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  1. Thank you.... Some people rather complain than offer their assistance to the volunteers of a Board of Directors, unbelievable the ignorance.....
  2. Bottom line....we still a new well or you have no water. Pretty simple. Eric,get in the game. No options. Choices are two Water or No water. Maybe you would be a great candidate to volunteer your time and join the Board of Directors for the upcoming year. We need people who are passionate and have an interest about their investment in the Fracc they bought into. Sign up and help!!!!
  3. David at the office has all the information on this for anyone who wishes.
  4. There has already been one information meeting on this. You should have attended rather than belly ache here.
  5. Dr. Christine in the plaza next to Quality care. She is excellent.
  6. Opinions on Dr. Sam Thelin in Chapala please.....
  7. We called Erenesto, he and his father came over, discussed our needs, said he would prepare a proposal for us and call in a couple days, never heard from him.again.
  8. Our maid quit today and need a new lady asap. 2 half days per week. Willing to pay 60 pesos per hour in Chapala Haciendas. Lady must be experienced and hard working, attention to detail. Thank you for your recommendations. Much appreciated.
  9. And a second for Saul. Great guy.
  10. Lime Away. Available at Super Lake. Come in spray and liquid. Good on calcium, lime etc. Maid uses a little weekly in toilets to keep rings away. Works great on window water stains too! Expensive but you only use a little.
  11. Due to sudden illness, our fantastic gardener is unable to continue working. We need a reliable gardener for approx. 17 hours per week. If you can recommend yours or know of anyone looking for steady work, it would be greatly appreciated. Happy New year.
  12. You people have far too much time on your hands. This thread is disrespectful and sounds like a bunch of kids in a schoolyard. Find a hobby, help somebody, lots of good that needs doing down here.
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