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  1. I remember a report of someone coming over a back wall in El Parque last year and robbing a house. ANY place can be gotten to if the perps are willing enough.
  2. If they refuse to give you a factura it's because they are not claiming your payment on their income declaration and not paying taxes on it. If I pay my taxes, I want them to pay theirs.
  3. Metformina is so cheap you won'y save much by buying a generic. May 60 pesos for 100 tablets.
  4. They generally put you to sleep then pop the hip back into the socket.
  5. For absolutely safety and 2 or 3 day delivery use DHL or FedEx.
  6. Years ago I found one growing out of the crack in the concrete in a San Diego parking lot and have been in love with them ever since. They have a latex kind of like a euphorbia, even in the edible fruit. They are very drought tolerant.
  7. I'm always on the lookout for Chihuahua apples. They are sooo good and taste like apples in the US tasted 50 years ago. When I was in Chihuahua a couple of years ago I talked to an apple farmer about the lack of apples available that year. He said they had a late hail storm that blasted the blossoms off the trees and their production was way down. One of the reasons they have nets over their trees, to protect from hail and birds.
  8. The interest rate is higher than other time limits and I can get my money out should anything serious happen to the Mexican economy
  9. I've never had a problem receiving the maximum daily allowed from CapOne--$1000US--no matter which Mexican bank I used. Including the CIBanco ATM that has a note saying you are not allowed to withdraw more than XXX per day. Hogwash.
  10. I have 28 day CETES that rollover automatically, including the interest earned. The minimum was 100,000 pesos.
  11. The new hospital being built on the libramiento is supposed to have MRI and CT scan machines when they open in Jan 2020
  12. Hey More Liana--Just throw your measuring top from detergent into the washer with the clothing. It won't get hurt but you can use ALL the liquid detergent and when clean, recap the bottle with a clean top. Works for me for years.
  13. There was a horse across the street from me that never seemed to get any water. I took over a bucket and he ignored it. It seems that horses here don't seem to need as much water as you'd think. Maybe it the way they are bred or something.
  14. It appears that when she hit the heavy wooden fruit stand, her car jerked to the left as she pushed the fruit stand further into the store.
  15. When my folks butchered their cattle, they dry aged it 21 days. Of course, that was US beef, grass fed and finished on grain.
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