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  1. Coming back to Ajijic from Canada in March and bringing my two dogs. What are the latest requirements and documents needed? Going to vet tomorrow so any quick responses will be appreciated.
  2. I'm in Ajijic and furnishing my house finally. If purchasing used upholstered sofas etc is there company that can steam clean?
  3. Well! This is all a revelation to me as I have been paying 700 pesos for one of the village taxi drivers to pick me up or drop off at airport!! Then I tip him 100 pesos. My husband figured it all out last trip when I was not with him and had our pool guy drop him back to airport. Cost? 400 pesos. I use this driver while in the village too for Walmart runs etc so shame on him. Shame on me too I guess. Older and wiser now....
  4. Haha....well said. Sometimes I read this website and am truly amazed. You're right RVGRINGO...
  5. I'm back in Canada now but we have lots of raccoons where I live. I feed them eggs, marshmallows and cat crunchies and love their little masked faces. I don't find them aggressive at all. We need to live in peace and harmony with all the creatures of the world. I'm old now and have never had a problem with raccoons...people however....lol Happy to hear we have a Wildlife Rescue in Ajijic....keep up the good work!!
  6. That's so true as last visit I carried dog biscuits with me and none of the village dogs would have anything to do with them. Can hardly blame them if they are able to get to the butcher shop as I understand they throw some 'juicy goodies' out to the local dogs. I so hope that's true. This was one of those bacon things so I thought it might work but I just don't think this dog was hungry...just dirty, sad and in pain. The poor animals of this world. At least (so far) I haven't seen any homeless or starving children in the streets here. Perhaps the next generation will treat the dogs better. I am heading home for Xmas but when I return (without my dog) i will try to help somehow so any suggestions would be appreciated. Must be something...
  7. Oh my...would it be appropriate to offer to take the dog to vet for grooming? Probably not. He was hopping on 3 legs but could put his paw down but then would limp. I would have had to do something if I didn't have my dog with me. He was a bit skittish when I offered him the treat. We need to try to educate the younger generation to be kinder to animals. I can't get that poor little fellow out of my mind. Not the first scruffy one I've seen for sure but something about this guy was so pathetic. He was in pain I think. I'll go back tomorrow and see if I can see him but not sure what to do. I'll ask Memo if he knows this dog and anything about him. I think I've seen this dog before but he really looked like he wanted help today.
  8. Walking by Tango's this afternoon I saw the most pathetic little white dog, maybe a Maltese? He (she?) was limping quite badly and had horrible matts everywhere, and some serious ones on his feet. I know those matts can pull and hurt. He was so dirty, but not hungry I don't think as I gave him a doggy treat I had just picked up and he was not interested. I had my dog with me so couldn't give him much attention or proper inspection to see if his foot was injured but wondered if anyone knows this village dog and if there is any way of helping him. Such a sad little thing. How do we deal with this? Just turn a blind eye and carry on? Stop and try to get him some help. I hesitate to get involved with anyone else's pet but really....what a life for this little dog. What to do? I am still learning about Ajijic and how to live here.
  9. Hey Tingting! Maybe I should have said 'nose to nose' or....oh, never mind! LOL
  10. Oh, that's good news! Another Chinese Crestie here! Strange but when I moved to Sechelt (small place on an island) I put my two in Agility and FIVE Crests showed up!! They had their own little class. Unreal. Glad to hear there is another friend here, perhaps we will come face to face one of these days!! Take care out there...
  11. Vet in village lost his Great Dane but thankfully has him back now. I have been worried as I brought my little Chinese Crested with me and almost to a person (including the customs) everybody has asked me 'how much you pay' and 'where did you get that dog'. I feel like I have come wearing my best jewelry. In fact she is a rescue dog so just a small adoption fee but haven't seen any other Cresties here. Have to say though that everyone has been wonderful and friendly and allowed me to bring her into restaurants and shops and made a great fuss over her. Even the village dogs have been sweet to her, no aggression at all....so far. Taking her home for Xmas and doubt I will bring her back in January though. She loves Mexico and the sun as she has to wear a coat at home. We're heading home to snow so get out the parkas.
  12. I have a little rescue dog that suffered terribly from anxiety when I first brought him home. I took him to a trainer in Sechelt that uses a system called 'Tellington Touch' (I think that's the name) and she wrapped one of those tensure bandages around him and it did work to calm him. I think the idea is similar to swaddling babies and it does seem to work. With your large dogs maybe even try a tight stretchy t-shirt on them or wrap a stretchy piece of fabric and secure with safety pins to see if that helps until you can source a thunder shirt. I think it does help as I wrapped Maggie in a blanket tonight quite tightly and she has settled down. Of course so has Mom so that helps!
  13. I think they're now in the Plaza area or maybe farther even.....tolerable. But for sure someone was setting them off in my street earlier. Whew...no evil spirits left here!!
  14. I actually have a thunder shirt for her at home! Have never used it though and of course not much good when I didn't bring it. Will next trip, and a lifejacket for the pool too. I've never been here this time of year and perhaps I'm more conscious of it as Maggie is upset. Right now I have some sort of family celebration (birthday party maybe?) going on and lots of excited kids in the street and some (great) Mexican music going on and I'm fine with that but...those bombs!! Was talking to my husband on the phone when one went off and he thought I was a goner, maybe wishful thinking? My house is hacienda style so I am outside most of the time too. Thanks for the information....sounds like this Village Girl has to have an 'attitude adjustment'! I do like the church bells and love fireworks with the beautiful colour display like at home sometimes but Wow! this is loud and no warning. I noticed in November it was shortly before or after the church bells but today was just willy nilly. Guess I better get my sombrero on and bring that thunder shirt when I come back after Xmas!! Thanks for the suggestions guys!!
  15. Ok...so I get it that it was the Feast of St Andrew for most of November but what is the meaning or reason for these 'cannon blasts' all the time? Some sound like they're coming from the Plaza but some sound like right here on my street. Birds are terrified, dogs are barking and even the toddler across the street is screaming every time. My little dog is shaking like a leaf all day and won't come out of the bedroom. Walk to the village today was a disaster and I had to carry her all the way home. I sort of get it but is a seasonal thing or all the time? I'm enjoying the village otherwise but just don't get this....I don't have a nervous type dog but think I am taking one back to Canada with me. Who sets these things off? I was told you need a special license etc but I'm pretty sure it's the teens down the block as well as what's coming from the Plaza. This isn't my first trip here but first time bringing my dog and also first time I've noticed this much. Sounds closer and kind of scary...
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