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  1. Check with Best Lab here in town. They were supposed to be getting the tests last week.
  2. Happy Birthday Canada, and the best to all our Canucks here! Yay Canada!!!!
  3. Missing a number.. please resend Francisco's full number. Thank you
  4. Actually....I was the only patient in the waiting room, when the lady came out of the exam room holding her little fluffy dog. After she left I questioned the receptionist and was told she held the dog on her lap throughout the procedure. Next, my turn. Candy walked me right into the same exam room!! There was no time to have done a true cleaning....possible. I expressed my dismay and left.. I don't really care if the dog is a trained emotional support dog or not, it's a dog and I don't want a dog sharing the dental space with me. I live dogs and have many, but come on already...,
  5. He is a dental surgeon with office in San Antonio between Maskaras and Pancho's, upstairs. Also had office in Tiaquepaque. References and experiences please and thank you. Happy Sunday
  6. The point I was making is not that you are heading north, it's about you self isolating when you return.... Re read my post,
  7. Totally agree. I know Canada is concerned about letting the Americans in. That is one of the main reasons that Canada is still enforcing a mandatory 14 day quarantine! I also don't like the fact that many American expats here are travelling up to the states and then returning here with no self isolating. Really selfish and putting us all at risk.
  8. Dr. Luis at Quality Care. Nice guy.
  9. Stay away from Dr. Candy!! She allows patients to take their dogs into her exam rooms!
  10. Oh no, the outbreaks are on route!!
  11. What anti virus treatment are you referring to.....?
  12. Good food for thought. Our family are all in Ontario Canada and a trip up there would require us to self quarantine for 14 days, go directly to that location from airport, no stopping for coffee or groceries, this is until further notice. I. Ok with the policy and only wish Mexico was able to do the same and close the border to the countries whos cases continue to explode due to non compliance of social distancing and mask wearing.
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