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  1. 2017 Pulsar 200 AS, motorcycle: black - perfect condition, 18,700 Km, $38,000 pesos firm. Mexican title (factura) paid and clear. cglane2007@yahoo.com – 376 766 1218 "Chris"
  2. I'm going to Guad to look at several bikes on Saturday, Jan 2, and expect soon to need a helmet. Large head. Looking for a very good one, large head size, maybe bright color for visability. Also jacket, gloves and cover for protecting bike from weather. Hope to hear from someone on this.
  3. I want something with drive shaft: Honda shadow, spirit, Yamaha V-Star, Venture, Virago. Kawa Vulcan, also KLR 650 - chain drive as well. Expect a bike with some miles and years on it because of money limits (about 55,000 pesos). BMW is great is It's not too much dough. It would be helpful to know a mechanic I could take it to for thorough inspection for which I would expect to pay. I live in Ajijic, and do have a sharp attorney to watch over the deal. thanks for you experience. cglane2007@yahoo.com
  4. looking at buying a used motorcyle, in different states and locally. any taxes for bringing a bike into Jalisco? what about proof of ownership, will bill of sale suffice? any special issues concerning bikes not originally bought in mexico? need list of all things to look for in buying legally. would appreciate any help.
  5. Just one experience with the new owners at christmas dinner, family style. Warm and friendly ... food excellent. I think as good as before with Richard and Rosie.
  6. i am looking for a motorcycle, 450 cc or bigger, used and in very good condition. Would like to find: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda. - 650 - 900 cc best. BMW fine if not to pricy. Cruiser/touring bike please. If there isn't someone wanting to sell such a bike, is the best thing to take a bus into Guad with a list of dealerships, addresses, and taxi to visit them?
  7. I need a helping hand to bring my VA prescription drugs back to Lakeside. I can have the small package shipped to your address in the US after July 2. I need the package returned to Ajijik by the end of July. There are 6 bottles that will be accompanied with VA written prescriptions, completely legitimate, no controlled drugs. I am most appreciative. contact: Chris at 766 1218, or call my cell phone 331 745 5757
  8. I'm considering bleach solution (50/50), or muriatic acid (50/50)
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