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  1. The even is over, it sounds as if people enjoyed the opportunity to learn. This has now turned into nothing but bickering. Closed.
  2. mod-3

    Pale Restaurant

    It’s not all that cold outside people. This is insane. Go out and get some fresh air. Closed.
  3. OK guys and girls, this is going nowhere. Play nice if you wish to start another thread on this topic.
  4. Hi,

    My message was based on the TWO messsages defending the restaurant.  BOTH said that they are a charity.  I do not believe that is true.  You should open the topic and let them reply! If they dare.


    If you are friends of the folks there, perhaps you'll let them know that their reputation is contrary to "We are a charity".  Unless the owner is the beneficiary of the charity...

    Closing the topic as you did certainly shows that Chapala.com is afraid of what might have come next!

    DO you think you did them a favor?


  5. This is not an appropriate topic for discussion in this Forum. Closed.
  6. I think this has about run its course and has little to do with Cocina anyway, so time to move on. Closed.
  7. I am being blocked from using the like function by the screen that says I have used my daily allotment of 10 when I have used none in over 48 hours. Can you help me? Thank you.

    1. Al Berca

      Al Berca

      After almost a week, it suddenly works again.

    2. Al Berca

      Al Berca

      Just got notice that all likes were used after giving two likes.

    3. moderator-2


      For stuff like this you have to contact ADMIN "Chapala."  He is at the top of the moderator list on the home page.  We don't have the ability to fix software problems.


  8. On that note I will close this thread.
  9. I believe you suggested this should stay civil...."Get real!!" as a response is not my idea of civil. Need I say more?
  10. Could it be the OP has a split personality? He/she does call herself/himself by two different names. Seriously folks, I don't think this board is about psychoanalyzing other posters. Closed.
  11. Off topic and personal. Closed.
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