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  1. When you write "farmers market" I assume you mean the market at Sunrise restaurant on Mon. or the market in west Ajijic on Tues. Is my assuming correct?
  2. Twenty days in the hospital after a hip replacement is unknown here. Usually much less than a week in the hospital then discharge to a "nursing" home where you begin to move around with help and walk further each day. Depending on your progress only a couple of weeks in the care home with PT .
  3. The egrets are breeding about now and it might be them high in the trees close to the lake.
  4. I don't put personal info on Facebook (or put fake info) so I don't have concerns about leaks.
  5. Haciendas #1 had less than 5 minutes of splashes with that normal rainy season wind just before the rain.
  6. I have a friend who doesn't see well enough to drive. I asked her doctor (I have medical power of attorney) if there was a way he could get the DMV not to issue a new license when it expires this year. He said there is no provision for him to do that (unlike in the US).
  7. Drilling new wells will not help the overall level of water available in the ground but rather deplete it. Using drought tolerant plants, not watering the grass as much (the rainy season will bring it back), not flushing the toilet every time you pee and being conservative and mindful of water usage will all help to reduce the load we are putting on the aquifer. Another really good idea would be to make any new house built to have two septic tanks: one for black water as usual and one for grey water with a pump to use this water for garden use. A little more expensive but such a good use of
  8. How about getting Pet Place not to buy and sell wild birds. Only birds bred in captivity.
  9. Please don't use the white powder. It can poison your pets as well as neighboring pets and local birds.
  10. My car had an booboo. So, what is he best shop for fixing it. I have used the shop on the mt. side just beyond Casa de Waffle but are they still the best? Only recent esperience, please. And no arguing please!!
  11. I believe Shag means on the Mexico side there is no one manning the crossing. Going INTO the States you always have to show your passport. Entering Mexico, no showing of passport to US officials and none to Mexican authorities.
  12. Are you writing about Miramontes the plastic surgeon or the local sculptor?
  13. First check was 1200, second was 600 and now it's 1400 passed today.
  14. Too much protein in cat food for dogs. Feed dogs dog food.
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