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  1. Not putting the sale price into the computer is a typical trick Walmart uses to increase their profits. When I find something on a terrific sale and I want to buy a whole lot, I take a photo of the sales sign with my phone. I can then show it to the clerk if the price rings up incorrectly.
  2. To me , it is a mistake to take high graduates directly into medical school. It takes a certain maturity that an 18-20 year old lacks to be able to handle face-to-face patients with understanding and compassion. They need more maturity that a college education and age will hopefully give them.
  3. In Riberas, between Ajijic and Chapala. Just past the Catholic church on the right then the little tienda called "Pilar" is a medical clinic set back from their parking lot. Riberas Medical Group Hidalgo #244, which won't make much sense because It's a Bazaar is almost next door and it is #100
  4. I have gotten it at the MaskarasFarmacia, next to the old clinic, 500mg, 100 ct for 100 pesos
  5. And that tower has been lying beside the bombero's station since. Why not sell it for scrap and keep the money for the municipio. Or offer to sell it back to the original owners. Or just let it rust and rot where it is.
  6. Trompa and Patron are for leaf cutter ants and will not work on other types of ants. And they will not work if wet, like during the rainy season or sprinkled on wet ground. Cynoff works well on all other types of ants.
  7. Of course the mods have noticed. But have done nothing to block this broad from posting photos. Maybe they should turn to the web master who undoubtedly has more knowledge in this area.
  8. Can't the mod block her from posting any photos at all? Talk to the webmaster!!
  9. Yo1

    ATM Questions

    I use CI Banco as often as possible. The exchange rate I'm given is decided by my bank. And my US bank allows me to withdraw $1000US per day. There is a sign above the ATM at CI that stipulates how much you can withdraw but this is only because they don't have enough money in the ATM machine to service everybody that wants to withdraw in a 24 hr. period so they ASK you to only take a max amount. However, if I need $1000US in one withdrawal, I take it and the ATM doesn't stop me.
  10. My understanding is that if you are found over the alcohol limit and are in an accident, your insurance does not cover it. I had a friend who totaled his vehicle in a one-car accident and it wasn't covered. He doesn't drive anymore and either walks or takes the bus.
  11. Yo1

    salt in food

    Drinking too much water and the resulting additional urination can lower your potassium and magnesium level so be careful either way.
  12. Henry--does this tell you the value of your "tip". The bagger wanted CASH.
  13. Hoards of Mexicans as in Tapatios? Yes, they have always (many decades) come to the lake to cool off from Guad. But not tourists per se. There's nothing for the average tourist from the US or even from Mexico City to do here if they don't have family. BTW--I have lived here waaaay over ten years
  14. Have heard bad things about Dr. Rios. Search the files here for more specific info.
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