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  1. None at Lakeside but in Guadalajara. Let me know if you want his contact info. He is an MD with good English.
  2. If the openings in the cartridge that squirt ink are clogged use alcohol on a papertowel to clean them then run the printer program cleaner. If lines from ink source, try removing them and squirting alcohol down the tubes. IMO
  3. Chapala is wanting the people that owe for garbage pickup last year will pay the contractor. Chapala is behind on their garbage payment and would rather residents pay it directly to the contractor rather to the city.
  4. What is bought at the hardware store was "human" grade. Glad you found MSM at a reasonable price.
  5. Right now it's at 19.00 according to xe.com
  6. Money spent on the Jesus is not abiding by the separation of church and state. Not allowed. But sometimes tolerated.
  7. In a hardware store in Chapala--on Morelos. I have inquired from the US for one gallon buckets (undoubtedly Ladron's source) that are incredibly cheap.
  8. They take them out of the package and repackage them. I really like to BBQ the Corona brand chorizo--not fatty and not too picante.
  9. There is someone locally who does Thai massage but I don't have the contact info. On Monday call Victor Youcha @ 766-1973 to get the contact info. Victor has been treated by the guy.
  10. Look at the ingredients then go shopping for those ingredients in another product that might be cheaper.
  11. A little late for the flu vaccine.
  12. Maskaras Clinic has a newer digital xray machine and a technician trained to use it.
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