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  1. I find I can predict the weather more accurately with Ventusky than other commercial weather prognosticators.
  2. Yo1

    Queso Fresco

    Panela is very good for frying!!
  3. You can harvest them when they are full sized but hard. They will ripen off the tree. Give them away to your friends and neighbors if you have too many. Or you can mash the ripe fruit, add a little lemon or limon juice and freeze in usable portions.
  4. Try Salvador about 1/2 block from the Ajijic plaza on the left side. Parking lot a couple of doors to the west and a sidewalk that's as good as you're going to get.
  5. I sure looks real. But I'm not sure a cocodrilo would swim that distance without diving for a time and returning to the surface. Next time, someone should throw a rock into the water to see if it reacts. I'd be interested in seeing that.
  6. Their food is very good.
  7. How much do you want for the ear bud (I'm not calling it a headset)?
  8. Would this work to play the audio off a smart TV?
  9. I don't care what kind of a label they give me. No importante!
  10. I think I've seen Pillsbury Cinammon rolls in the cooler at Super Lake.
  11. I was surprised that tax was taken out of my money before the remaining funds were used to buy the CETES. I guess they don't trust anyone in charging tax after the funds make interest. I can take my money out when the rollover occurs once a month. But I roll the whole balance over so I can make interest on my interest.
  12. My CETES are getting a little over 4%. The rate is listed in the Guad Reporter every week.
  13. Yo1


    I'm in CH and had a ton of these bugs last year. I just squished them on the underside of leaves and sprayed the rest. They are NOT Chagas bugs but look similar. They are a bug that sucks the juice from plants. Too many and they damage the plant.
  14. Yo1

    Letra ch ?

    Letra is Spanish for "letter". Ch is a letter in the Spanish alphabet although it's not used now according to world standards.
  15. I saw big-butt ants today on the sidewalk. The Mexicans consider them a delicacy. Sometimes just the butts are eaten raw; other times cooked.
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