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  1. I trained all my dad's Springer Spaniels when I was a teenager. They were the best hunters and pets. I always trimmed their feet and feathers also. When the pups were young and on their first real hunt, whatever they smelled first when they got out of the car, was what they thought we were hunting, eg-mice. But as soon as we got a bird, and let them smell it, they were never interested in anything else. They were very smart but some could be bone heads (stubborn).
  2. Alvaro has some puppies. Smaller dogs are usually available from Lucky Dog. Try calling the Ranch because they may have some smaller dogs lately.
  3. My check was mailed to my Mexican address on May 12. Wonder when or if I'll see it. I have SS deposited in my US bank account; don't know why they couldn't just deposit it.
  4. You obviously never worked in a restaurant. Trying asking in a restaurant here about how they do potatoes and be enlightened.
  5. Yo1


    It was bought and plated in Mexico.
  6. Good tasting potatoes from a restaurant are "cooked" twice. Once by blanching and then by frying in oil. Same with home made hash browns. Ever had grey kind of soggy hash browns. Because they were raw when cooked, not cooked first then fried on the griddle.
  7. Eat a bunch of corn and watch for how long it takes to pass. For me it's around 18 hours.
  8. Yo1

    For Sale

    Do you have a photo?
  9. They don't use anesthesia; they use sedation. Kind of like twilight sleep. Not nearly as dangerous. That's what I have the vet use for teeth cleaning for my old dogs.
  10. When I enter my SS number, with or without dashes, the site says it's not correct and won't give me any info.
  11. I really love my dentist. Lourdes Barajas in Chapala a couple of doors south of the bus station on on Madero. 765-2800 She is very skilled and for a root canal she called in a dentist from Guad. He gave me the best root canal I've ever had with curved rasps. She's reasonably priced (root canal and crown for 4000 pesos) and really skilled. She did restorative work on a friend with veneers and a bridge and it's been stable for years.
  12. My housekeeper's husband gets about the equivalent of $50US a month
  13. IShop has a "health permit". Try getting them to accept it or sent to their place in Laredo.
  14. Maskaras Farmacia next to the old clinic. Just ask them to order whatever you want. They stock it now.
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