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  1. Hmm,the most common definitions of a hoser are dimwit,loser and boorish..
  2. A number of years ago a whole troop of Boy Scouts in California got very ill by doing just that.
  3. Do you know what the difference is between a canoe and a Canadian?
  4. How would they tell the difference,by their accent or by how much they tip??
  5. I don't find it deragatory,unless it's preceded by pinche,I'm sure some will disagree,it's just my opinion.
  6. Just curious,why would you want to wave your American flag at a parade in Mexico?? I don't care much for Mexicans protesting in the US waving their flag,I would care even less for gringos or other extranjeros waving their flags here. As a matter of fact I don't care much for flag wavers anywhere.
  7. I think almost all Mexicans know the word. And then there is the chicharra torture device..
  8. In Guadalajara there is an annual charity race event featuring women in high heels running 100 meters,fun to watch!
  9. I've never understood all the Tapatio bashing by foreigners on this forum...
  10. What are they? They're a scam. Somebody on Craig's list is selling them for 500 USD.
  11. Yeah, probably not a bright idea,most people would simply cross the street and avert their eyes rather than stare at him....
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