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  1. I stopped and tried to give INM at the border the portion of the form that is required. He didn't want it. He finally relented and took the form then promptly threw it in the round file. So much for that. I've never stopped since 2014.
  2. According to the map of Ajijic and SAT, Domino's is located in SAT.
  3. I agree with no check-in with INM when driving. But when flying in you need a form to present to INM.
  4. Yo1

    Bar Jamon

    It's under Sky Fitness in W. Ajijic. No parking during the day. The location sucks.
  5. Turn it in at the INM--immigration office. at the complex of buildings on the Mexican side.
  6. I just looked on MercadoLibre and searched for surgical tubing and came up with a photo of what you want with arrows to the right for more vendors.
  7. I'm not sure the 5000 killed were all in Mexico.
  8. Banks are greedy!!! I've never owned bank stock and still did really well.
  9. I saved 1000 pesos on one transaction. Of course I had to pay a fee and some other dumb charge. But I kept the thieving bank from making an extra 1000 pesos off me. Imagine how much they make off people who don't know better. Normally, I frequent an ATM that doesn't have an offer of a crappy exchange rate first.
  10. I was mainly interesting in posting the difference between the two exchange rates and what a huge difference it can make.
  11. I don't usually use the ATM at HSBC, but yesterday they were the one with money. The offered exchange rate was 17.5, which I declined. When looking at my online banking info, I was given 18.5. ALWAYS decline the offered exchange rate by these thieving banks.
  12. Wash your hands multiple times a day, especially after having been in a public place like the super market. And keep your hands out of your mouth, nose and eyes. Common sense for any infectious disease. I don't take the flu shot and haven't had the flu for many years because I practice what I preach.
  13. My understanding is that the bike lane will be two lanes, one east and one west with a line down the center. They are spending untold millions of pesos for this widened bike lane for maybe 1000 people that use it. As opposed to narrowing the lanes that thousands and thousands of motorists transverse every day. A narrower road will make for even more accidents. AS an aside: Every motorcycle and scooter should have their lights on when the motor is on, bar none.
  14. They don't feed the queen. They feed the fungus which they, in turn, eat.
  15. I only stated a fact that a friend of mine worked with him at the Cruz Roja some years ago and she wouldn't see him as a patient. In fact, she quit CR because of his patient care that she observed. Wish I could remember what the problem was, but alas, I getting older. I would hesitate to speculate.
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