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  1. I am laughing because 10 years ago when we moved here, we thought, let's go to PV for New Years. Huge mistake. We got to our hotel and the Mexicans were so packed in you could barely see the beach. Not only that they were 3 on laps in the hot tub. Never again, it was a week from hell. 🙃
  2. I want to sign up for Amazon Prime. Will I be able to view movies in English. Which Prime should I sign up with? .com or .com.mx Thanks everyone.
  3. Thank you Andy panda for your informative post. Much appreciated.
  4. Yes, so did we. We were told to bring that paper back for our second shot.
  5. I just signed onto Facebook. Where do I find information about the second round of vaccines in Chapala? Brand new to using Facebook. Thank you!
  6. Thank you to the original poster for this great info. Once again, blah blah blah..... everyone chimes in with opinions that have zero to do with the topic. ARGHHHH!
  7. If anyone received info on the second round of shots for Chapala, please post it for those of us who do not use Facebook. And please,please, stop all the unecessary posts that don't directly relate to the information. I am sure everyone is getting tired of checking threads that topics are about one thing and a bunch of back and forth totally off topic. Thanks in advance.
  8. No rain in Chapala Haciendas. 😢
  9. We took the Sinovac in Chapala last Sunday. Zero reactions to all good. We plan on some Europe travel this fall so we were very happy to take this. My daughter in Toronto is a doctor and she said that the Sinovac may in fact be the best choice against all the varients. Guess time will tell. !
  10. Both hubby and myself had the same vaccine yesterday, no reaction at all.
  11. A great job done by all at Christina Park today. Thank you to all.
  12. Chapala, at Christina Park today was great! Long line but quite well organized. We left with an document stating which vac we received. All good.
  13. If you have info on this, please post. Any word on which areas might receive the Astrazenica from the US?
  14. After trying absolutely everything with no luck I may have found a solution. I mixed a solution of 2 tbsp of Boric Acid powder with some Canadian Maple Syrup ( such a waste!) Then poured it down the entrance to the nest. Next day zero ant activity!!! I think those little workers took the delicious treat to their Queen and end of story. I have watched the nest for 6 days and no activity. There were literally hundreds of the little buggars eating everything from our lawn and garden foliage. Just an fyi.
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