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  1. Usually not a problem. Don't need your actual bill, just your phone number and it will be glad to accept your cash.
  2. I went to McAllen through C. Victoria in Feb. There was a state or federal cop parked along the road about every 10 miles. The checkpoints had fewer cops standing around because they were all out patrolling. There used to be a caravan that left from the C Victoria federal barracks at 7Am every morning for travelers, that would meet a caravan coming from Reynosa. They would meet somewhere between Fernando and the Y of 101/97, exchange fed cops and continue. Not necessary anymore. However, things change very quickly in Tamaulipas.
  3. I believe the bigger stores will be open. The vet clinics, probably not. Call and see tomorrow.
  4. SL gets few things directly across the border. Most of what they sell comes through the Abastos or Costco.
  5. I was wondering if he was concerned about keeping up with traffic on a "freeway" rather than a state highway. Call it what you want; I couldn't care less.
  6. When I was looking for a BP monitor, I looked at the brand and model numbers available. Many stores carried the same model. Then I checked with the American Heart Assoc website for which monitors they considered the best and most reliable. There was only one of two that were recommended. That is what I bought. More trouble than picking one willy-nilly but accuracy was important to me.
  7. Anyone have a window washer who will do 2nd story windows, inside and out?
  8. There is no "freeway" between Guad and Lakeside.
  9. Probably because pesos change and dollars stay the same.
  10. Good grief, you are nosey!!
  11. There is a serious citrus disease here that affects many types of citrus especially mandarin.
  12. On Dec 18 there will be no smoking in any restaurant without completely walling the smoking area off from the rest of the restaurant. Many places will just ban smoking all together because of the cost involved in adhering to the law.
  13. I get my Citrical by asking my pharmacy to order it. No problem. It is NOT calcium carbonate which is like eating ground up oyster shells and not well absorbed. Usually I get it in the States when I go because I can get Costo brand which is much cheaper.
  14. The facts were straight. The timing was not specified. Stop nitpicking hombre.
  15. Skin: Causes moderate skin irritation. Harmful if absorbed through the skin. Prolonged and/or repeated contact may cause defatting of the skin and dermatitis. Methanol can be absorbed through the skin, producing systemic effects that include visual disturbances.
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