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  1. Is this an adult day care kind of place? If so, it is sorely needed.
  2. Yo1

    Pasta Trenta

    I image they make their own pasta then cook it half-way and refrigerate it. When needed they put it in boiling water to bring it up to temperature and complete the cooking process. This is the way high-faluten restaurants do it to be able to get the food out as fast as possible.
  3. Yo1

    Min Wah Restaurant

    Many, many restaurants are this way because they don't use recipes. The cook just makes it up as he goes along.
  4. I bought a Marathon from Amazon and really like it. It folds, has a good backlight and large enough numbers to read at night, temperature and calendar.
  5. I've looked for one on and off for several years. I finally ordered one from the States. Maybe MercadoLibre or Amazon MX.
  6. Contact the local shelters for a program to rehome pets after the demise of the owner.
  7. I have Capital One with very good exchange rates, no foreign exchange fees and no ATM fees at Banorte Bank. Their savings account pays higher interest rates than most banks---which isn't saying much. Mexican savings rates are much better.
  8. It appears that where they moved to the lateral in La Floresta is closed now. Their sign is down and they don't answer the phone. I hope it's only temporary. I really like their pizza.
  9. I'd like to find a gob site that will take the cedula number and pop out a name, if the doc is in the data base.
  10. I got it at a local garden store. Obviously, don't spray it when plants are in bloom and attractive to pollinators. I have a hibiscus that I've had problems with and Talstar works wonders.
  11. Here's the website: https://serviciossgg.jalisco.gob.mx/profesiones/
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