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  1. Yo1

    Paying Bills

    I hope you get receipts for the rent and electric you pay. If not, you are open for fraud--be careful. Go to Izzi and ask them these questions.
  2. Yo1

    Taco Bell voted best restaurant in the country

    Love real Mexican tacos. However, every trip to the US must include a stop for a taco at that horribly fake Taco Bell.
  3. The neighborhood will be very happy to hear this news. So will I from 5 blocks away.
  4. Yo1

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    The Navarro non-sharp is not worth eating; doesn't even taste like cheddar. Maybe the sharp will be better.
  5. Can you crop her photo so we can see her face more clearly?
  6. Use IShop or Sol y Luna. For a small fee they will accept your package addressed to their address and call you when it arrives. Be sure and add your phone to the shipping label.
  7. Yo1

    Funeral home contract

    Perhaps asking San Francisco what their policy is on refunds/contract take-over. Who knows, you might be surprised. You'd have to have their permission anyway.
  8. Yo1

    "Tourist visa" question

    This forum is for people interested in the Lakeside area of Mexico primarily. Each area of Mexico has it's own forum which you can google.
  9. Yo1

    Seeking Personal Chef or

    Most every restaurant will deliver through the delivery service here. Can't remember the name but you can google it.
  10. I never spray with my pets present. They don't return until the spray is thoroughly dry.
  11. Average for the last 15 years has been around 32 inches.
  12. I spray myself using Cynoff. I don't use fumigators.
  13. Yo1

    Is there a kind soul out there?

    Chapala Mule Forum
  14. Turns out the two dogs had eaten something while out on a walk up the mountain a ways. Not poison thrown into their yard.
  15. Yo1

    Save your neck!

    Ideally, you want the center of your screen just a bit below eye level. But I have trifocals so I'm always tipping my head back. I need a taller chair.