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  1. I saw some in the Tepehua store the other day made by the ladies that make the aprons, etc.
  2. I believe there is a belly dancing class in Chapala. I have seen an ad for them in the Ojo de Lago or Guadalajara Reporter.
  3. Animal Shelter, AC sounds correct. Differently not a form of Humane Society.
  4. Wookie--not hardly. Of course, the hospital charges for the surgical suite as well as room and board.
  5. I presume you mean Dr. Jorge Gonzalez? He is a very good orthopedic surgeon.
  6. Well, that's scary!!!
  7. Nope, it's too late to get SD plates. You'll have to do it when you return. Buenos suerte!
  8. Yo1

    Mariscos El Carnal

    The El Carnal in San Antonio also has very few customers.
  9. I believe San Antonio is a Level II hospital.
  10. A top notch hospital is determined by it's staff not it's equipment or building.
  11. I eat MW not mayo and the last I bought was a while ago and it was $9US a PINT jar.
  12. Everything except Miracle Whip is available at WalMart. I spend as little time in SL or Pancho's as possible.
  13. What makes you think it will be any cheaper than at the Maskaras building? And if the same housekeeper is still around, it won't take long for the appointment areas to be ugly.
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