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  1. I will also Boycott. I have been a member here since 2010 and it sure isn't like it used to be. Topics are always highjacked by quite a few who are so miserable that all they seem to do all day is sit on their devices and complain, rudely. I can do without it.
  2. Another vote for Dr. Carla. Love her!
  3. We had leaky skylights and repaired the many times over 11 years.! Finally a great idea from our gardener...he went and bought custom cut glass, glued it overtop the skylights....voila....problem solved and looks perfect!
  4. We are in Chapala Haciendas and had a beautiful rain tree in our yard. Last spring, it was full of those bugs, kissing bugs are very toxic to people and pets. Be very careful not to touch them, they bite!
  5. Thank you all, very valuable information.
  6. Hi All, Friends from Canada are considering purchasing in Brisas. Is there ground movement over there? What about water, does the hotel at the top of that Fracc cause any concerns re excessive noise, etc. Appreciate all solid info. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sure Rick. I had a consultation with Dr. Justina, she reviewed my CT and MRI scans. She suggested one treatment that consisted of approx. 6 needles inserted into the lumbar area, very deep. She freezes the area topically first so it isn't at all painful. Feels similar to getting a needle at the dentist. You wait 3months then if you feel less pain, she does the procedure one more time. After my first treatment, it was 30 days approximately and the pain had lessened. After the second treatment, within one month, completed pain free and I have stayed pain free for over a year now. Dr. Justina uses stem cells from a placenta from a highly reputable scientific clinic in Guadalajara. The cost per treatment was 8,000 pesos. I would not hestitate to go for another treatment should any of the pain return. Very best to you, good luck.
  8. Rivera's is a mess. Last year my sister rented an apartment for a couple months and when raw sewage backed up into the bathroom that was it for her. The streets in the rainy season are also seeping with raw sewage, the place is disgusting. The water in Haciendas is one of the very best. Clean, clear and it is tested regularly. It is drinkable from the tap, however many of us choose a purication system just to be extra safe.
  9. We have had to dig second well in Haciendas to address the increase in water demand. We have excellent quality water in Haciendas, so important, so many fraccs have horrible water. Rivera's about the very worst. Tons of sand, water brown unless you have a double water filtration system. Our friends are very sorry they ever bought there. Water actually stinks coming out of the tap. Yuck.
  10. I suffered with extreme back pain for over 25 years. Have degenerative disc and facet disease along with many other spinal.issues. Dr. Justina is a miracle worker, after 2 series of injections of stem cells, I am pain free and able to walk, garden etc. More than 4 specialists told me that I needed a full lumbar spinal fusion. So very happy I found Dr. Justina.
  11. Same with Chapala Haciendas, lots of new builds....
  12. We are on our way to Dallas tomorrow morning to get our Johnson and Johnson one dose vax. We are Canadians and Texas has zero problem proving vax to foreigners. Good luck everyone. 😊
  13. Where can we get a Phizer shot here
  14. Yes, sorry for the spell mistake
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