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  1. Let's see what our sky "neighbors" are really up to!

    What if our "sky neighbors" don't welcome all this attention and just want to be left alone?I've seen what these fellows are capable of when they're provoked and it wasn't pretty.

  2. Again, this is off topic. Please do start your own thread disputing the existence of UFOs and leave this one alone.

    So it's okay to talk about "motherships" hovering over Lake Chapala and other UFOs being seen entering and leaving the lake but it's not okay to question the veracity of these claims??Give me a break...
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  3. Actually, it would be akin to talking about the pot holes locally. Everyone knows they are there and some know where. But little interest exists in talking about it.

    Hmmm,comparing alien crash victims from Roswell being researched in Dayton to pot holes in Chapala,talk about apples and oranges....
  4. In my childhood and teens I lived in Dayton, Ohio, home to Wright Patterson AFB. It is said that the Roswell UFO crash victims were taken there. While doing research there, a particular hangar was off limits and word had it that was where the bodies were kept. At least in my neighborhood, that was common knowledge and nobody really talked about it for that very reason.

    The people in your Dayton,Ohio neighborhood must have been very discreet,in my neighborhood news of alien crash victims being researched nearby would have been the talk of the town.

  5. to be more specific about my own sightings of UFO,S in San Luis Soyatlan. One night i saw a huge, what i chose to call

    Mothership become stationary in the air above the mountains, then a total of 7, smaller ufo,s exited the mothership and

    scattered laterally in all directions, went out of my sight. I went indoors for a while and after about an half hour i went back

    out, just in time to count three of the smaller ufo,s re entering the mothership. I assumed that the other 4 had already

    re entered as the mothership then took off, silently and quickly. I have been watching them for years, so im not confused

    with satellites, burning balloons, weather ballons etc.

    That must have been quite a sight,did you take any pictures of this mothership that you could share with us?
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