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  1. 👦Having lived here now for 10 years and many rescue dogs, we have used the services of quite a few of the local vets. We have found Dr. Delfino and his staff to be of the highest quality, caring and very experienced. We have been more than pleased with his care for our many dogs.
  2. What was the charge for this service and did you pay for his flight back? Thanks for the info
  3. Go see Dr. Pepe Magana. He will go and see the animal and decide what to do.
  4. Contact Brian Stockman - Efficient Wealth Management. He is excellent, will prepare and submit for you. Been using him for years, very happy! He will come to your home. Phone number is 3334518139. Tell him "The Whites" recommended him!
  5. My mouth is watering.................going to go try it out soon! Thanks for the info!
  6. Waa, Waa, Waa...........so many negative comments. I, for one am grateful to be living in a small Mexican Community that continues to upgrade services for us all. When we first moved here, there were very few choices in Medical Clinics period. To have a hospital right close in town makes me feel comfy in the event I fall off the curb and break my arm or ankle. Or maybe a huge allergic reaction to an insect bite. How about needing oxygen when you can't breath from the current fires we are having! I think this hospital will serve our community very well. Especially comforting for when family visits!
  7. Wonderful news. He shook us down as well. Happy to hear this news - that guy was a piece of work alright.
  8. Actually if it was Juan who cleaned your teeth, he is not a dentist. He is a student and does not have a licence to practice anything yet. Be careful
  9. Prisa are the very best for matching colours. No machine, they do it all by hand. Always excellently matched!
  10. Check out Quick Blinds in the Super Lake plaza. They have a contact from Guadalajara who do excellent work. We are thrilled with their work and prices.
  11. Another vote for Dr. Daniel at Quality Care. Excellent doctor, great care and knowledge.
  12. I second that! I find all his posts to be so rude.............always with the swear words and degrading. A real piece of work.
  13. No, you need to be a resident at the Racquet Club or have a friend give you a "pass". It is not open to the public
  14. I am interested in more info about the pugs. My daughter up in Canada might take them. We will be driving up and could accomodate this. More info please - male, female?? Age? Health status? How about a picture? PM me with info please and we can see how we can maybe make this work. Thanks
  15. We have a possum who enjoys ours.......................he has figured out how to slurp it right out of the feeder. Funny to watch!
  16. And the same goes for right here in our own backyard. The woman who sits outside Superlake with her kids. She is a known drug addict - don't give her money - it doesn't go to the kids........
  17. One week of peace till Samana Santa..................they are all sleeping ..............getting ready to party (here!) Yeesh.
  18. You are adorable, thank you for your great directions............having lived her permanently for the past 8 yrs, I still get such a happy chuckle at the way we give directions to each other! I love that about here!! Thank you again for your help, I will head there asap.
  19. I recently purchased Colloidal Silver at the Healthfood store next to Super Lake. I would like to know where else I could find it here at Lakeside. I am using it to help with a sinus infection. Anybody have info, please share. I am new to using this product. Thanks very much for all repy's.
  20. Would be so nice for this handsome fellow to catch the next shuttle up to Canada - this breed loves the cold! Very Handsome!
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