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  1. If you have a cell phone in the US, get it unlocked and bring it with you and buy a SIM card here.
  2. If you google Cin Cabello y Cuello Guadalajara up will come a clinic for treatment of hair.
  3. My latest Oticons were $1800US a piece recently. They are really wonderful and worth every penny. They continuously scan to give me the best hearing at any moment. They are BlueTooth which is great with my phone in the car, truly hands-free. And with my smart tv so no need for ear phones while watching. My old ones were from Costco at $1000US each 10 years ago. The audiologist at Costco initially did a good job fitting them and getting them programed. But she moved to Mexico City and it seems that everyone since then has been a clerk and not very well trained. And if I had a problem it was a trip to Costco--UUGGHH.
  4. Try Dr. Carlos at Chapala Med, behind the Pemex on the libramiento. He comes Tues and Thurs.
  5. I moved out of SAT 2 years ago because I had such a hard time turning left from my street to go toward the libramiento. The traffic around SuperLake is so bad that I don't want to go through there very often. Living in Chapala Haciendas and going through Chapala to get to Riberas is actually less busy than trying to get from the libramiento to Riberas. UUGGHH!!
  6. As awful as usual. Wait til the high season gets here and we will have to go out very early or very late.
  7. I have Firefox with no problems.
  8. Your vet can take care of cremation. It's done in Guad and the ashes returned to you.
  9. There is no arsenic to build up as the water in Chula Vista has no arsenic. Unlike Chapala. Two different aquifers.
  10. I lived in Chula Vista and because their wells are checked often, I drank the tap water along with every other resident. The water in Chapala has arsenic, not Chula Vista.
  11. My understanding is that codicils are not written in Mexico.
  12. I took a number of classes from Byran Peterson and he is an awesome teacher. Some classes were at his farm out in the country.
  13. I would haven't anything invasive done at Lakeside because of a lack of a blood bank.
  14. After being an amateur photographer for many years with my SLR, I finally bought a point and shoot. It took pretty good photos but the :() proof way of changing the aperture or speed was clumsy, at best. Several cameras down the road, I took some photos with my phone and was really surprised at the quality of the results. I don't even want to tote around and point and shoot camera anymore.
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