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  1. Sometimes you can take off the keys and dry the board and the bottom of the keys. But you must do it QUICKLY after the spill. If not, buy a new keyboard.
  2. Take it to Ruben at ComputerLand in Riberas. Just west of Huerto Cafe.
  3. I got mine from Amazon USA sent here in Mexico.
  4. I got my medic alert bracelet on eBay. It was engraved with my specific info such as blood type (rare,) allergies, and diabetic info as well as an emergency number to call. It's stainless steel and is good looking.
  5. I would try another test, maybe at Walmart. There are many false positives with these tests.
  6. Yo1

    Nectar vs. Jugo

    I find that apricot nectar is thicker than juice. Ir seems that juice is just juice and nectar has pulp in it.
  7. LewRockwell.com definitely has a agenda.
  8. Russets can't be imported to Mexico from the US. Hence, the "dirty' Potatoes that may be Mexican russets but more likely a variety here that cooks up better than the white/yellow spuds we are so used to here.
  9. Yo1

    Sweet Onions

    I'm from onion growing country and what I've learned in Mexico is that the brown skinned or what we called dry onions are cooking onions because they have more flavor. The while onions are used generally raw because they are milder; same with red onions. Sometimes the white onions can be eaten like an apple (similar to a Vidalia). But white and red onions are not consistent in flavor. If they are older they are generally hotter, ie, more flavor. It's a crap shoot when you buy them.
  10. Just be careful that the skin of the dirty potatoes is brown and not just from dirt put on the spuds that you can rub off.
  11. The big deal is that the bag is always the same color and contains the same amount of liquid. It never seems to change. Not likely.
  12. Sorry, I have to disagree. Pork shoulder steak looks redder or darker than regular pork chops . I have eaten pork should steaks ALL my life.
  13. According to my conversion chart -40C is -40F
  14. I'd rather eat a pork shoulder steak than a pork chop. I much prefer the "brown" meat to the white, dry meat of a pork chop.
  15. Those pictured by jillin are not oyster mushrooms.
  16. Even better than closing, just ban Bobby Brown! His posts are mostly negative and disgusting in nature.
  17. There is not legitimate "Uber" at lakeside. Depending upon what time, nights are more expensive for taxis. I've read here that after about 8pm taxis are not available. Sounds like she needs a private driving with notice ahead approximately what time she will need a ride home.
  18. This was true years ago. But Mexico now has a law that all generics must be the same chemical as in the brand name drug.
  19. Every time I got to Super Lake he is there selling his calendars.
  20. Cleaning schedule depends on where you are located. Riberas would need the aljibe cleaned more often than Ajijic. It depends on the sediment that has settled on the bottom. You would have to take a sample of your water in a sterile container to a local lab to have tested for parasites, germs, etc. Whatever you are concerned about. The testing for minerals is very expensive and only done in Guad.
  21. My dog would scrape the meat off the skin of the avocados with her front teeth. Then she started liking the seeds occasionally.
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