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  1. Visiting the office is a better way to check on your visa.
  2. After being here 16 years, I've found every doc I've seen has been pretty much on time. Waaay different than in the US.
  3. I*'m so glad to be vindicated by the facts that Qroo Paul posted.
  4. Your neurologist is confused or wrong. A law passed in Mexico several years ago disallowed ANY generic to be different than the original brand name drug. Don't expect drs to know everything. I used to work at the U of Oregon Medical School and drs were forever telling patients what was covered by their insurance or Medicare when the doctor either had outdated info or was just plain wrong.
  5. Wow, especially with the Morena party having the majority votes. Someone needs to head-off AMLO on his other crazy proposals.
  6. I have a friend who is a diabetic. When she visited a dietician she was told that she could only have 12 tortillas a day! No wonder there are so many diabetics in Mexico. (not the only reason)
  7. I have FB and have had no problems with it spreading my info all over the internet because I don't put my info on FB. It only spreads whatever you have entered--DUH!
  8. No, it's all done by email and mail. Actually much easier.
  9. Try amending your living will wishes. I had to name a specific person to receive my ashes and I did it by revising my medical power of attorney.
  10. Something needs to change. The last big fire destroyed the whole thing.
  11. Look for "cheap rent chapala town" when you google the above.
  12. Whatever you do don't use Mexican mail. You can't trust that your item will arrive.
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