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  1. She helped me alot. I had Pro injections into my spine for severe spinal stenosis, terrible pain. Now, no pain!
  2. Does anyone know the number of active cases in Chapala? The above postings only show cases but surely alot have recovered.....
  3. And remember that without extensive quick result testing it's all a guess.....many many more cases most likely that what is reported.
  4. Fu Mi Ga does not treat cutter ants...
  5. Please delete my 12 yr account. I am sickened by the US POLITICS YOU ALLOW HERE. AFTER 12 Yrs... goodbye
  6. It makes me very sad to continually read these posts. Everyone on our planet is under a great deal of stress. We, the retired ones are the lucky ones, we don't have to go to work, we don't have to deal with young children at home and wonder about their safety retuning to school this fall. Do you think everyone on this board could show a little love and concern for our fellow man instead of the constant insults, opinions etc. Come on people, time to grow up and try to comfort those amongst us who have serious health issues and may just be terrified for their lives. If you don't have something
  7. This thumb size bugs are eating the leaves on our Raintree. Alot of them. They can fly. Thinking some sort of locus. Appears like armor on its underside.
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