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  1. This is exactly why Climate Change is a more descriptive term.
  2. The last two months Telemx has not accepted by 3 digit code number. Also MercadoLibre. I've had to pay both OXXO.
  3. The transaction # from the seller and the money.
  4. Yo1


    Sartén is the Spanish word for pan.
  5. I've read for years that the temp that is comfortable for the most people is 72 with 45% humidity.
  6. If you've ever seen an "Old Master" painting in person, they certainly have a sheen to them and are several hundred years old. BTW--your paintings are very beautiful!!
  7. Why not just flush your water heater a couple of times a year? So easy . . .
  8. Sheep manure is the best. Weed seeds don't survive through a sheep's digestive system, or at least not very well. My mom was an avid gardener both vegetables and flowers and it's what she used.
  9. The water from the municipal is not potable. When run through a purification system it is potable. Some fraccs have potable water from the tap like Chula Vista because they have their own well and the pipes are not too old. But some fracc water is not safe. Otherwise, bottled water is the go to source for potable water.
  10. Make sure any KN95 mask you buy is water or fluid impermeable.
  11. Don't need a referral unless you plan to submit the bills to an insurance company.
  12. The electric space heater could be the culprit depending on how much they run it. A better answer is to put on your sweats and a jacket and maybe a hat during these cold spells and save your pesos.
  13. The cost per kilowatt is high in Mexico but unless they are heating their house with an electric heater or using an electric swimming pool heater their bills shouldn't be too bad. Do they know that the bill is for 2 months of power, not just one month? Propane heaters or solar power. I had a friend who once had a 2000 peso bill when she had guests. They never turned off lights when they left a room or turned off overhead fans.
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