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  1. Folks over by the Danza Hotel used cohetes to scare them off BEFORE they nested.
  2. Only if you care about citizens of the country in which you live.
  3. Yo1

    cost of propane?

    A month ago it was around 10 pesos a liter.
  4. Yo1

    Product Of The Week

    Herdez!! I had some tonight.
  5. Yo1

    Sopa Tarasca

    It seems to be a Michoacan regional dish. Similar to tortas ahogadas is regional to Jalisco .
  6. Yo1


    I watch USTVNow on my tablet with ear buds.
  7. Yo1

    Potato & Tomato Cages

    Don't know about spuds but tomatoes are very difficult to grow in this area. I've grown spuds and tomatoes in the US but no success with tomatoes here. The seedlings must be fusarium and verticillium resistant as these fungi are rampant here.
  8. Yo1

    Sept discount for wills

    If you are asking about a medical power of attorney, they are not expensive. They are essentially a boilerplate form that you can even fill out yourself. A notario will give you a paper with English and Spanish along side one another with your wishes spelled out. Your favorite notario's secretary can give you the cost with one phone call.
  9. There are many other places in Mexico for gringos to go, including the ones that are already here. How many will actually go, is another question. What I don't' understand is why are developers wanting to build up the mountain where building costs are extreme rather than obtain land east and west of Ajijic/Chapala or north of San Antonio in the rolling hills. The state can force them to build their own infrastructure including underground utilities, roads and sewer plants. Although, a big concern here as well as other parts of the world is the water supply. Our local wells are already being drawn down.
  10. Yo1

    Who pays for trash collection?

    I imagine the garbage company is trying to collect on the debt owed by Chapala by approaching private citizens. Good luck with that. Or, in order to continue getting your garbage collected, you must pay the garbage company directly. Obviously the former administration decided to spend the garbage money elsewhere and then leave the office with a huge debt.
  11. There is not penalty, like points, for tickets.
  12. Regardless, he do NOT have a cedula.
  13. I'm not sure there is such a thing as a battery operated door opener. Usually, either overhead motor or a piston-type opener from the side near the hinge. I really like these guys: PUERTAS Y SYSTEMATICAS AUTOMATIC San Luis 30 - Riberas Del Pilar Tel: 765 4367 ph: 045 333 171 9033
  14. He didn't have a cedula and left town rather quickly when it was discovered that he wasn't legal to practice. To be fair, as to the Mexican chiros, perhaps their names don't appear on the govt. website because they are registered under their paternal and maternal names.
  15. It's a legal license to practice their profession in Mexico.