OUR CHAPALA PROPER FAMILIES WHO ARE SUFFERING THIS YEAR. COVID HAS MADE EVERYTHING DIFFICULT FOR ALL OF US, CANADIANS (Us) , Gringos ( Americans) and OUR MEXICAN FAMILIES HERE ! PLEASE SEND ME MARCOS # ... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL AND HOPING 2022 WILL BE A BETTER YEAR FOR ALL ON OUR PLANET. and please... Be kind with what you post on this board, words hurt! Happy Holidays to All
  14. I will also Boycott. I have been a member here since 2010 and it sure isn't like it used to be. Topics are always highjacked by quite a few who are so miserable that all they seem to do all day is sit on their devices and complain, rudely. I can do without it.
  15. Another vote for Dr. Carla. Love her!
  16. We had leaky skylights and repaired the many times over 11 years.! Finally a great idea from our gardener...he went and bought custom cut glass, glued it overtop the skylights....voila....problem solved and looks perfect!
  17. We are in Chapala Haciendas and had a beautiful rain tree in our yard. Last spring, it was full of those bugs, kissing bugs are very toxic to people and pets. Be very careful not to touch them, they bite!
  18. Thank you all, very valuable information.
  19. Hi All, Friends from Canada are considering purchasing in Brisas. Is there ground movement over there? What about water, does the hotel at the top of that Fracc cause any concerns re excessive noise, etc. Appreciate all solid info. Thanks in advance.
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