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  1. According to section IV of the Code Galactic (Law of Intervention)they have "the inalienable right to intervine" pretty much whenever they feel like it.
  2. What if our "sky neighbors" don't welcome all this attention and just want to be left alone?I've seen what these fellows are capable of when they're provoked and it wasn't pretty.
  3. So it's okay to talk about "motherships" hovering over Lake Chapala and other UFOs being seen entering and leaving the lake but it's not okay to question the veracity of these claims??Give me a break...
  4. Hmmm,comparing alien crash victims from Roswell being researched in Dayton to pot holes in Chapala,talk about apples and oranges....
  5. The people in your Dayton,Ohio neighborhood must have been very discreet,in my neighborhood news of alien crash victims being researched nearby would have been the talk of the town.
  6. That must have been quite a sight,did you take any pictures of this mothership that you could share with us?
  7. In my neighborhood in Guadalajara I know plenty of Mexicans who are bothered by loud late night parties,barking dogs,cohuetes,etc,but they're nonconfrontational for the most part and unless it gets really bad they simply put up with it and take no action.
  8. We? Hookem,two days ago,you said in a post that you were living in a double wide in a trailer park in Texas and no longer lived in Mexico.
  9. Check out the possible adverse effects of Ambien on wikipedia,no gracias.
  10. Isn't most bottled water here tap water that's been run through a filter?
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